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JUNE 2014      
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Coney Island Lunch day
Staff vs. Students
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      It is finally starting to feel like summer and that means the school year is coming to an end.    It's been another year of hard work, a lot of tests and a great deal of community engagement.  Things are wrapping up with year-end trips and performances.  Check out the great projects we are finishing off with this year, and keep an eye out for our upcoming special Graduation Edition newsletter. And as always, share your summer fun with us by sending in stories and photos to  
The Chicks Are Here Again!
By Riaad and the 12th Grade Agriculture Class


       The 12th grade Advanced Agriculture Class completed their Spring Incubation Project. Each student was allocated an egg, which was monitored by a candling machine to observe development. All the eggs were fertile and were developing normally.

       Hatching started on the March 19, which was the 21stday. Chicken eggs take 21 days to hatch. 23 Chickens hatched, which gave us 92% hatchability. Two eggs were 8% developed but did not hatch. Students observed the hatching in the incubators which are designed to see through, making it ideal to see all the activities associated with hatching. Batches were separated for drying off in a special brooding box before the chicks were eventually placed in a cage with feed and water.

Chickens can survive for 24 hours without food or water. They get their food from left over yolk which is in their body.

Many grades were able to observe the hatching and brooding of the chicks.  The chicks were then given to the Queens Farm Museum for growth & development.
Middle School Year-End Trip
      This year the Middle School trip took our 7th & 8th grade students to Maryland and the Baltimore Harbor.  Students visited the National Aquarium, Six Flags Amusement Park, the Great Blacks in Wax Museum and toured Camden Yards, the legendary baseball field of the Baltimore Orioles. (below)
      In the evenings, kids had a chance to socialize and go swimming at the hotel pool, but we think the rides at Six Flags were the big favorite! To view more photos visit:
Another Successful Nature's Classroom!
       Many of our 4th-6th students went to Nature's Classroom this year. They visited the site in Charlton, Massachusetts where the students participated in  Science, Math, Social Studies and Humanities lessons.  They also have the opportunity to study nature up close.  In small groups with team leaders and teachers, activities are all offered with an emphasis on motivating students and helping them appreciate the value of education.  Students have ample time to get lots of fresh air and exercise, with hiking and other outdoor sports. 

      Some of the science classes included dissecting rats and sharks, building water rockets, shelters, and boats that float, exploring edible plants, and learning about deer survival.

        To see more pictures and trip activities visit

Year-End Classwork & Activities
      Our rooftop garden is looking great, with lots growing in the greenhouse

       First graders worked on an "Addition Tree" to demonstrate the different number combinations they learned, and they wrote about why they are looking forward to second grade.  That is probably because of the great testimonials from this year's 2nd grade students! (see below)

       Classes and advisories alike were working on various projects.

      A middle school project in honor of Memorial Day and our veterans.

      5th Graders learned about math using everyday activities, such as preparing for a picnic!

          Our high School students worked on The (In)Security Project, where they were able to give voice to what makes them feel bad or insecure and what makes them feel good.
Mural Unveiled at new Rory Staunton Field

      The wall mural at the new play field at Travers Park was unveiled on Saturday, June 7th and celebrated by community members, partner organizations and family and friends of the 4th grade students (pictured with teacher Christina Howard) who provided the artwork!             Also on hand was a reporter from NY1 News, Council Member Daniel Dromm (below with Principal Stacey), members of the Jackson Heights Green Alliance and El Museo del Barrio, who supported the project.  4th Grade parent Carlos Nieva (pictured center) designed the mural, which our students inspired with their words of community, such as Peace, Love and Friendship.  It was dedicated to the memory of Rory Staunton, a young Sunnyside boy who attended The Garden School in Jackson Heights.        

     This collaboration is a great example of how Renaissance is a big part of its community.  Now these students can feel proud that they have made a lasting impact on their play space.
Visit NY1 to see a video of the news coverage, and Christina's website for more photos and videos of the amazing process:
Coney Island Lunch Day!

      Our students were treated to a summertime lunch last week!

       Creating another fun theme, our food services team served up "Coney Island Day" for lunch!  On the menu were Nathan Hot Dogs, watermelon and ice cold lemonade.
       Seashells and seagulls decorated the buffet.....

       and for those daring enough, there was a beach chair and umbrella!
Staff WIns 1st TRCS Student-Staff Basketball Game 
       It was a real nail-biter of a game...

       All evening the score went back and forth between the two rival teams, Renaissance students and Renaissance staff.  Just before the final throw was made, students were ahead 40-39 with only 5 seconds left on the clock.  Our 82rd St. Academics teacher Gabe made a shot that rolled off the rim and Matt (also of 82SA) caught the ball and made a put back shot worth 2 points, giving the staff a 40-41 win.

      The game, played at the LIC YMCA on Friday evening, June 13th, was  organized by Renaissance alumni Chelsea Reid and the students of Students Care.  Their goal was to raise money to pay for a trip the students had taken to Washington, DC back in April.  But it looks like they may have also started a new Renaissance tradition!

