May 8, 2014
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Duolec Gear Oil
  Duolec Vari-Purpose Gear Lubricant (1601-1610) is a high-performance industrial and automotive gear oil with ISO grades ranging from 46 to 1500.
Duolec Ad
As seen in Machinery Lubrication and Uptime magazines, our latest ad features DuolecŪ open gear lubricant.
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Protect Your Gearbox 24/7
High-Performance Oil Maintains Effective Lubrication
in High-Temperature, High-Load Applications


Inferior oil can rob your gearboxes of performance. Using a superior oil such as LE's DuolecŪ Vari-Purpose Gear Lubricant will save you time and money.


In high temps, Duolec remains thermally stable, resists oxidation, and won't create sludge or varnish. It also maintains film strength, clings tenaciously to metal and readily separates from water. It also maintains performance even after filtration.

Protect Your Gearbox with DuolecŪ Vari-Purpose Gear Lubricant
Protect Your Gearbox with DuolecŪ Vari-Purpose Gear Lubricant

Proprietary Additive 


Duolec Vari-Purpose Lubricant features LE's proprietary additive technology, the backbone of the lubricant, which creates a dual layer of anti-wear and EP protection.


Recommended Applications


Duolec is intended for use in any industrial gear or bearing application that requires a thermally stable EP lubricant. It also meets the requirements for many hypoid and planetary gears in heavy-duty mobile equipment, as well as differentials in over-the-road vehicles.



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Customer Testimonials


Concrete Mixer Gearbox


Find out how one customer extended oil drain intervals from weekly to twice per year - a dramatic increase! As a bonus, the customer also reduced its electrical use after switching to Duolec 1604 for its gearbox lubrication. 


Read more


Paper Company Pulper Gearbox


Another customer used Duolec 1605 for its gearbox and noted an immediate reduction in electrical usage. 


Read more

One-Stop Reliability Shop
Request a free sample of Esco's 3-D BullsEye Sight Glass.
Reliability Solutions


LE is your one-stop shop for lubrication reliability solutions, including breathers and sight glasses.




Sight glasses


Free sample of 3-D BullsEye Sight Glass



Oil Analysis


LEAP oil analysis monitors oil condition to ensure long-lasting gearbox reliability.



Best-Practice Gearbox Lubrication


In this article from Gear Solutions magazine, Angus Macdonald shares the results of LE's R&D efforts and our knowledge of how to improve gearbox reliability, resulting in significant savings and increased unit life.


Angus Macdonald

Vice President
Lubrication Engineers International

Modern gears are performing heavier work and carrying greater loads than ever before. Gear manufacturers are redesigning, modernizing, and using finer steels to produce precision gears that will give better performance. Demands on global industry are often forcing users to raise production above rated machine capacity.


This is done with the knowledge that gear life will be reduced, but that the increased cost will be offset by the increased production achieved. There is a demand from all industries for more power in smaller packages. Gears are used to transmit this power, and the same squeeze is on the gearbox - so how is it possible to increase the load capacity of gears?

Lubricant manufacturers have helped in addressing this need by developing better gear oils to help carry these increased loads safely. Lubrication Engineers, Inc., continues with extensive research and testing programs to develop higher-performance gear lubricants to stay ahead of the demands of industry.


But it isn't just high-performance gear lubricants that can help industrial facilities to improve reliability and increase productivity. There are also important cost-effective reliability products on the market that can assist plants in reducing their operating and maintenance costs.

About LE
Lubrication Engineers, Inc. is the one source that you can rely on for all your lubrication reliability needs. We make it easy for you to take care of your company's valuable assets while still growing  the bottom line. A trusted reliability partner to companies all over the world, we manufacture and distribute high-performance lubricants. We also offer a full line of lubrication reliability products and services, including solutions for oil analysis, storage, handling and transfer, contamination exclusion, contamination removal, education and training.

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