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STARskaters is a USOC Paralympic Sport Club
So much has happened since the last update including our Sled Hockey team earning their first Gold Medal at the USA Hockey National Sled Championships in Buffalo, NY and Joseph Montemayor becoming the first triple amputee to score a goal in USA Hockey Tournament competition.  Read more about Joseph and the road to gold and view his video.

Team USA Gold Medalists Rico Roman and Kyle Huckaby will be joining STARskaters for Sled Hockey weekend August 1st and 2nd.  Roman won Olympic Gold in Sochi, Russia and Huckaby won his first IPC Gold Medal in April 2015 at the World Sled Hockey Championships.  

You're in invited to share the ice with both Gold Medalists during Sled Hockey weekend where you can give Sled Hockey a try FREE, just like Sidney Crosby and other NHL Stars did in this video. The weekend coincides with the annual Abilities Expo.  Read more in this edition.

SkateTherapy in Sugar Land continues to grow and the 3rd annual Gala planning and show preparations are underway.

Several save the dates to be aware of, August 21st for STAR Skeeters night at the ballpark, Sept. 11th for the annual SkateTherapy Gala, and October 19th for the annual STARskaters "Zebra Open" golf tournament, this year to be held at Quail Valley Country Club.

Ice Skate USASpecial thanks to our awesome  Sugar Land Ice & SportsICE RINK PARTNERS, Sugar Land Ice & Sports Center, Ice Skate USA at Memorial City Mall and the AERODROME  for their ongoing weekly program support for STAR's Sled Hockey and SkateTherapy programs.
Next time you're visitng these rinks, please be sure and let them know how much you appreciate their support!

Jim O'Neill

Gold Medal Sled Hockey Weekend and Abilities Expo

USA Sled Hockey Olympic Gold Medalist Rico Roman and 2015 IPC Gold Medalist Kyle Huckaby will join STARskaters for a Sled Hockey Weekend which coincides with the Abilities Expo in Houston, July 31st - Aug 2nd.


STARskaters will have an exhibit at NRG Hall E where both players will be available for autographs on Saturday.


The first on-ice portion of the weekend will be from 10am - 11am, Saturday August 1st at Ice Skate USA at Memorial City Mall.

Anyone interested in Sled Hockey can try the sport for FREE, and there will also be Sled Hockey skills, drills and a scrimmage for more advanced players.


Activities will then move to NRG Park for the Abilities Expo and a Sled Hockey on Wheels demo from 2:45pm - 3:30pm.


Abilities Expo 2014 Saturday activities continue back on the ice at 6:00-7:30pm at Bellerive Ice Center in Houston for a full ice scrimmage for more advanced players.


Sunday the event will wrap up back at Ice Skate USA with another TRY SLED HOCKEY event, and advanced skills, drills and scrimmage from 10am-12moon. 


Both STARskaters Sled Hockey and SkateTherapy program information will be available at booth #229 at the Abilities Expo and anyone interested can click here to for your FREE tickets to the Abilities Expo event.


If you're not able to make it, please consider making a donation to support Sled Hockey in Houston.  Click here to donate online, and THANK YOU for your support!


A Golden Effort in Buffalo
It is often said, it's not how you start, but how you finish, and the start of trip to the 2015 USA Hockey Sled National Championships in Buffalo, NY was a bit rocky.  Tornados around Chicago forced the cancellation of connecting flights to Buffalo, and there was no choice but to drive the remaining 10 hours (which turned into a 12 hour trip with weather) but the team was unfazed.  Van drivers Ken Belknap and Jim O'Neill, however took a few days to recover from the tollway marathon.

Team Texas won all five games, allowing just 3 goals on the tournament and brought home a Gold Medal for the first time in the 4 years the team has been making the trip to the National USA Sled Hockey tournament.

Joseph Montemayor scores the game winning goal in the Gold Medal Championship game
Joseph Montemayor has been with the team for all 4 annual trips to the and has also made significant progress from year-to-year.  

As a triple amputee, Joseph played his first tournament in Dallas in 2011 with just one arm.  The next year he used a new stick/prosthetic made by Ken Belknap to take his game to a new level.

Joseph's 2015 goal was to be the first ever triple amputee to score a goal in USA Hockey competition.  He not only achieved that goal, he surpassed even his own expectations.  Joseph scored THREE goals in total including the GWG (game winning goal) in the Gold Medal game.

Thank you to everyone for your support which has enabled dreams to come true for all our incredible athletes.  We are already starting the fundraising to allow us to participate at the tournament next year in Detroit, MI as well as Sled Hockey weekend tournaments to be held in Houston and other cities in Texas.  We hope you can join us at one of our upcoming Skeeters baseball or Golf tournament events.

STAR Skeeters Night at Ballpark
Come on out and join skaters, volunteers, friends and families from both the SkateTherapy and Sled Hockey programs on Friday night August 21st for STARskatesr night at the Skeeters Baseball game at Constellation Park in Sugar Land.  

Click here to purchase your tickets for just $12.  Proceeds go to support the STARskaters programs.  The event is also a THANK YOU to the many volunteers that make the magic happen on the ice every Saturday at both Sugar Land Ice and Sports Center and Ice Skate USA at Memorial City Mall.

Unlike many other non-profit organizations, 100% of STARskaters operations are driven by the generous donation of time and talents by our volunteers and is made possible by our individual and corporate donors.

The STAR Skeeters night is an annual opportunity to say THANK YOU  to those who have enabled our programs to flourish and grow, especially over the past two years.

