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~ Meet the Archangels of the Five Secret Rays: Archangels Roiiel, Adonel, Agapiel, Anankiel, and Shaddiel
~The Cosmic Christ Command of Love Album

Behold, the 
Archangels of the Five Secret Rays


     On the first evening of the 2012 New Year's Conclave, Invictus! Natal Day of Unconquered Light, Beloved Elohim Surya and Master El Morya announced to Ascended Master students a great Dispensation from the Karmic Board.

     They introduced us to the five Archangels of the Elemental Forces of Nature so that we can now call to their Flames and legions of Angels to assist us to unfold our Christhood and realize the fullness of our Mighty I AM Presence here and now.


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The Cosmic Christ Command of Love 


     Meet the Elohim of the Five Secret Rays as they addressed Ascended Master Students at the 2009 Easter Conclave, "The Cosmic Christ Command of Love." 

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Archangel Roiiel

     Archangel Roiiel serves on the First Secret Ray of Responsibility, working with the Elemental Force of Akasha. He comes with his Electric Purple-Blue Legions of Angels from the God Star Sirius to stand as fiery defenders of your ability to exercise the Christ Virtues. As these angels radiate their consciousness of Purity into your world, they allow your Mighty I AM Presence to have a closer association with you.


Archangel Adonel

     Archangel Adonel serves on the Second Secret Ray of Authority, working with the Elemental Force of Air. Through the Air Element, he exercises the God Command that you know within your heart as the Christ. This Archangel comes with the lightning of God Consciousness, commanding all that your Presence desires and moving that Light and Consciousness through your lower vehicles. When Archangel Adonel and his Angels stand close to you, you can begin to perceive the thoughts of your Mighty I AM Presence more clearly and distinctly.

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Archangel Agapiel 


     Archangel Agapiel serves on the Third Secret Ray of Sacrifice, working with the Elemental Force of Fire. Agapiel comes in the Ruby Fire of God's Love so that you might have the piercing action of his Heart Flame and the radiance of God's intense Love to move you into a new vibration. This Love will clear away all of the debris within your world and allow your Heart Flame to truly fulfill its Divine Purpose in life. If the Sons and Daughters of God have dammed up that Love within their own Heart Flame and allowed their heart to be encrusted by the human creation, Agapiel can bestow upon them the flow of God's Love.
 Archangel Anankiel 


     Archangel Anankiel serves on the Fourth Secret Ray of Necessity, working with the Element of Water. This Archangel wants you to understand that within the Allness of God, the Universe can supply whatever requirement your Presence has for you if you have prepared your vehicles to receive it. Our only need in life is the need of our Mighty I AM Presence, Anankiel stated, and that is the priority. We need to discipline our vehicles of consciousness in order to receive the Presence of God, its Power and Mind.

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Archangel Shaddiel


     Archangel Shaddiel serves on the Fifth Secret Ray of Constancy, working with the Element of Earth. This Archangel of God's Power comes from the Great Central Sun. His Angels circle the Earth with their lightning and the Golden Elixir from the Great Central Sun in order to raise the Earth in vibration so that it will exhibit the qualities of a Golden Age. In the Fohat of Shaddiel's name is Light and the streaming Golden Elixir that will infuse your body temple with a momentum that accelerates the cells of your physical body so you will have the Fire of your Presence released through your body temple when needs arise.


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