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As 2012 draws to a close we look back at what has been an incredible year for STARskaters including our first ever participation at USA Hockey Disabled Festival where Team Texas Sled Hockey won a bronze medal.  

Next year the tournament is in Philadelphia and as we go for GOLD, we expect it will take about $20,000 for our team to travel and participate in the tournament.  In this issue we tell you how you can help us, and enter to win a weekend in Galveston!

2012 also brought our the expansion of the SkateTherapy program to College Station, and our first ever exhibition at the Abilities Expo.  In all, STARskaters will be involved in more than 125 program and outreach events for the year.

November 9th, STARskaters will sponsor Military Night at the AEROS and we hope you'll attend as we salute Houston area Military and perform a Sled Hockey exhibition at the first intermission of the hockey game.

Need a shot of inspiration?  Scroll down and watch as we profile Joseph, a triple amputee who has worked hard to become one of the most fierce Sled Hockey players on the ice in Texas.

Finally, if you're looking for a cool gift idea, check out our Pom Pom Gloves hand made by our volunteers to raise money to support our STARskaters programs.

If you know of anyone who could benefit from any of our programs, please click the link below to FORWARD TO A FRIEND.  Thanks!


Jim ONeill

Join STARskaters for Military Night with the Houston AEROS
AEROS logo
STARskaters is the presenting sponsor for the AEROS military night Friday, November 9th as the AEROS take on the Lake Erie Monsters at 7pm.

AEROS fans have generously donated more than 2,000 tickets to allow area military personnel to attend the game at no charge.

During the first intermission the Houston Sled Aeros will scrimmage to give fans in attendance a firsthand look at the sport of Sled Hockey, the fastest growing disabled sport in the world.

If you would like to purchase tickets for the game or donate to allow more military to attend, contact Josh Young at 713-361-7937 or by email to:
For more information on Sled Hockey visit
Help Sled AEROS go to Nationals - Win a Weekend in Galveston
2013 Disabled Festival  
Team Texas Sled Hockey won Bronze in our first ever competition at the USA Hockey Disabled Festival.
In March 2013 the tournament will be held in Philadelphia and we are now raising the estimated $20,000 it will take to attend and go for the GOLD we need YOUR help to make it happen!
GalvestonAs incentive to donate, GalvestonGuy Condo Rentals has donated TWO weekends at Casa Del Mar in Galveston.  

One weekend will be awarded to the largest single donor and the other weekend will be drawn at random from ALL donors., so please don't wait for someone else...donate today.  Any amount you donate qualifies you to win a weekend at the beach! 

To donate, visit or via PayPal to
Joseph's Story 
Joseph's Story - YouTube Video
Joseph's Story - YouTube Video
When Joseph was just 7 years old he lost both legs and one arm in a train accident, but it hasn't stopped him from becoming a Sled Hockey STAR! 

His determination and positive attitude have changed not just his own life, but the lives of all who meet him as well.  Take just 2 minutes to meet Joseph and hear his story.

If you know of someone who could benefit from the Sled Hockey program, contact
SkateTherapy News
Skate Therapy Logo has seen a large increase in skaters for each Saturday morning session at Sugar Land Ice and Sports. 
The skaters and parents are met by carefully assigned instructors, who help them with the warm-up exercises before entering the ice.  
The excellent staff of instructors, who are top Training Skaters, greet these children with an attitude of success before even one on-ice step has been taken. customizes the skaters on-ice program to many different forms of challenges . From the child who has never put on a pair of skates to the more advanced skaters, there is always something new ahead. Nothing beats the feeling of success these skaters feel as they accomplish goals beyond anyone's expectations!
The badge program encourages advancement through a system of 14 skill levels, each one becoming a little more difficult, while being geared to success. The smiling faces make it quite obvious that this is something that can be as much fun as it is rewarding.

Our numbers are higher than expected a year and a half ago, and we are very happy about that. Each additional child in the program makes our opportunity to serve our community of challenged athletes that much greater. Parents are often amazed at the improvement they never thought they would be able to see, and this builds the excitement level! is pleased with the direction the program is taking. The goal of the program is to maintain scholarships for all, so the parents who find it absolutely impossible to afford the entire cost, receive financial assistance. If you are interested in helping children with handicaps learn to set those handicaps to the side for 1/2 hour, we would welcome your support, both financial and help moving equipment in and out and setting the ice up for the class.  Online donations can be made at

Please come and visit us on a Saturday morning, 9:20 − 10:00 and observe marvelous young people in action! Everyone who watches falls in love! The skating instructors have learned a new definition of "persistence" and have often commented on how it has helped their individual skating as well.  And several of our high school age instructors have even decided to pursue careers in therapy and social work.  Truly SkateTherapy has become a win-win for all!

For more information on the program, contact

Pom Pom Gloves! 
Pom Pom gloves
Are you looking for a unique gift idea, and let your purchase go to work for a great cause?  How about...Pom Pom Gloves?
Pom Pom Gloves are a fun way to cheer on your team, complete with bells attached, and are hand-made by STARskaters volunteers.

