Harvest Conclave 2011

Dear Ascended Master Friends of Light,


The Temple of The Presence invites you to Tucson, Arizona, for the 2011 Harvest Conclave, Necessity Meets Athena, Mother of Invention, from October 5th - October 9th.


The Acropolis Sophia, Lo! The Bridegroom Cometh! The White-Sun-Tide Victory of Resurrection's Glory! will follow from October 10th - October 16th.


We joyously anticipate your arrival here under the Golden Etheric City as we take up the practical application of the Ascended Master Teachings and the mastery of Necessity! 

Click here to view a high resolution version of this poster and a detailed description of the Conclave and Acropolis Sophia.

Registration & Travel

If you wish to register in advance, you may register online; or, if you prefer, you may download a printable version of the registration form.

Note: If you will be attending Acropolis Sophia, you must also complete the Acropolis Sophia Application Form.

The Temple of The Presence has arranged a special group rate at the Hilton Tucson East, located only 15 minutes from Coeur de Lión. Click here for more information.

For information on travel to Tucson and Coeur de Lión, please click here.

Streaming Video

Can't attend in person? You are invited to register for our streaming video broadcast program, live and in real time from The Temple of The Presence!


The Voice From The Temple

Please click on the following links to download the two latest publications of The Voice From The Temple ~ Beloved Cyclopea's Address, Anchor the Emerald Ray for the Miracles that are to Come! delivered on July 24, 2011, and Lord Krishna's Address, Do Not Come to the Table Without the Wedding Garment! delivered on August 7, 2011. 




Note: You will need to have the free Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to view the downloaded documents.

God Bless You!

The Temple of The Presence Staff