The Temple of The Presence
The Temple of The Presence
May 2012
T.O.P. News
~ Elohim Cyclopea Addresses the Emerald Matrix Decrees
~Valley Forge Vigil in Action
~ Saint Germain's Valley Forge Freedom Vigil
~The Armor of your God Presence

Elohim Cyclopea Addresses the Importance of

your Emerald Matrix Decrees! 


Emerald Matrix    

     During the recent Easter Conclave, the Elohim Cyclopea addressed world conditions and the importance of our calls:

     "Blessed hearts, this is a time when you are called to galvanize every erg of energy within your being so that you can apply Cosmic Law with that Perfection that is required, not only for your own lifestream, but so you may hold the Divine Patterns within your vision for all that are intended to grasp the Divine Blueprint and Mission for the Earth....

     "You must understand the importance of your calls to the Emerald Matrix..."


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The Valley Forge Vigil in Action    


     Saint Germain's Valley Forge Freedom Vigil is an expansion of the Violet Flame Vigil that many Torch Bearers have been participating in. Because of the need of the hour, you are asked to consider doing more than one vigil per week or to participate in the vigil if you happen to have extra time to do so and especially when there is a need for more people to be decreeing as part of the vigil.

     Our goal is to have five Heart Flames in each two-hour time slot from now until the July Class. At that time, the number of decreers participating in the vigil will increase to seven, and there will be another increase in October to between ten and twelve people per vigil.

     Please go to the Violet Flame Vigil page of our website to see a table that displays a flame for each individual participating in each time slot. You can sign up for open time slots with our vigil coordinator at    


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Saint Germain's Valley Forge Freedom Vigil!                      

     As conscious disciples of the Ascended Masters, we have a most magnificent opportunity to call forth the Light of God into the Earth and draw all unreality into the Sacred Fire, hallowing the place where the Golden Age is destined to come into manifestation! In this cycle, our Decrees are being amplified and multiplied to encompass those who love Freedom in every nation across the world. Saint Germain's Valley Forge Freedom Vigil is more powerfully and universally freeing each one's Mighty I AM Presence and the Ascended Masters to address every world condition that would hinder the progress of personal and planetary Freedom!

     Know that you can make a difference! The Ascended Masters are counting on us to stand as pillars of Fire in the Earth, to uphold their Great Work in establishing God Government, in securing economic stability and prosperity for all nations and peoples. They are depending on our calls in the work of preserving and cultivating Peace and Purity far and wide so that the Truth of God Individualized may ignite the Heart Flames of the Children of the Light and the Earth may continue on in the divine timetable established before the world was! Through the Power of the Spoken Word, we become lightning rods of our Mighty I AM Presence, anchoring the Light of God into the Earth that will galvanize those in positions of power to align their actions with the Will of God.



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The Armor of your Mighty I AM Presence!   

     We have spiritual remedies that have been transferred into our power to address every unreal condition. One of the most important is the ability to call forth the Light by the Power of the Spoken Word - decrees, affirmations, and prayer. Call for the Flame of Truth of Cosmic Law to reveal the reality of the way things are to be in life and let the facts of that Truth speak to the legislators, electors, judges, and opinion makers as well as those who compose songs, write stories, and direct movies so that they reflect the Truth of the Eternal Being of the Godhead.

     Call for the Divine Mind to be restored to our nations and our peoples. Visualize the Light of Ten Thousand Suns coming from all points of the compass of the Great I AM and converging in America and radiating out across the Earth. See an Electronic Circle around this land and every freedom-loving country. Then see the Light of Ten Thousand Suns as the dazzling White Light of the Panoply of the Christos, of the Great I AM who hears your Heart's call. Treasury with Gifts

    The Chohans and the Archangels of the Rays operate in octaves close to the Earth. They are most grateful for your invocations so they can actually make the difference with those calls to be invisibly visible at the pivotal points where history is being made and destinies are being decided. The Chohans and Archangels are able to save up all of our calls and use them where and when they can be most effective.    

     We can stand and use the I AM Conscious Cosmic Christ Command and say, "Thus far and no farther!" Be the electrode that allows your Presence to be the doer through you and let that Light and momentum come forth that is already present at inner levels. Rise in attunement and make more room for a vaster magnificence and Power in your own Mighty I AM Presence than you have heretofore considered. Remember that your Christ Presence looks dispassionately upon conditions and is unmoved. It directs the limitless Light into conditions and gives no power whatsoever to lesser appearances than the Divine Reality of God. 

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