TRCS Monthly Newsletter
JUNE 2015

Sunny skies and warmer temperatures have us all looking forward to the summer break.  At Renaissance, we are still  hard at work, but there have been many occasions for students to be out-of-doors, enjoying the change of season.

Many 4th-6th grade students attended Nature's Classroom and middle school students went on a trip to Camp Quinipet.  Other students have been taking trips to parks and working in the garden up on the rooftop.

Speaking of our rooftop, we are holding a gardening camp this summer.  Students will spend most of the time outdoors, planting, harvesting and learning about agriculture, as well as taking some fun trips. They will also be learning how to use the plants, vegetable and herbs they are growing, including cooking up some snacks and making other projects.

The end of the month will feature lots of graduation events and parties. But meanwhile, we have been enjoying many year-end performances and  projects.  Check 'em out here and look for our end-of-year update next month!  
Once again our 4th-6th grade students attended Nature's Classroom, a science-based camp upstate at Silver Bay, Lake George.  Students went hiking, conducted experiments (including a dissection) and learned lots of new skills.



7th & 8th Grade students took a 3-day trip to Shelter Island's Camp Quinipet.  The camp is designed so students learn about Eastern Long Island's ecosystems and geology.  The site provides hands on experiences in woodland, marine and coastal habitats as well as geologic clues to the formation of Long Island, and map and compass skills.  And it looks like a lot of fun!
On Wednesday, June 3rd all of our PreK-5th graders went on a Field Day Trip to Flushing-Corona Park.  There they formed teams and had three-legged races, tug of war contests, relay races, hula hoop competitions and more.   With a break from a some rainy weather, the kids had a chance to spend a sunny day outdoors being active and having fun.  A great way to celebrate the "almost end of school"!  Thanks to mom Carina Salvi, you can view a montage of pix at dropbox and
you can download photos here!
 Students and their families spent a great afternoon at the NY Hall of Science, courtesy of the Urban Advantage Science Program.  Urban Advantage is a program directed at middle school students which promotes all the great nature gardens, parks and museums of NYC.  As a participating school, our students received vouchers that could be used for free entry at these venues during the year, and also the opportunity for the school to organize a Family Field Trip.  A bus picked us up and brought us back.  While there, we were able to use the outdoor park, play mini golf and enjoy the inter-active exhibits. 
Next year we plan to go to the Museum of Natural History and the Bronx Zoo.  If your child will be in  6th, 7th or 8th grade, they will be getting information about the program in September.  We hope all 6th-8th graders and their families can join us!  


The middle school student council was very busy this year.  They ran a number of fund raisers and finished off the year with a "Glow in the Dark" party.  The lights were turned down low and kids wore neon  necklaces, glasses or wrist bands.  There was lots of music, snacks, and pizza. Council Coordinator Amanda Scott helped to organize the event, which was chaperoned (and chapeRam'd) by a few teachers and school staff and DJ'd by Pierre.  This was a good warm-up for our 8th graders, who will be attending their prom pretty soon!

 On Monday, June 8th and Friday, June 12th music students in the 6th, 10th and 11th grades were treated to a special visit by a group of musicians from JazzReachEstablished in 1994, JazzReach is a nationally recognized New York City-based non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion, creation, performance and teaching of jazz music.  Through the presentation of innovative, live multi-media educational programs for young audiences, concerts for general audiences and informative clinics and master-classes for student musicians, JazzReach is dedicated to fostering a greater appreciation and understanding of this rich and vital American art form.

JazzReach was recently awarded a grant from the NYC Council and the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs in support of a citywide "Cultural Immigrant Initiative" designed to offer immigrant communities greater access to arts and culture.  Musicians not only gave a performance, but discussed some of the many unique facets of jazz music that distinguish the art form as both distinctly American and distinctly universal.  Artists spoke about their respective cultural heritages, their initial experiences upon arrival in the U.S., what compelled them to play jazz, and how living in the U.S. impacted and informed their world view and musical sensibilities. 
Tuesday, June 9th was Nathan Hot Dog Day at Renaissance.  Served with fries and a side of watermelon, it helped to get everyone in the mood for the upcoming summer and fun days at the beach.

We thank our food service coordinators, Geoff & Debbie Ramsey, as well as chef Mo and all the kitchen staff for the extras they provide to make our meals not only healthy, but tasty and fun as well! 

You may remember that back in December we asked for books to be donated to an organization building a library in Ghana.  We received some great pictures of the books being put to good use! It is wonderful to see a wall of empty shelves become a place of learning and exploration for these young learners.  Thanks to everyone who contributed!

FEATURED ARTICLE "Iphigenia in Aulis" Luc Papineau
The Multi-Media production of 2014-15 was "Iphigenia in Aulis".  This production was a group effort of about 30 students who worked on the production since October.  8th-12th graders worked on the writing, artwork, and music for the play.

Every Wednesday these three groups worked on several parts for the play. The art group beautifully worked on the set, costumes, and props. The writing group worked on the script and various aspects of the play. The music group worked on the classical Greek music form for the play: the use of a chorus.

The final product turned out wonderfully! All of the costumes, set design and music was beautiful! There were three showings of the play and the final performance, to a packed house, was full of goodbyes, thank yous, and laughter! Thanks to Everett & Robert for music and art contributions, and Rebekah for production coordination.  And a special Big Thank You to Curtis and Lisa for an amazing experience for the 8-12 graders, especially for the 8th graders whose first experience it was to work on such a large project! 

Eric Herrera and Jason Ramirez


At left: Larissa Bobbin, Karen Sepulveda and   Peter Carrion
SPOTLIGHT ON.....Art Performances Throughout Renaissance
 The end of the school year always brings a lot of performances by our students.  Many of these are a culmination of the the year's work.
It is always great to see what our children have been up to in class all year, and we thank their teachers for the effort put into preparing them to share their work with us!  
8th Grade Drama students performed three short plays that they had written and staged over the course of the school year. 

