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The Temple of The Presence Newsletter  March 2011

Who Is Saint Germain?

The Chohan of God's Violet Ray of Freedom, Mercy, and Transmutation, Saint Germain is also known as "the God of Freedom" for the Earth. As Hierarch for the "Dawning Golden Age" in the current Aquarian Age cycle, Saint Germain is directly involved in the expansion of the Light for this 2,000-year cycle on Earth. Saint Germain has his Retreats in the Cave of Symbols in Wyoming's Table Mountain and at the Rakoczy Mansion in Romania. He also holds a focus in the Golden Etheric City over the Sahara Desert. Saint Germain was embodied as the ruler of a Golden Age civilization in the area of the Sahara Desert 70,000 years ago. Among many of his other embodiments, he was a high priest on Atlantis, the prophet Samuel, Plato, Saint Joseph, Proclus, Merlin, Christopher Columbus, Francis Bacon, and Le Comte de Saint Germain (the "Wonderman of Europe").

After his Ascension, Saint Germain released Teachings on the knowledge of the Individualized Presence of God, the use of the Violet Flame of Divine Love, the use of God's name I AM in Decrees and Invocations, and the knowledge of the Ascension in the Light. Saint Germain urges students of the Ascended Masters to learn to "allow for your God Presence to manifest where you are."

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You Can Make a Difference in the World!

Do you feel helpless in the face of world events? Do you want to know that you're making a difference in solving world conditions that seem so onerous? You can make a difference and help those in dire need across the planet. You can be the instrument to bring comfort and peace.

The God that lives within you has the Power, the Wisdom, and the Love to solve all the world's problems. That same God is desirous of expressing through you not only the solutions to the problems that you face in life individually but also is capable of releasing spiritual Light into those world conditions that will begin the process of bringing comfort and peace to those in need. When you humbly bow before the God within you, the Mighty I AM Presence that is your Real Identity, and call forth the Light of your Presence as well as the Light of the Ascended Masters, you are giving Heaven the authority to act in this world and bring about constructive change that is in alignment with the Will of God. The Light will press through with Divine Direction and begin to reorder circumstances and events by inspiring people to have hope and courage so that they think, feel, and act in new ways to outpicture God's Will and bring forth Heaven's perfect solution to any and all difficult conditions. This is how your Heart Flame makes a difference in this world. 

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