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  June 2011

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~Yes! I AM one of Saint Germain's 10,000 Torch Bearers!
~Forging Golden Helicon!
~Golden Helicon! The Dispensation for the Golden Age!
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Yes! I AM one of Saint Germain's 10,000 Torch Bearers


Do you have the Fire and the Fervor of the Heart for the work of the Ascended Masters throughout America and the world?

If so, consider the accelerated program of training, discipleship, and world service as a Torch Bearer of The Temple.  


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Forging Golden Helicon!
Forging Golden Helicon

Let the Brotherhood's Dispensation of this mighty River of Liquid Divine Light of the Mind of God refresh, renew, and transform you! 


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Special pricing of $25 through July 15, 2011. 

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The Helicon Focus

Golden Helicon!
The Dispensation for the Golden Age!


Now! All the Godhead Charioteers are on Fire! To bathe their spirits in the Virgin Spring!

Helicon - the Mighty Golden River - the greatest of the Gifts of the Gods for the Golden Age - the Divine Dispensation that is the ordained impetus to bring about the Golden Age of One for you individually and the Golden Age for the entire Earth. This Dispensation is an Unfed Flame, an invincible Force of Golden God Illumination. If it is acknowledged and invoked, its action can facilitate an unprecedented transfer of the God Consciousness of the Ascended and Cosmic Beings into the activity of your life and cause such an uplift in the feelings and imaginations of the Sons and Daughters of God that it shall engender pure joy within their hearts to know the freedom and release from all that burdens them!  


Now! All ye Gods of Heaven fuse your Light Rays!

Every Golden Age has had an Unfed Flame as a lawful way in which the Brotherhood could render greater Service to unascended mankind. The Ark of the Covenant and the Maxim Light on Atlantis were two such Unfed Flames. In this Age, many, many of the Blessed Ascended and Cosmic Beings have agreed to literally fuse their own Causal Body Momentums into one composite, streaming River of Ascended Master Light and Consciousness, igniting the Unfed Flame of Streaming Golden Helicon! The Fire of this fused Momentum is directed earthward by Angelic Ministrants and those Great Ones sponsoring this Dispensation. Coming through the Buddhic World, the Light of Helicon flashes forth into the world of form like branched rivulets of Golden, molten, Liquid Lightning. This Liquid Light floods through and anoints the Heart Flames of all who welcome it and sluices the Substance of the Golden Age to be!


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The Temple of The Presence is really The Temple of the Most High in every Heart. The outer organization of The Temple of The Presence is the vehicle and Vanguard Activity through which the Brotherhood of Light brings forth the true Teachings of the Great Ascended Masters of East and West to all whose hearts desire the Truth of Cosmic Law.

If the Message and the Mission of The Temple speaks to your heart, consider becoming a Torch Bearer of
The Temple

God Individualized
One God - One Presence
Many Sons - Many Daughters




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