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      Saint Germain asks, "Are you ready to truly have Freedom in your life?" If so, don your Royal Robes and make ready for the journey!

     During the 2012 Freedom Conclave, Saint Germain, Apollo, Mighty Victory, Pallas Athena, and other Ascended Masters imparted profound, life-changing instruction to help you understand the Royal, August, and Noble Great I AM in all its vastness and Universality and your own I AM Presence as its regal Individualization. 

     Learn how to have more of the Royal Mind of the One God stream through your consciousness. Receive the Karmic Board's Dispensation to help you manifest your Divine Alchemies. Discover how you can help the Brotherhood of Light roll back all that is less than Saint Germain's Dawning Golden Age and make the Earth Freedom's Star. 

     These releases will help you claim your Royal Birthright and restore God's Kingdom upon this planet!

2012 Holiday
Event Schedule


Thanksgiving Eve

Fireside Chat

with the Anointed Representatives

Wednesday, November 21
8:00 p.m. ~ Broadcast


Thanksgiving Day Service with Jesus
Thursday, November 22
11:00 a.m. ~ Decrees 
12:00 p.m. ~ Broadcast
Annual Caroling Christmas Party
Saturday, December 15
8:00 p.m. ~ Broadcast of Christmas Carols and Holiday Stories


Lux Invictus Eve Service
Thursday, December 20
6:00 p.m. ~ T. B. Decrees
7:30 p.m. ~ Broadcast of Dictation and the Ritual of the Unconquered Light 

Christmas Eve Service with Beloved Lanello 

Monday, December 24
6:00 p.m. ~ Decrees and Caroling
7:00 p.m. ~ Broadcast
Christmas Day Service with  
Beloved Jesus
Tuesday, December 25
11:00 a.m. ~ T. B. Decrees
12:00 p.m. ~ Broadcast


New Year's Conclave and Acropolis Sophia
Wednesday, December 26-Sunday, December 30, 2012
Acropolis Sophia: 
Monday, December 31, 2012-Sunday, January, 6. 2013

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Saint Germain's Valley Forge Freedom Vigil!
Torch Bearers at the Altar Now: NINE!
     The final Address of the Harvest Conclave by the Magnificent Archangel Michael marked the inauguration of a Mighty Whirlwind Action of the Will of God upon the Earth. As Michael's Limitless Legions of Blue Flame Angels circled the globe, he affirmed the Golden Age and described the Action of his Angels in the Golden Age Civilization. Click here to view the replay of his Dictation.

     The invaluable Blessings of Teachings and the Outpouring of Ascended Master Light and Radiation from those Beloved Ascended and Cosmic Masters who graced us with their Presence this cycle 

Mystic Rose with 9 of 9 buttons smset the world afire and initiated the Torch Bearers of The Temple into an expanded awareness of the Life of the Presence of God. May we express our eternal gratitude for their Thread of Contact and the Dispensations bestowed for our Victory!

     Now it is time to do our part. This Charge of God Consciousness has provided the necessary reinforcement for the final phase of Saint Germain's Valley Forge Freedom Vigil! The Anointed Representatives are requesting 9 Torch Bearers on each Vigil time slot. Last cycle, we averaged 6.24 decreers per 2-hour vigil slot. Let us strive to accelerate that momentum once again and prove to the Entire Spirit of the Brotherhood of Light that we will stand shoulder to shoulder with them for God Individualized Freedom upon the Earth!     

     To this end, many of our Ascended Brothers and Sisters released timely instruction on the impact that this accelerated action of God Protection, God Illumination, God Freedom, God Truth, and God Love is making throughout the Earth. You can read excerpts of just a few of their releases below.

    Necessity's Ray requires our continued effort, so please consider what more you can do individually and in your Altar and Skype Decree Groups in the coming weeks on behalf of God Government, Personal and World Economy, Protection and Resurrection of the Sacred Fire, and Peace Around the World! 


Click Here to Find Out How You Can Participate!

A Call to Action from the Brotherhood of Light!

