March 2014
A thank-you doodle on the back of an Emerson Academy note
  • Nothing brightens our day more than receiving a packet of thank-you notes! Recently, DC2C received letters from Emerson Academy 3rd graders in Emily Feltz's, Michelle Lawrence's, and Rhonda George's classes. You might see a few of them on Facebook. Thanks so much for the notes! We loved each and every letter :)



  •  31 Gifts Thursday
  • Our Friend Sam
  • Spring Cleaning
  • Honor a Teacher
  • Lunch and Learn: Don't Forget to Sign Up!
  • Needed: Yarn and Fleece
31 Gifts Thursday
This past Thursday (March 27th), we had some lovely 31 Gifts consultants help out in our store! They helped bag the teachers' items, and also brought some goodies of their own to raffle off. Their pink tote bags are one of many teachers' favorite items in our store! We're so happy to be working with 31 Gifts! Thanks for your support :)

Our Friend Sam

Have you met our friend Sam yet? If you've seen our Facebook recently, you might have. If not, allow us to cordially introduce you to our newest pal: Sam Nicholaisen.
Here's Sam with our fund development manager, Deb.
Sam is a 6th grade student at  Harman Elementary School in Dayton. He wants to be an elementary art teacher someday.
Recently, Sam made a presentation to the Oakwood Rotary Foundation, and asked them to support Crayons to Classrooms for his upcoming Bar Mitzvah service project. Sam secured an award of $500 for DC2C! Pretty amazing, right? Just wait-- it gets better.
Sam is also facilitating a school supply drive in his neighborhood to benefit DC2C. This is also part of his Bar Mitzvah service project. We couldn't be more grateful for or impressed by his efforts.    
Thanks Sam, you rock!  Thanks Oakwood Rotary Foundation for your support!
Time for some Spring Cleaning

Ah, springtime. You know what that means? SPRING CLEANING TIME. Before you groan at the idea of chores, hear us out! We're not talking dusting and wiping down windows-- we're talking an office clean-out session.


Cleaning out your office not only organizes your work space, but it can also really help the teachers in our community.


Wondering how? Why, by donating any items you no longer need to Crayons to Classrooms! Any useable items your office no longer needs will go onto the shelves of our Teacher Shopping Center, ready to be "purchased" by our teachers.


What kinds of items are we looking for? If you no longer need:

  • Paper trays

  • File sorters

  • Desk organizers

  • Staplers

  • Tape Dispensers

  • Hanging folders

  • Paper/binder clips

  • Extra paper (perhaps from a past project)

  • Outdated envelopes/letterhead if your office has moved/changed logos

  • Etc.

Then consider donating it to Crayons to Classrooms. Teachers can make good use out of all of these items, even ones that you think might be useless to others (like the letterhead, for example). If you have questions about any items, please check with us BEFORE throwing it away!!


Teachers greatly appreciate useable office supplies and desk-top accessories.  If they shop for their classroom, they are not purchasing items to make their life easier or to help with organization; they are purchasing pencils, paper, crayons, etc. - items that their students need most. But, we think those teachers deserve to make their lives a little easier too, don't you agree? If you have any of these items, please consider donating them. You might no longer need them, but someone else might.


Please contact Deb Seger (fund development manager) with any questions, by phoning (937) 528-6403 or emailing, d.seger@dc2c.org.

Honor a Teacher


Teachers do so much, why not honor them? Please consider making a gift to DC2C in honor/memory of a teacher. Why not honor a teacher who has recently completed his or her's master's program, is retiring, or has made an impact? It's also great for people who have everything and you don't know what to purchase for them for their birthday, etc.! Gifts for any occasion can be arranged, and certificates can be provided to be shared with the honoree.


These gifts can be made online or donors may contact Deb Seger directly by telephoning 937-528-6403 or emailing d.seger@dc2c.org.



Lunch & Learn: Don't Forget to Sign Up!

Sometimes it's easier to see what someone does to understand it. Well, why shouldn't that apply to Crayons to Classrooms? We'd like to invite you to come visit and see what we do here at DC2C. You'll not only learn more about Crayons through a tour of our store and our warehouse, but also enjoy a free lunch! And who doesn't love a free lunch?  


We have 3 "Lunch & Learn" sessions scheduled from 12pm to 1pm on:

  • Wednesday, April 30
  • Thursday, May 15
  • Tuesday, June 10              


Interested? To RSVP, please contact Deb Seger, fund development manager, by calling

(937) 528-6403 or via e-mail, d.seger@dc2c.org.


Hope to see you there!


Needed: Yarn and Fleece
The Team India Ladies of Dayton knits and sews the hats DC2C distributes. They are already working on next winter's supply-- talk about dedication! But here's the thing, this lovely group needs your help. They could use donations of yarn and fleece (JUST yarn and fleece, nothing else) to help continue making these hats.
DC2C is extremely thankful to these ladies for these hats, and we know that the teachers and students that receive are grateful as well. Any donations of yarn and fleece you can make would be extremely appreciated. These items may be dropped off at Crayons to Classrooms from 8 AM through 5 PM, Monday through Friday
If there are questions, please contact Deb Seger, fund development manager, by calling (937) 528-6403 or via e-mail, d.seger@dc2c.org.




 Help us reach our next goal by making a generous monetary donation so we can continue to help the 27,800 children in the Dayton-area who NEED us.

Donations can be made online at dc2c.org or can be mailed in as checks.

 Send checks, payable to Crayons to Classrooms, to:

1511 Kuntz Rd

Dayton, OH 45404-1232


Click here to donate online! 

Interested in volunteering?
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