We hope you can join us at the ballpark! 
SkateTherapy Gala Dinner
The 3rd annual benefit dinner is sure to be a highlight of your fall activities.   SAVE THE DATE of Friday evening, September 11th for a very special night on the ice of dinner and skating.

The very special evening is a joy for everyone involved.  Make sure you are there to witness a skating performance by the SkateTherapy students that will surely touch your heart.  Our special needs children perform as a group, and on June 20th already started preparing their performance for the September 11th event. 

Last year's show was a huge hit as cowboys and cowgirls skated, waved and tipped their hats to a crowd of clapping fans enjoying the western theme.  We have a very special theme in store for you this year as well.

Share the thrill of the skaters who work all year to learn to skate, improve their skills, earn achievement badges and top it all off with a public performance for their family and friends.

Enjoy it all from your dinner seat ON THE ICE starting at 6:30pm on September 11th.  Updated details will be posted at

3rd Annual STARskaters Golf Tournament October 19th

John Mitton GolfQuail Valley Country Club will be the venue for the 3rd annual "Zebra Open" Golf Tournament.  SAVE THE DATE of October 19th for the 1pm Shotgun start.

If you would like to be a tournament sponsor, hole sponsor, or would like more information, contact Jim O'Neill at - and we'll see you on the course!

No Legs, One Arm...No Problem 
SkateTherapy Serves Special Needs Children
Children and young adults who would not have a chance to learn to enjoy ice skating now are given the opportunity put on skates, be taught one on one by a fully trained volunteer, and learn a sport in which most never thought it possible for them to participate.


Each interested skater is invited to visit a class before applying.  This gives the Welcome Committee the opportunity to understand the child's challenges, and determine the instructor with special skills to help the child each week.  There is an understanding that when a new member joins, consistent attendance is important, just as every instructor agrees to commit to weekly attendance. 


The program was created to help children with many different disabilities enjoy the sport so loved by those who give their time.  It is a completely volunteer program, with many benefits for every person involved.


Educational seminars are held monthly with guest speakers, who are specialists in their individual fields, sharing information specific to the related challenges represented.  Examinations are then taken, and ultimate results are readily seen.  Confidence in one another is shared between teacher and student.  Relationships are built, and a change in social skills begins to become evident.  A resident expert in Behavioral Studies helps design special activities when the need arises, which gives everyone a sense of calm, knowing new ideas are just a moment away. 

The SkateTherapy program is not a casual trip to the rink on Saturday morning, but a well organized event, with the children's needs taken seriously.  The newest and more sensitive students arrive for a 9:18 warm-up, followed by stepping on the ice at 9:30 sharp.  Why 9:18, people ask?  Because that is the time necessary to prepare mind and body properly when the skaters are prepared.  Anything less, is not enough.  Anything more, is too long.


If you know someone who may be interested, please direct them to  We look forward to being there for you.

NHL Stars try Sled Hockey
NHL players give Sled Hockey a try
NHL players give Sled Hockey a try

FOX26 Features SkateTherapy
SkateTherapy on FOX26
SkateTherapy featured on FOX26

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Ice Skate USA 
The biggest challenge any Sled Hockey program faces is finding and funding ice time to allow their program to develop and grow.  Thanks to Carl Sasyn and his team at Ice Skate USA, Sled Hockey in Houston has flourished.  We have gone from just a few skaters in 2010 to every Sled being occupied most Saturdays.

Thanks to the donation of weekly ice time, the program has continued to grow and develop players at the highest levels. 

Since the team's first trip to the USA Hockey National Sled Championships in 2011 where the team took a bronze medal, the program has made consistent progress.  In 2015, the team went undefeated in tournament play and brought the Gold Medal back to Texas.

Ice Skate USA is also the rink where Kyle Huckaby first took the ice with STARskaters and just 3 years later was named to the USA National Sled Hockey team.

THANK YOU to Carl Sasyn and the entire staff of Ice Skate USA for their ongoing support which makes Sled Hockey possible in the Houston area.

STAR Volunteer


Volunteer Mónica Guzmán was first introduced STARskaters by Sled Hockey player Alan Montross.  Monica met Alan shortly after she and her family relocated to Houston from Veracruz, Mexico.


Mónica is forever thankful to Alan for sharing the information about the Sled Hockey program with her as it has allowed her daughter Sofía to become an active participant every week.  "In Mexico, Sled Hockey is almost unknown." Sofía says. Being in Houston and close to hockey has made it feel as if Sled Hockey were always a part of her life.


The first time that Sofía took to the ice, her life was forever changed. The smile that lit up her face was priceless. Mónica is amazed at how much the Sled Hockey program has driven her daughter and she is very thankful and grateful to the program and the volunteers that make it happen. 


Mónica gives back to the program by donating her time and talents as a regular Sled Hockey volunteer.  Every Saturday at Memorial City Ice Skate USA from 10am to 11am, you will find her working tirelessly helping get equipment ready for the players, getting them in and out of the sleds and on and off the ice. Mónica does it all and STARskaters is thankful to have both Mónica and Sofía as part of our program every week.


If you'd like to get involved as a volunteer either on or off the ice, please contact us at:
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STARskaters mission is to provide an on ice skating experience for therapy and recreation for children and adults with special needs, and to support Sled Hockey in Houston.

Programs are open to anyone five years of age or older who would normally be unable to enjoy an on-ice skating experience due to their disability. is a public charity registered in Texas as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. Tax ID number 26-1657556. 

All donations are tax deductible.

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