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December 2012
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Sandy Wrap, Generators
PECO meeting
Parks Survey
Snow and Ice Removal
Kindergarteners Learn
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Community Calendar

PECO Storm Response Review 

Wednesday, Dec. 12

7:30 p.m.

Township Building 1076 Eagle Road


Washington Crossing the Delaware


December 25

1 p.m.

Lingohocken Fire Company Santa Run 

December 22

Starts at 2 p. m.

Upper Makefield Fire Company Santa Parade and Food Drive.






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Thanks to Many for Superstorm Help

Fire Prevention Week at Sol Feinstone In the wake of Superstorm Sandy on October 29, Public Works Director Bob Johnson and his crew of 4 men spent 17-and 15-hour days not only clearing roadways of fallen trees, but also refueling generators at the Township building, the sewer plant, and the Township's three traffic lights using 5-gallon containers.


"We would remove a huge tree safely to the side of the road, we'd have another call from the police and then, we had trees falling down in front of us," Bob said.  As emergency generators burned fuel and fuel suppliers were prevented from new deliveries by fallen trees, the Public Works department's own diesel supply was doled out to several municipal generators.


Township supervisors expressed deep gratitude at their Nov. 13, 2012 public meeting to Township Public Works and Police Department members, as well as dozens more volunteer Fire Company and ambulance workers, who served the Township so well in preparations, rescue and clean up from Superstorm Sandy.


Despite all efforts, many Township residents were without power for a week or more.  Story continues on our website.

PECO Storm Response Review: Dec. 12, 7:30 p.m.

To plan for future storm responses, Upper Makefield is hosting a follow up meeting with PECO officials to review PECO's response to storm damage. If you are interested in sharing your thoughts, please join us Wednesday, December 12, at 7:30 p.m. at the Upper Makefield Township Building on Eagle Road.


Plan Now for Generator Safety

Practice makes for safety when using home generators. Whether you use stand-by generators, which require a permit and inspection, or a temporary mobile generator, we urge you to understand that incorrect use can kill you and/or a family member.  Far better to assure yourself that you have a safe setup and know how to locate, start and refuel your generator before the next storm.  We've posted regulations and safety tips on our website

Fire Prevention Week at Sol Feinstone

Please Complete our Parks Survey 


Upper Makefield's Brownsburg and Lookout Parks continue to develop, in partnership with area recreational sports teams. Supervisors recently met with the Township Parks & Recreation Board to discuss priorities for future capital improvements and maintenance needs.  Here are minutes from that meeting


Link to Survey Here

In addition, the two Boards have created a simple, 5-question survey to learn what you as a resident like about our parks, and which improvements you would welcome. Please complete the survey online, or download a PDF return it by mail, drop it off, or scan your completed survey and email it back to us at info@uppermakefield.org.

Snow and Ice Removal Schedules

When a winter storm moves in, Upper Makefield public works employees plow 52 miles of Township roads and more than 13 miles of State roads-often more than once per storm. PennDOT workers plow the rest of our State-owned roads (see list on our website). Any roads not dedicated to Upper Makefield or the State must be plowed privately.

PennDOT's telephone number is 215-345-6060.  Email non-emergency concerns to PennDOT's Customer Care Center.  For all emergencies, call 9-1-1.

Kindergarteners Learn Fire Prevention

Fire Prevention Week at Sol Feinstone


Fire Prevention Week, October 9-15, 2012, included visits by firefighters to schools. Shown here is Fire Marshal John Kernan with Mrs. Suzanne Yorgey's kindergarten class at Sol Feinstone Elementary School.

Township Wrap


New Manager is Sally Slook

Upper Makefield will welcome Sally Slook as Township Manager when she starts work here December 14. Ms. Slook brings with her 15 years of experience in the public and private sector, most recently having served 4 years as Upper Gwynedd Township's Assistant Manager.  Ms. Slook holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Wesley College and a Master of Public Administration Degree from Villanova University. Learn more about Sally Slook in our next eNews.   


Township 2013 Budget in Review

Adoption set for December 18

Township officials are proud to present the first balanced budget proposal in more than 8 years. The $10.2 million budget proposal is slated for a final vote at the Board of Supervisors' December 18 meeting, which begins at 7:30 p.m.  The preliminary budget includes more than 6.7  percent in cost reductions, while allowing for continuance of current services and key capital purchases. View the preliminary budget in two ways:

  • The Interim Township Manager's PowerPoint presentation 
  • The Finance Department's presentation

Pennsylvania municipalities run on a fiscal calendar year, January 1 to December 31.


Act 537 Review Continues

The Township's effort to update and comply with State Act 537 requirements regarding properties with on-lot sewage disposal systems continues, according to a November 2012 report from the Township's water and sewer engineering consultant, Thomas Zarko, P.E.  Concerns focus primarily on failing on-lot sewage treatment systems in the Dolington and Taylorsville areas.


Parcel records that don't match those from the Bucks County Department of health are being reconciled, the engineer reported. Once this is complete, public meetings will be held with residents to confirm the extent of failing systems, and to discuss remedies and costs.


The Township has been working for several years to update its Act 537 plan, which dates back to 1978. When public meetings regarding the update are to be held, they will be announced at public meetings and posted on the Township website, www.uppermakefield.org.


BOS Reorganization to be held January 7, 4 p.m.

Upper Makefield's Board of Supervisors meets annually to name its officers and appoint or reappoint key Township consultants, including solicitors and engineers, who generally attend public meetings, and work with staff throughout the year. 


Although there are no new members to the Board of Supervisors in 2013, the board will nominate and vote among themselves for the positions of Chair and Vice-Chair and make appointments to other positions.  

Safety Tips from Upper Makefield Police


FBI Issues Child ID App

You can download a free iOS app developed by the FBI that could help officials find your child if he or she is lost or missing. Here is more information from the FBI.  


Phishing Scams- Don't Click

A new phishing scam asking Apple product users to divulge their Apple ID is among many that Upper Makefield police encourage you to guard against. Phishing is when an email or pop-up on your computer screen asks you for private information by posing as a popular company, like Apple, Microsoft, or Facebook.


Pennsylvania State Police offer these tips from their October 2012 Community Awareness Bulletin to help you spot an email scam that could compromise your security:

  • Misspelled words and poor grammar in the body of the email.
  • Links located in the message.  Before you click on any link, hover over it with your mouse, but do not click.  If you see a string of numbers instead of the website name, it is most likely illegitimate.
  • Threats located within the message.  Emails will state that your security is compromised or that your account will soon be suspended. 
Individuals should report phishing scams to US-CERT at phishing report the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3).
Monthly Police Report
Upper Makefield's Police Department crime stats are posted monthly on our website, as they are reported to Pennsylvania's Uniform Crime Reporting System.  View recent reports here.

Our website and eNews are two of our most cost-efficient ways to provide residents with valuable information.  We update the website several times a week, and issue key updates quarterly via eNews.  Please   to your neighbors and ask them to sign up for these reports. If you know someone who does not have computer access, we will mail a printout of the newsletter upon request.