Crayons to Classrooms celebrated its 5th year of Teacher Shopping Days on January 15, 2014. Woohoo! Here's to many more years!!





-International Visitor Leadership Program

-Second Semester is Here!

-Ohio Achievement Assessments and LexisNexis 

-New Interns

From left to right: Mr. Kaiyrbolat Sakhmetovwith, Ms. Madina Chuakova, DC2C executive director Steve Rubenstein, DC2C program manager Danielle Dabbs, Ms. Assel Krykbayeva, and Mr. Daniyar Bexultan.
International Visitor
Leadership Program
On January 21st, Crayons to Classrooms had the amazing opportunity to host four visitors from Kazakhstan through the International Visitor Leadership Program (via the U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs). This program brings emerging and current professional leaders from other countries to learn about issues in their fields. Our guests got the chance to tour DC2C and learn more about our program/mission, local partnerships, volunteering at DC2C, and how DC2C uses social media.
Crayons to Classroom loved having these guests here to learn more about our work and are very grateful to have been part of such an incredible program!

Second Semester is Here!


It's hard to believe that it's already the second semester of the 2013-2014 school year! Many students are arriving at school empty-handed-- if the students didn't have the supplies for the fall semester, then they likely don't have them now. That is, unless their teachers provide them.


Teachers from schools that we serve can "shop" one time each semester in our teacher resource center. Donations are needed now so that Crayons to Classrooms can continue to provide our region's students living in poverty with the school supplies required to be successful in the classroom during second semester. How can you help?


  • Make a financial donation! Donations can be made securely online (click here!) or can be mailed to Crayons to Classrooms, 1511 Kuntz Road, Dayton, OH 45404-1232. Crayons to Classrooms can purchase everything below with a $10 donation!

    • 4 single-subject notebooks

    • 4 pens

    • 36 pencils

    • 2 boxes of 24-count crayons

    • 2 packs of 8-count washable markers

    • 4 glue sticks 

  • Organize a school supply drive at your office or faith organization, in your neighborhood or school, etc.! Drives are easy and fun to facilitate - we can provide a "tool kit" to get you started. Please contact Deb Seger, fund development manager, by phoning 937.528.6403 or via email, d.seger@dc2c.org.

  • Bring donations of school supplies directly to our teacher resource center (see above). The following items are those most often requested by teachers:

    • Crayons (24 count)

    • Pencils

    • Pens

    • Colored pencils

    • Filler paper

    • Notebooks

    • Pocket folders

    • Construction paper

    • Glue sticks

    • Rulers

    • Markers (washable)

    • Scissors                     


 Thank you for your support-- by working together, we can make a difference!


Ohio Achievement Assessments and LexisNexis

As you might know, the Ohio Achievement Assessments (OAAs) are coming up this April for 3rd-8th graders. But, what you don't know is how LexisNexis is helping make these exams a little brighter for the students taking them.


Many students show up the morning of the test without pencils or erasers.  Thanks to LexisNexis, we are currently able to hand out OAA kits to all 3rd-8th grade teachers that visit our store. These kits include 3 sharpened pencils, an eraser, 3 starlight mints (for concentration- plus, they're yummy!), and a note of encouragement. As long as supplies last, teachers can take one kit per student in their class to receive on the morning of the test.


This kit might not sound like much, but sometimes it's truly the little things that matter most.


LexisNexis, as part of their Cares program, bought the supplies and assembled 10,000 of these kits for us to hand out. That's 30,000 pencils (all of which had to be sharpened, too), 10,000 erasers, 30,000 mints, and 10,000 little notes! It's also 10,000 kids whose minds will be eased by having the necessary supplies; it's 10,000 kids gleefully tearing open mints; it's 10,000 kids cheered by a thoughtful, handwritten note of encouragement from a complete stranger. Talk about a mood booster during a rather dull, stressful time for the students.


We don't know about you, but we think that's pretty important.

 In fact, we'd call it downright incredible.

New Interns!
New year, new school semester, and two new Crayons to Classroom interns! We're excited to introduce our interns, Allison and Maggie. Both are students at the University of Dayton; Maggie is a senior Marketing and Entrepreneurship major, and Allison is a junior English major. Welcome, girls!!


 Help us reach our next goal by making a generous monetary donation so we can continue to help the 27,800 children in the Dayton-area who NEED us.

Donations can be made online at dc2c.org or can be mailed in as checks.

 Send checks, payable to Crayons to Classrooms, to:

1511 Kuntz Rd

Dayton, OH 45404-1232


Click here to donate online! 

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