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August 2011 

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~Thoughtform of the Year: 2007
~Blaze! The Immortal Victorious Threefold Flame
~Torch Bearer Testimonial

The Thoughtform of the Year: 2007!

Heart Flame Thoughtform

On December 31, 2006, Beloved Lord Gautama received the Thoughtform for 2007 from the Great Silent Watcher and described the action: "As I unroll the scroll, there is appearing a magnificent Heart Flame, three Flames in one, generating a Radiance, a Fire, and a Light that is the depiction of the Threefold Flame of your own Heart." 


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Torch Bearer Testimonial

Oak Tree  

"Well, the cycles have turned once again and new ones are about to unfold. And as I sit here reflecting on the events of the past three months, a sun begins to warm my heart."


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Threefold Flame
Blaze! Blaze! Blaze!

The Immortal Victorious Threefold Flame! 


What is the Threefold Flame?

Your Threefold Flame is literally a Flame of Fire located upon the spiritual Altar of your physcial Heart. This Flame is the Heart of God. It is the Heart of your Individualized Mighty I AM Presence - your own Great God Flame. Your God Presence is right where you are, present in this world of form as this Threefold Flame. It is the means whereby your Presence takes dominion over creation through your physical, emotional, mental, and memory bodies. 


Why is it called the Threefold Flame?

As you can see, this Flame is composed of three magnificent Plumes of Spiritual Fire of Pink, Blue, and Gold. The Love of God is represented by the Pink Plume. The Will and Volition of God by the Blue Plume. And the Mind of God by the Golden Plume. This is the Threefold Activity of the Presence of God. Although these Plumes are distinct in their action and vibration, they are not separate or independent of one another. They are one Flame, each rising from a single, Self-Luminous, White Fire Core of God Love.


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The Temple of The Presence is really The Temple of the Most High in every Heart. The outer organization of The Temple of The Presence is the vehicle and Vanguard Activity through which the Brotherhood of Light brings forth the true Teachings of the Great Ascended Masters of East and West to all whose hearts desire the Truth of Cosmic Law.   

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God Individualized  One God - One Presence  Many Sons - Many Daughters

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