Jan. 15, 2015
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LE in the News

The Journey to Reliability Uncovers a 'Hidden Plant' Within the Walls
Uptime Magazine, Dec/Jan 15
By Darren Booth, vice president of manufacturing operations, Lubrication Engineers



LE Advertising:
Calcium Sulfonate Complex Grease

As seen in Machinery Lubrication and Uptime magazines, this recent LE ad features two of our newest grease products - Almamoly HD Grease and Monocal GP Grease -  both thickened with calcium sulfonate complex thickener for use in extreme conditions.



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Part Number Change
Important Notice for
Current LE Customers

We have updated our computer system, and that required a change in our internal lubrication part numbers beginning in late November.

Example: 3752-420 changed to 3752-DR
(Note that the first four numbers did not change, only the extension, which refers to the container.)
We have been communicating this change with inserts in our invoices and packing slips for the past month.

The new part numbers can be seen on all documents generated from LE. Please be assured that all of your orders will continue to be processed and fulfilled in a timely fashion.

If this change affects how you reorder LE products, please use the new number(s) shown on your invoice or packing list to update your system. If you would like to see a complete list of the part number extension changes, contact your LE consultant or contact us at [email protected] or 800-537-7683.

We sincerely appreciate your assistance and patience in this matter.

Thank you.                                         
Techni-Tip: Electric Motors
Keep Your Motor Running with
Right Grease in Right Amount at Right Time

As seen in a recent issue of ReliabilityWeb's Maintenance Tips e-newsletter ...
A high-performance lubricant properly selected for the specific application and type of equipment is the first step in ensuring long-lasting operation of your electric motor. After that, using the proper amount of lubricant and applying it in recommended intervals will further ensure efficient performance.

In servicing electric motor bearings, both underlubrication and overlubrication are harmful. Underlubrication will result in bearing failure through the inability of the insufficient amount of lubricant to perform successfully any one of its functions. Excess grease can lead to overheating and excessive leakage at bearing seals.

Learn more, including relubrication volume formula and recommended product solutions.
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