February 2014
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  • The Numbers are In
  • Volunteer Highlight: DECA & DSW
  • Lunch & Learn
  • Our Thanks: Financial Donor Recognition  
The Numbers are In!
Earlier this year we partnered with Thirty-One Gifts. Well, something kind of amazing happened because of that partnership. Due to their generous donations, DC2C's product donations for January 2014 (just that month) matched the production donations for the entire 2011 year: both amounted to a whopping $1.5 million! How awesome is that? A very sincere thank you to Thirty-One Gifts, and everyone that has donated products to Crayons to Classrooms.

Volunteer Highlight: DECA & DSW

On Wednesday, February 12th five reading volunteers from DECA Prep came and volunteered at Crayons to Classrooms to earn a free shopping trip for each of the DECA teachers that they volunteer with. The volunteers worked on our classroom solutions projects. Because of their volunteerism, 5 teachers that were not currently eligible will now be able to shop! Incredible, right? The volunteer group was set up by our board member, Lynda Hoffman, who is also a DECA volunteer. Thanks for your help!!



On Monday, February 24th, we had a group of 6 DSW store managers from the Dayton/Cincinnati area come in and volunteer for 3 hours. They helped create die-cuts and journals from recycled paper. Teachers will be able to use these items in their classrooms. In addition to those 3 hours, DSW also hosted a supply drive for Crayons to Classrooms. As if that wasn't great enough, Crayons to Classrooms will also be receiving a monetary donation from DSW's Shoe Lovers Care program. Volunteering in the store, organizing a supply drive, and donating directly to DC2C: how amazing is that? Answer: absolutely amazing. Thanks for everything, DSW!!


Lunch & Learn

Sometimes it's easier to see what someone does to understand it. Well, why shouldn't that apply to Crayons to Classrooms? We'd like to invite you to come visit and see what we do here at DC2C. You'll not only learn more about Crayons through a tour of our store and our warehouse, but also enjoy a free lunch! And who doesn't love a free lunch?  


We have 4 "Lunch & Learn" sessions scheduled from noon to 1 PM on:

  • Wednesday, March 19
  • Wednesday, April 30
  • Thursday, May 15
  • Tuesday, June 10              


Interested? To RSVP, please contact Deb Seger, fund development manager, by calling

(937) 528-6403 or via e-mail, d.seger@dc2c.org.


Hope to see you there!


SOur Thanks: Financial Donors Recognition
Crayons to Classrooms would like to take a moment and recognize our January and February 2014 financial donors.  A very sincere thank you to all of our donors. Donations make DC2C's ability to serve teachers and students in the Dayton area possible.

January 2014
Jane and Tom Klosterman
Marilyn and Larry Klaben
Betsy and Lee Whitney
Jessica Garringer

McGohan and Brabender

Bonnie Smith
Jim and Helen Dull

Montgomery County

Water Services 

Bruce York

Julie and Steve Amspaugh
Mr. and Mrs. William Walker

Col. and Mrs. Clayton C.

Fenton, Jr.  

Lance and Susanne Jacobsen
Nancy L. Reed
Deb and Dennis Seger
Lisa and Steve McNeilan
Richard Coalson
Diane and Ron Timmons
Lois Kindell
The Great Lakes Group - Morgan Stanley Wealth Management
Dr. and Mrs. John Bloom
Lynda and Doug Hoffman


February 2014

Alpha Delta Kappa, Ohio

Kappa Chapter 

Diane BurdineMegan Hammerer
Dorothy Lane Market
Sara and Erhard Friedrichsmeyer
Carole and Rusty Clifford
Jessica GarringerTamara Swanson
Daniel and Mary Drexler
Lance and Susanne JacobsenWalter Ohlmann
David Clapper
Mathile Family Foundation




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 Send checks, payable to Crayons to Classrooms, to:

1511 Kuntz Rd

Dayton, OH 45404-1232


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