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The Temple of The Presence Newsletter  June 2011
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~Saint Germain Reveals His Vision for the Golden Age!
~What is the Golden Age and How Do We Get There?
~Product Spotlight: The Masters, The Temple, and America's Destiny!
Saint Germain Reveals His Vision for the Golden Age!
"I, Saint Germain, have joined you tonight to rejoice in the Victory of your continued striving on the Path. Yes, beloved ones, I am most aware that there are those who have had a most difficult time making the right choices and decisions in their lives. There have been those times when you have wondered if there would really be the new day. Well I, Saint Germain, am here to tell you that the New Day has arrived! Yes, beloved ones, this is the New Day, the New Dispensation, and the New Opportunity for all Lightbearers on the Earth!
"I AM here! You are here! And all will together accomplish the great Victory of the coming Great Golden Age. It will no longer be coming; for I tell you, beloved ones, the Golden Age is here and now! For you will internalize the Golden Age within your Hearts! And you will become the Golden Light that will emanate from the Great Central Sun and be the Beacon that will bring forth all of the other Lightbearers who have been waiting to see that Torch which you will bear to them!
"It will be a sight to behold when you see Ten Thousand of my Torch Bearers of The Temple moving forward with the Light emanating from their Hearts, manifesting the fullness of the Light of the Christ throughout all of their works! This is not a pipe dream that you must follow to the ends of the Earth. This is the God Reality of your Being: It is here for you to grasp, to externalize in all that you do and think and say. It is all that you will become on the morrow.
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What is the Golden Age and How Do We Get There? 


The Golden Age begins with you! As you purify your consciousness, being and world, you are able to hold more of the Light and Consciousness of your own God Presence and of the Ascended Masters, becoming a pillar of Light on the Earth. As the Sons and Daughters of God rise into their True Identity - God Individualized - anchoring the Golden Age of One in their own life, the Earth will accelerate in vibration and emit more Light each day until she radiates her own Self-Luminous Brilliance and shines triumphantly as Freedom's Star!


On October 11, 1998, Beloved Vesta said: "For Victory is here, and there is a New Day and the Golden Age has come into manifestation as we stand. For you are the beginning. You are that Spark of Light that will light and ignite the world. And you will carry my Torch and my Fire from the Heart of Truth and the Heart of the Sun." 

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The Masters, The Temple, and America's Destiny!


Realize the Golden Age Goldprint that you may help manifest! This DVD album of audio files for iPod or computer will help you discover the Great Commission and your Golden Opportunity to become part of it. Learn how you can assist America to achieve her Divine Destiny as the cradle for the Masters' birthing of a new world religion and the Dawning Golden Age.   
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If the Message and the Mission of The Temple speaks to your heart, consider becoming a Torch Bearer of The Temple.


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