Aug. 30, 2013
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Nov. 5-7, 2013, optional
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Wichita, Kan. 

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Introducing Greentastic
Potent New Cleaner Provides Fast, Effective
Industrial Cleanup; Easily Outperforms Other Cleaners
This powerful liquid concentrate cleaner is water-based and contains nine carefully selected and blended active cleaning ingredients - almost twice as many as conventional multipurpose industrial cleaning products. These ingredients work together to provide a robust industrial cleaning solution perfect for many different uses, including oil and grease.


Greentastic outperforms many conventional non-caustic industrial cleaners. Plus, it is phosphate-free as well as phosphorous-free, making it a better choice for the environment.


Mixed with water or a solvent, Greentastic Industrial Cleaner works great for cleaning concrete surfaces, degreasing parts, washing trucks and tractors, cleaning food manufacturing equipment, and a variety of other industrial cleaning applications.

Beneficial Qualities

- Multipurpose

- Quick, easy & effective

- Residue-free

- Safe & environmentally friendly

- Economical and trouble-free



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Customer Testimonials
Works Like a Charm
An oil and gas field services company in Texas used a Greentastic sample on a couple of heavily soiled trucks. They reported back to LE that they were very pleased with the results, which far surpassed what they had experienced with other cleaners.
They said all they had to do was spray on the diluted solution, then rinse it off. No scrubbing at all. The caked-on dirt and greasy grime was gone!
Seeing Is Believing
A water treatment plant in Indiana tried a sample of Greentastic and was so impressed with its cleaning ability that they immediately placed an order for 5 gallons. 
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