If you'd like to order a pair for just $10, contact

STAR at Abilities Expo

Abilities ExpoSTARskaters participated in our first Abilities Expo held at the Reliant Center August 3-5th 2012.
Participants and volunteers from both of the Sled Hockey and Skate Therapy programs staffed the STARskaters exhibit which was graciously donated by longtime supporter 2020 Exhibits.
Hundreds of visitors stopped by the booth to collect information on the STARskaters programs.


In addition to the exhibit, STARskaters Sled Hockey players performed a Sled Hockey exhibition in the demonstration area at the convention.

Abilities Expo 2012
If you missed the expo this year, SAVE THE DATE for next year!  The Expo will be held from August 2-4, 2013 and STARskaters will again exhibit and demonstrate our programs at the Abilities Expo.

For more information about the Abilities Expo, click here.


Sponsors Needed
Sled Hockey, Therapeutic Skating, Brochures and Web

When you sponsor any of our programs for Sled Hockey, Therapeutic Skating and our STAR skates, we have
many ways that we can promote your business:
  • Web ads
  • Newsletter promotion
  • Event signage
  • Sled signage
  • T-shirt logos
  • Jersey sponsorship
  • Printed brochures
  • Electronic brochures
Any or all of these are available to you based on your level of sponsorship.  For more, contact

Ebay Fundraiser for STARskaters
Bid on our items, or hold your own eBay auction!
Many individuals and companies have generously donated items to help STARskaters raise the money needed to operate our programs.

These items are then listed on eBay to allow bidders from Houston and around the USA to bid on the items.

Items are generally sports related and are updated regularly online. 

If you'd like to see what's is currently available for bidding, go to:

If you'd like to hold your OWN auction on eBay to benefit STARskaters, CLICK HERE to learn more.

And, if you have an item you'd like to donate, contact us at

New STARskaters Brochure
Online PDF available by clicking here

STARbrochure 2012
Sponsors are being sought for the 2012 version of the STARskaters brochure.

The brochure is distributed at area ice rinks, sponsor locations and the Toyota Center at the table at most Houston AEROS games.

Inside, you'll read about the history of Sled Hockey and learn more about STARskaters programs:
  • Skate Therapy.
  • Sled Hockey.
  • STAR Skate events.
You can also read more about how you can get involved in the STARskaters program as a volunteer, donor or organizing a STAR Skate for groups with special needs.

If you would like a supply of brochures shipped to you, contact
STARskaters mission is to provide an on ice skating experience for therapy and recreation for children and adults with any special needs, and to support SLED HOCKEY in Houston.

The program is open to anyone five years of age or older who would normally be unable to enjoy an on-ice skating experience due to their disability. is public charity registered in Texas as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. Tax ID number 26-1657556. 

All donations are tax deductible.

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Joseph's Story
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STAR at Abilities Expo
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STAR Supporter

Ice Skate USA at Memorial City Mall


Every Saturday morning from 10-11am thanks to a generous donation of Ice Time from Ice Skate USA, players from the Houston Sled AEROS take the ice for practice and scrimmages at Memorial City Mall.


Anyone involved in hockey or ice skating knows that the biggest hurdle to programs is the availability and cost of ice time for their participants. 


For the past year, STARskaters has been fortunate enough to have a strong supporter in Ice Skate USA and Memorial City Mall which has allowed the Sled Hockey program to continue to grow in Houston.


We credit this generous donation of ice time as the major factor in Team Texas Sled Hockey winning a Bronze medal at our first ever National Sled Hockey competition earlier this year.


Words can not thank Carl Sasyn and his team at Ice Skate USA enough for their ongoing support.  They have made Sled Hockey possible in Houston and we encourage everyone to check out the many great programs they offer in person or on the web at:

STAR Volunteer
Ken Belknap and Joseph
STAR Volunteer
Ken Belknap
Most Saturdays you'll find Ken Belknap volunteering on the ice at Ice Skate USA at Memorial City Mall.  But what few see is all of the time Ken volunteers off the ice as well. 
Ken owns Belknap Plumbing, and as a part of his business he has a very well equipped machine shop.  Ken has used this shop and his machining skills to design and fabricate several specialized "arms" for STAR Sled Hockey player Joseph Montemayor.
Joseph is a very agressive player and his intense style of play has created many challenges for Ken to create an arm that is functional as well as durable.
Currently, Joseph is using the fifth version of Ken's custom arm, and likely there will be many more versions to come.  With each version Ken finds way to improve the construction and provide a prosthetic that allows Joseph to continue to improve his level of play on the ice.

At the USA Hockey Disabled Festival in Dallas last year, Ken also served as "pit crew" for the Sled Hockey team.  He spent considerable time learning about advanced Sled setup techniques and even performed in-game blade adjustments for the players.

STARskaters salutes our STAR volunteer Ken Belknap for the generous donation of his time and experience for the Sled Hockey program.  We couldn't do it without you!

If you'd like to see upcoming STARskaters volunteer opportunities, click here.

And, if you'd like to get involved, contact us at
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