     Throughout this previous cycle, you have engaged in a Fiery Vigil for the Brotherhood of Light and for those things going on upon the Earth that must have more Light of God! Can you not say without reservation that you are stronger? That you are fierier? That you have a strength that you did not know you had before engaging? That you have an understanding of what it feels like to have the Fire of your Mighty I AM Presence where you are, to release the Power of the throat chakra, to have the Threefold Flame of your Heart spinning faster and faster until you almost cannot contain it? This, blessed ones, is the efficacy of your striving and your making time for the Vigil Work of the Mighty I AM Presence!

Emerald Matrix

     Your highest priority in life should be those devotions to the Mighty I AM Presence that call forth the Light so that the Presence can and will perform the Desires of the Heart of the Presence right where you are! And here on the Earth where it is so necessary to have the collective whole of those Sons and Daughters of God who know how to invoke the "I AM" and stand in the Fire, can you not begin to appreciate how change can occur, how there can be the staying action of such horrid momentums in the Earth that must be consumed by the Flames of God?

     There is such a Necessity for the clearing action to go on around the entirety of the Earth, with thousands upon thousands of Holy Angels called into action on every Ray! And they go forth sweeping the Earth, touching the consciousness of the Sons and Daughters of God! Igniting the Flames upon the Altar of the Heart! And imparting the keen-eyed Divine Vision that is so necessary for many of those world leaders who will make decisions for and on behalf of the greater whole of mankind!

    Blessed ones, "Without Vision the People Perish!" Therefore, there must be Enlightenment! There must be the ability for the Emerald Ray to be deposited in the Third Eye of many of the Sons and Daughters of God so they will begin to see what is right before them, and they will be able to make those wise decisions. But if there is nothing but the veils of maya and illusion influencing them, if there has not been sufficient Violet Flame invoked, if there is not enough of the Fires of Purity upon the Earth, how do you suppose the Holy Angels will be greeted?

     Many of the Sons and Daughters of God will not even feel the movement round about them as those Angels touch their shoulders; it will be as if nothing has occurred in their life. But unbeknownst to them, something has occurred because you are in the Earth! Because you have called forth the Light of God! Because you have made your body temple ready for the Flames that your Mighty I AM Presence desires to activate in these Elemental Forces of Nature that you wear as bodies!

~Elohim Cyclopea: October 6, 2012



     The Earth requires the Fires of your Heart! The Earth requires the Light that your Presence desires to release! The Earth requires you as a voice calling for the Light of God, anchoring that Fire so that there can be God Government in the land, so that there can be the charge of God Consciousness sufficient to put into the Flame all of the unreality, all of the coarseness, all of the degradation of God so that as things begin to hum in the intonation of Akasha, the transfer of the Light of that glorious Causeless Cause Triumphant will come and be released in your midst! 

     The Golden Age, blessed hearts, is not a myth. It is not relegated to thousands of years from now. You must understand that the Golden Age conceived in your mind must be established here and now this instant in your affairs, in your life, in the immediacy of your forcefield that you establish as your consecrated Temple wherein you call upon God. 

~Archangel Michael: October 14, 2012



This is a cycle when the Light of your Mighty I AM Presence is greatly needed in the Earth! You are charged with the Responsibility for your use of the Light which you have received and for amplifying that Light

Balance Scales

which is so needed to come through your lifestream by your efforts. In order for that Light to move as needed in great magnitudes in, through, and around the planes of consciousness of the Earth, you must have that expanded awareness of God as the Mind of God acting within you and that what you do truly counts! In order for the Fires of your Mighty I AM Presence to go forward and complete the tasks that are so needed in this hour upon the Earth, you must continue your disciplines at your altar. You must hold fast to the Fires of God in the forefront of your consciousness, never letting down that constant state of activity that the Heart of your Mighty I AM Presence desires to fulfill through you. If you were not capable of doing this, I would not be presenting it to you in this hour. But you have shown yourself worthy. You have made yourself ready. 

~Beloved Portia: October 13, 2012


I AM the Presence of God Individualized!

The Temple of The Presence is really The Temple of the Most High Living God in every Heart. The outer organization of The Temple of The Presence is the vehicle and Vanguard Activity through which the Brotherhood of Light brings forth the true Teachings of the Great Ascended Masters of East and West to all whose hearts desire the Truth of Cosmic Law.

If the Message and the Mission of The Temple speaks to your Heart, consider becoming a
Torch Bearer of The Temple.

God Individualized
One God - One Presence
Many Sons - Many Daughters

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