       They were greatly helped by Vickie Septh, grandmother of Joeshin Septh Bullock, who was selling tickets all around the school. Their efforts helped to raise $185 toward the cost, but it was mostly just a great example of families, students and staff working together, and having fun!
Spotlight On... Ramil Buenaventura
 Our very own 'Ram' has
 been awarded the  prestigious "Big Apple Award" for Excellence in Teaching!  Ram is one of just 12 other NYC teachers who made the final cut from over 2,000 teachers who were nominated by students, families and colleagues.  Here is a run down on the selection process:

        "After the nomination period, a select group of 500 nominees were invited to submit an award application that included two essays, as well as principal and colleague recommendations. Following a review of the applications, 50 finalists were interviewed and observed while teaching at their school. A Board of Judges made up of NYC Department of Education senior leadership, along with representatives from the United Federation of Teachers, the NYC Charter School Center, Lincoln Center, Columbia University and The New Teacher Project, selected the final award recipients, based on their ability to demonstrate exceptional success impacting students' learning, excellence in their instructional practice, and professional contributions to their school community. Big Apple Award recipients will serve as ambassadors to share their inspirational practice with teachers citywide in addition to continuing to be model educators".
Ram has 13 years of teaching middle school math in the Philippines and 11 years teaching middle school math in NYC.  He was featured in two major network TV shows in the Philippines about Filipino teachers in NYC and two years ago won an award for Filipinio Teacher of the Year.  Ram is also the middle school co-coordinator of Teaching & Learning, along with Dan, and does a lot to help organize the year-end trip and various events throughout the year.  Outside of school his interests and talents include photo and video production, soccer, singing, dancing, and Facebooking.

       Ram would like to thank his 7th grade student Helena Koffigoh for the nomination and Principal Stacey and science teacher Dan for their colleague letters of recommendation.

        Awards were presented by Mayor de Blasio at Gracie Mansion on June 19th.  We congratulate Ram and wish him continued success in his career!  


Featured Article - Fifth Grade Plays Celebrate Literacy & Music
Khin Zawmyint's Fifth Grade Humanities students created short plays and each homeroom class composed a song with support from Rebekah Slotnick, Drama Teacher, and the Metropolitan Opera Guild's Teacher Institute teaching artists.  They used the book "Esperanza Rising" by Pam Muņoz Ryan, to inspire stories of loss and love, friendship and family.   

Students worked throughout the year distilling down the stories written in Khin's class using dramatic techniques such as "tableau" that train students to show the essence of a story through a dramatic moment, frozen in time. In Drama class the tableaus helped identify the central theme of the short plays.  
... and then each homeroom sang their song to wrap them all together.  Bravo Fifth Grade, Khin & Rebekah! 
Renaissance Rocks!
       Shout Outs to Owen Leahy and Abrar Kazi who both won Second Place ribbons for their artwork in a community art show.

Owen                                                    Abrar

      MS Council Adviser Amanda gave shout outs to all the students who helped with the MS dance, as well as volunteering at the flea market!
TRCS Sports Desk



MS Soccer Team  finished with a loss in Region One Semi-Final  vs  OWN Charter School.  


4-6 Girls Basketball  made the playoffs.


Congratulations to the following students: 


Chase -    Baseball Team MVP and City - All-star Representative  (above) 
Andres -   Scholar- Athlete  and Borough All-star Representative 
Raheem -  Borough All-star Representative
Jared -      Borough All-star Representative


      Recently The 4-6 Grade Basketball Club got to see the Harlem Magic Masters at York College.  

      Here is of Deyana and Helena at the WNBA NY Liberty Meet and Greet. They got to meet the whole team and get autographs.   
PTA News
        The PTA Executive Board once again organized a wonderful staff Appreciation Luncheon.  They served great dishes, some of which were donated by families, and had help from some of our middle school students.

        In lieu of a last meeting, a garden party was held on our rooftop garden, and in between food and conversation, families could visit the various 8th Grade arts exhibitions in the art room and auditorium.  The art projects were beautifully displayed and presented by the students, the theatre students performed with aplomb, and our 8th grade Jazz Band sounded fabulous!

       Stacey and the School Management Team wish to thank our parent leadership, Lillian Chen and Kelly Goodwin, Co-Presidents, and the entire PTA Executive Board for all their hard work this year.  We have enjoyed our collaboration this year and are particularly appreciative of not only the many events and gifts given in support of school initiatives, but mostly for the gift of your TIME.  Thank you all!

       We wish you all a great summer and  look forward to seeing everyone in the fall!
Upcoming Dates:

Tuesday, June 24th - High School Graduation @ Louis Armstrong School

Wednesday, June 25th - 8th Grade Stepping Up Ceremony 10AM

                                    8th Grade Prom Night (6-10PM) @ Bruno's 

Thursday, June 26th - 7th Grade Farewell Gathering @ Auditorium



Have a wonderful summer! 
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Read the following document for tips on internet safety:

Internet Safety  



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