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The Temple of The Presence Newsletter   July 2012


New Conference Albums Available

Necessity Meets Athena, Mother of Invention
Harvest Conclave 2011

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During the 2011 Harvest Conclave, Pallas Athena and fellow Ascended Masters released in-depth instruction on how to use the Emerald Ray to access the Mind of the One God and attune with the Eternal Ideals that are the Truth behind every unreal condition. 

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Re-experience what it means to stand at that Moment of the Natal Day of Unconquered Light! Before the separate outpourings of Light, Life, and Love there was Lux Invictus, the Firstborn Light of The Good and The One. During the 2012 New Year's Conclave, the Ascended Masters imparted invaluable instruction on the secret mysteries behind the all-pervading, intelligent, limitless Light of God that creates and sustains the universe. 

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During the 2012 Easter Conclave, Saint Germain, El Morya, Jesus, and each of the magnificent members of the Karmic Board released profound instruction on the state of the Earth; how the consciousness of God's Sons and Daughters must shift; and what you can do to help that change. 

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Saint Germain's Valley Forge Freedom Vigil!
Torch Bearers at the Altar NOW: SEVEN!
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     The Brotherhood of Light has issued their Call to Action, and the Torch Bearers of The Temple have taken up the Science of the Spoken Word in dynamic Decree, Fiat, and Adoration, releasing the Light Rays of the Mighty I AM Presence into this world to purify and make Holy all unlike the Truth of Divine Reality!

     The second stage in the 9-month accelerated Violet Flame Vigil, Saint Germain's Valley Forge Freedom Vigil, has now begun. 

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A Call to Action from the Brotherhood of Light!

Throughout the ages, many of you have stood on the battle lines to defend Truth and the ability to give forth of the free expression of God, the free pursuit of God. But, blessed hearts, in no wise was that Freedom ever intended for the expression of anti-God, anti-Freedom, or the anti-anchoring of the Presence. The Flame of Freedom has always been for the Freedom of God Flames. When you take God out of the country, you have no anchor for the Flame of Freedom to remain. Uphold God in the land! 

Click Here to Read More of Saint Germain's Address from July 4, 2012


Mother Mary in Garden
Many of you have entered into the opportunity to invoke regularly the Vigil that will hold the balance for many upon the Earth that need so very much of the Presence of God in their life. You are to be commended and, as such, are the   recipient in your own life of the blessings tenfold. . . 
~Mother Mary: July 7, 2012


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Blessed ones, clean out the storeroom of your consciousness if you wish to have the Mind of God anchored in your 

world, not just your own individuality but in the entirety of the world. For that is what is required; and that is why you have answered with great acclamation in joining the Torch Bearers of The Temple and in rallying to our call to give the Vigil. Have you not experienced change and acceleration in your own life because of the Vigil? You most certainly have!         

~El Morya: July 7, 2012 

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To Be or Not To Be: A Petal in the Mystic Rose!

     Every lightbearer who reads this instruction and hears the Call to Action can be and is intended to be an instrument for the Divine Love of the One God to be chaliced into this planetary body! You are summoned to serve as an impetus to tip the Balance Scales of Justice held by Beloved Portia, Goddess of Justice and Twin Flame of Beloved Saint Germain, so that the Flame of Freedom may be fanned into a Mighty Whirlwind Action of Transmutation for the Victory of the Golden Age to be made manifest on the Earth. 

     When the darkness of unreality is washed from the

Saint Germain Gift of the Violet Flame
Consciousness of the Sons and Daughters of God, the Eternal Patterns of Perfection will be resurrected once again, revealing the True Reality of our Divine Identity and the Holy Purpose for which we have embodied as the Godhead Charioteer! 

     If you have questions or would like to know more about Saint Germain's Valley Forge Freedom Vigil, The Temple of The Presence, your own Individualized God Presence, or the Truth of Cosmic Law, please do not hesitate to contact us. (520)751-2039


THANK YOU for your time, consideration, and participation!


Please click here to read the May 2012 Newsletter on the inauguration of Saint Germain's Valley Forge Freedom Vigil.


If you are interested in joining the Torch Bearers of The Temple and participating in this Vigil, please click here.

I AM the Presence of God Individualized!

The Temple of The Presence is really The Temple of the Most High Living God in every Heart. The outer organization of The Temple of The Presence is the vehicle and Vanguard Activity through which the Brotherhood of Light brings forth the true Teachings of the Great Ascended Masters of East and West to all whose hearts desire the Truth of Cosmic Law.


If the Message and the Mission of The Temple speaks to your Heart, consider becoming a

Torch Bearer of The Temple.


God Individualized
 One God - One Presence
    Many Sons - Many Daughters

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