The focus was on topics that affect teen behavior and the importance of making good decisions.  The stories dealt with bullying, criminal activities and dating & drinking.

The music students performed the blues with a surprise performance by teacher Everett!
 Robert's art students displayed a great variety of artwork, outstanding as always.


On June 10-12, the fourth grade presented "Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters & Maggie's Handsome Sons', which are two plays with the same message: It's good to be kind. Using the Folktale Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters as their guide, the fourth grade wrote the adaptive play "Maggie's Handsome Sons" with original songs for both.   
K-4th Grades also presented their annual dance performances.  You can check out a video of the 3rd grade here.

          1st Grade

thought bubble 

Wondering about all the proms, graduations and Stepping Up ceremonies?  They will all be covered, along with PepSizzle day, in our special summer newsletter coming out in July!
        Shouts Outs to Daniel Lama and all the students who helped at the flea 
        market, raising $505 for Nepal Earthquake victims. Together with
        individual donations for the charity,  Renaissance raised over $850.

        Shout outs to our brand new fully trained peer mediators: Jordy Lantigua, Geeta Sharma, Tara Pemba, Ngawang Choeyang, Sabrina Testi, Andres Aguilar, Sakib Ahmed, Ahashan Amin, Michelle Rillion, Julia Francione, Daniel Lama and TJ.  A special thanks to our veteran peer mediators who helped to train them: Tabassum Alam, Devin Garcia, Quashawn Davis, Sarah Osman , Brianna Benedetto, Brianna Rodriguez, Destiny Evans, Brielle Fantauzzi, Joel Morales, Brennan Rogan, Elena Saca, Alex Marston, and Samantha Rodriguez.

Marlen gives shout outs to our attendance monitors here and here!

Shout Out to Matthew Bedoya 702 for returning a phone he found. 

Girl PowerThe Lady Knights Finish Spring Season Strong!

Congrats to HS Softball Team for making it to the second round of the playoffs.    
Congrats to the 5th & 6th Grade Girls Basketball Team ~ 2015 CSAA Girls Basketball Champions  (Undefeated Season).  They are the first team in school history to end a season undefeated .   
MS Lady Knights Basketball Team went to the world famous Madison Square Garden for an WNBA Game.  They even took a picture with NY Liberty Mascot Maddie. 

Go Team Renaissance! 
6th Graders Barbra and Alssya visited the MSG Training Facility, where the Knicks, Rangers and Liberty practice. They saw a scrimmage game between NY Liberty & China's National Team. Afterwards they went to BBQ where they took photos and get autographs from the whole team.  

PTA We have some new family members who have stepped up to fill in the ranks of the PTA Executive Board:

2014-2015 School Year PTA Executive Board:

PTA Co-President, 6-12:  Nooshig Misislyan: 

PTA Co-President, Pre-K-5:  Lisa Liropoulos: 

Treasurer:  Chester Hicks:  

Corresponding Secretary:  Jim Stonebraker:  

Recording Secretary:  Carina Salvi: 

Cluster 1 Rep (Pre-K-3):  Claudia Canavan: 

Cluster 1 Rep (4-5):  Kelly Goodwin and Jenelle Frances: and  

Cluster 2 Rep (6-8):  Kathy Corona: 

Cluster 3 Rep (9-10):  Marta Kowalska:  

Cluster 3 Rep (11-12):  Paul Rogan and Noreen Wortman: and 


CSG Parents at Large:

Lillian Chen:  

Liz Delpozo:  

Evelyn Peralta:

PTA Shout Outs:

  • Thanks to all of our parent volunteers this year.  For those who have not had an opportunity to volunteer, watch your emails for more volunteer opportunities.
  • Arts Department:  Curtis Anderson, Lisa Burns, Everett Boyd, Robert Evangelista, Rebekah Slotnick - thank you for putting together a fantastic play:  Iphigenia at Aulis.
  • Great Job!  Iphigenia at Aulis Cast and Crew.
  • Thank you to the TRCS teachers, staff and administration for a great year and for your partnership and collaboration.
  • Thanks to Paul & Noreen for filling our last open cluster position.
  • Last but not least, a HUGE THANK YOU to Peggy Heeney who helped support all PTA fundraisers and initiatives.  Thank you for your support and advice.

Important Dates:

Monday, June 15 - Staff Appreciation Day

Wednesday, June 17 - PTA Garden Party


Message from PTA Co-President Lillian Chen

"To my fellow PTA Executive Board members, THANK YOU for all that you have done over the past 3 years, for sticking with me and for offering your support and friendship.  All that we have accomplished would not have been possible without you.  Thank you for your sacrifices and for your hard work on behalf of ALL TRCS students and the TRCS community.  Thank you most of all for the laughter.  I look forward to a great 2015-2016."

Tuesday, June 9 - Clerical 1/2 Day, PreK-8th grade students dismissed at 11:40AM
Thurs-Fri, June 11-12 - K-4 Dance Performances & 4th Grade Drama Performance
Tuesday, June 16- Friday, June 26th - HS Regents Exams
Tuesday, June 23, 9:30-11:00 AM - HS Graduation at Louis Armstrong School
Wednesday, June 24, 9AM-3PM - PEPSizzle, Physical Activity Field Trips
                    7PM-11PM - 8th Grade Middle School Prom at Bruno's on the Boulevard
Thursday, June 25, 9AM-11AM - MS Moving Up Ceremony. PTA hosted breakfast for
                  8th graders and their families
Friday, June 26th - Last day of school. Dismissal at 11:40AM for all!
               HAVE A GREAT SUMMER!!-Look for our Graduation Issue in July!

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