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You can quickly and easily submit an RFQ for any Perma single-point lubricator using the RFQ icon on the appropriate product page. Perma lubricators come filled with a wide variety of LE oils and greases. After receiving your RFQ, we will contact you to determine the appropriate lubricant for your application, then send you a quote.
For more information about this or any other LE products, contact your local LE consultant. If you are new to LE, call 800-537-7683 or click on the link below to find a consultant near you.

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Problem Solved:
Perma Flex Offers 24/7 Reliable Lubrication

The Flex offers quick, tool-free activation. You can turn it off and reactivate if needed.

It is difficult and time-consuming for busy operators to deliver the right lubricant, in the right amount, at the right time to all lube points, while keeping the equipment free of dirt, water and airborne contaminants. This leads to costly downtime and shortened equipment life.

The PermaŽ Flex lubricator - filled with  high-performance grease from LE - provides reliable, 24/7 lubrication, while keeping out contaminants. The Flex makes preventative maintenance easier, safer and more cost-effective in all types of equipment, particularly pumps, fans and blowers.

The Flex is available in two convenient sizes:
  • 60 cm3 
  • 125cm3 


It is ideal for:

  • Extremely moist or dirty areas
  • Hot & cold conditions
  • Small, tight spaces
The Perma Flex comes fully assembled and ready to use. Simply turn the switch to the desired discharge period, and the system is activated.

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It's Easy!

Seeing is believing. Drop by www.LElubricants.com/Lrn5.html today  

and fill out a form to receive a complimentary Flex lubricator filled with one of LE's premium industrial greases.    

While you're online, be sure to browse our site to learn more about LE's industrial lubricants and lubrication reliability products.


(Offer is for U.S. businesses only. Not available to individuals, LE consultants or international businesses.)

Perma & LE: Capture the Synergy
Automatic Lubricators & Industry-Proven Greases


Smart Tool

In addition to the Flex, LE offers a variety of Perma single-point applicators - including the Classic, Flex, Futura, Nova and Star Vario - that deliver precise, timed lubrication without the need for labor-intensive manual lubricant application.


Visit this page on the LE website for a complete list and more information about Perma lubricators. 

High-Performance Grease

Selecting the right grease to go with your automatic lubricators is easy with LE's complete line of high-performance industrial greases designed to meet your toughest lubrication challenges. Whether you need an electric motor, all purpose, food grade or high-temperature lubricant, LE has a solution for you in our line of technologically advanced greases - including versatile, heavy-duty and extreme pressure (EP) formulas.

Perma lubricators are available with many of LE's lubricants, including the popular greases shown on the back of this flyer.

LE's high-performance industrial greases are also available online, where you can browse by application, NLGI grade or thickener type. 
Challenging Applications
Industry Brochures

Perma single-point automatic lubricators are the right solution for a number of challenging industries and applications. For more information, browse the Perma brochures available below to find the industries and applications that best match up with your needs.
Power Plants

Efficient maintenance of machines and equipment is extremely important to power plant operators. Equipment with numerous grease points must be lubricated regularly at short intervals. Extreme operating conditions and limited labor resources call for reliable equipment to prevent costly machine downtime.



Extreme operating conditions, especially heavy dust, demand frequent and reliable lubrication in order to prevent costly machine downtime.


Equipment used in quarries, such as crushers, screens, fans and conveyors, are not lubricated as often as required because they are difficult or unsafe to access during operation.

Cement Plants

Extreme operating conditions such as high temperature, vibrations, shock loads, high loads, and contaminants such as dust, dirt and water demand frequent lubrication to prevent costly downtime at cement plants.


However, many of the lube points are dangerous and hard to access, so they are not lubricated as often as required. 


Gas Gathering & Compression

Extreme operating conditions such as high temperature, vibrations, shock loads, high loads and contaminants such as dust, dirt and water demand frequent and reliable lubrication in order to prevent costly downtime.


However, many of the lube points in gas gathering are dangerous and hard to access, so they're not lubricated as often as required

Read more >> 

Blowers & Fans

Numerous grease points on blowers and fans must be lubricated regularly at short intervals.

Due to difficulties associated with access and safety, it is common for equipment to receive inadequate lubrication, resulting in lubrication starvation, contamination and accelerated wear.

Some of the toughest lubrication problems are found in conveyor lines. Maintenance teams face long walking distances, ladders and stairs.  


Many lubrication points are located at hard-to-reach places and cannot be properly lubricated or are overlooked completely.




Electric Motors

For electric motors to run reliably at high speeds in day-to-day operation, they must be adequately lubricated.


Because many electric motors are located in remote, hard-to-access, and dangerous areas, they often are not lubricated according to manufacturers' recommendations.



Read more >> 


Many pumps are not lubricated as often as required because they are located in hard-to-access or dangerous areas.


Insufficient and incorrect lubrication of bearings and seals results in accelerated bearing wear and the development of impeller gland leaks.



Read more >> 

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