November 18, 2014
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Are you in the middle of cleaning out your clutter?
Consider DONATING some of your office items to Crayons to Classrooms instead of throwing them out! Teachers and students might be able to use the items you no longer need.


Any useable items you or your office no longer needs will go onto the shelves of our Teacher Shopping Center, ready to be "purchased" by our teachers.


We are looking for:

Binders:  middle & high school students, and teachers can utilize gently used binders!





Office organization items, paper trays, desk organizers, and hanging folders: teachers can use these to set up their classrooms.






Any extra post-its, paper clips, staplers, tape dispensers, and scissors: these items can be really helpful for teachers and their students. 




Outdated envelopes or letterhead: you/your office might not use them anymore, but DC2C and teachers can!








Teachers can make good use out of all of these items, even ones that you think might be useless to others (like the letterhead, for example). If you have questions about any items, please check with us BEFORE throwing it away!  You might no longer need them, but someone else might.


Crayons to Classrooms is open  for product donations

Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm.


Please contact Jim Gabringer (operations manager) with any questions, by phoning (937) 528-6402 or emailing, j.gabringer@dc2c.org.





 Help us reach our next goal by making a generous monetary donation so we can continue to help the 27,800 children in the Dayton-area who NEED us.

Donations can be made online at dc2c.org or can be mailed in as checks.

 Send checks, payable to Crayons to Classrooms, to:

1511 Kuntz Rd

Dayton, OH 45404-1232


Click here to donate online! 

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