July 11, 2013
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MLT II Class (LE)

July 31-Aug. 1, 2013,
optional exam on Aug. 2

Wichita, Kan.


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Sept. 17-19, 2013,
optional exam on Sept. 20

Wichita, Kan.


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Nov. 5-7, 2013,
optional exam on Nov. 8  

Wichita, Kan. 

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Why Sight Glasses?

Continuous visual monitoring is critical to a successful lubrication reliability program, but standard sight windows on oil reservoirs stain easily, require frequent replacement, and make it difficult to monitor the oil's level and condition.

LE Solution

LE is an authorized distributor of high-quality, affordable Esco sight glasses. These  easy-to-install sight glasses take the guesswork out of fluid lubrication management. The Esco sight glass product line enables continuous visual monitoring of the clarity, color, sediment and water contamination levels of your lubricants. Some models even allow you to easily remove the water by draining it right out of the system.  


The variety of sight glass solutions available will help advance your lubrication reliability program to the next level. Find out more.   



Video: Oil Monitoring Made Easy   

Esco Sight Glass Video
Watch this brief video to learn more about the sight glasses available through LE. Our consultants are happy to answer questions or help you find the right sight glass for your needs.
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Don't just take our word for it; try an Esco sight glass for yourself.

All you have to do is visit www.LElubricants.com/lrn2.html where you can fill out a simple form to receive your complimentary sample of an Esco 3-D BullsEye.

Why 3-D BullsEye?
Unless you are standing directly in front of them, old-fashioned sight plugs on oil reservoirs make it difficult to view the oil level. The glass stains easily and is partially obscured by the hardware.

Our solution is the Esco 3-D BullsEye. This one-piece clear cylinder - made of the same nonstaining polished acrylic as Esco's other sight glasses - is threaded on one end for easy installation. It extends from the machinery to allow easy viewing from any angle. Unlike other types of sight glasses, it also allows you to see if you have a foam or air entrainment problem.
In the News
Using Sight Glasses and Level Gauges

"Things like water contamination, oxidation and low oil levels can all be diagnosed quickly when these accessories are used properly," said Wes Cash of the Noria Corporation in a recent issue of Machinery Lubrication.

Click here to read his entire article, titled Using Sight Glasses and Level Gauges.

One of the types mentioned in the article is the columnar-style sight glass. Esco's Oil Sight Glass & Level Monitor (OSGL) and Oil Level Indicator (OLI) are columnar-style sight glasses with oil level indicators to easily monitor oil level.

Vist LE's Oil Sight Glasses web page to view these and other sight glasses available from LE. If you'd like to request a quote, you can do so directly from the online product pages.

Contact us if you have any questions or would like assistance in determining which sight glass(es) are right for your equipment.
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