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#SXC Series

Shopping Cart  
variations in sizes 
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  • Chrome Finish
  • Color of plastic components: Red 
  • Safety belts and child seats are included in SXC-60A/SXC-80A/SXC-100A   


Master Catalog O-03-01 

#YB-A Series
American Style Shopping Cart
with Tube Base 
varies in sizes
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  • All shopping carts can be made in Zinc finish with powder coating of Clear, Gray, Black, Blue, Red, or Green Color. 
  • Chrome finish is only available for item #YB-60A thru #YB-150A 
  • All shopping carts are included with safety belt & child seat. 
  • The color of all plastic components is red.  

Master Catalog O-03-02


Kids Shopping Cart  
Volume: 1831 cubic inch
  • Powder Coated 
  • Easy to push   
  • Lightweight compared to regular shopping carts 


Where Fixtures Live Portfolio O35 

Kids Shopping Cart
Volume 1037 cubic inch
  • Powder Coated
  • Easy to push
  • Lightweight compared to regular shopping carts
  • Extended flag to locate shopper 

Where Fixtures Live Portfolio O35 

Wire Shelving System Modular Unit

Heavy Duty 4 Wire Shelving Unit
18" D x 48"W x 72"H
  • Commercial / Industrial Grade Steel
  • Heavy duty wire shelving, chromed
  • NSF approved
  • Shelves adjust on 1" increments
  • Leveling feet adjust to accommodate for uneven floor
  • Two section construction of posts for easy package & storage
  • 3" Dia. PVC casters, 2 locking & 2 non-locking

Modular  Unit

Consists Of:

4 Shelves, 4 Posts, 4 Casters 

Utility Cart Unit 
18" D x 36"W x 33"H

Modular  Unit

Consists Of:

2 PCS. Heavy duty wire shelves 18"D x 36"H

2 PCS. 3 Section U shape handle posts 18"D x 33"H

4 PCS. Donut Bumpers Black 

4 PCS. 5" DIA PVC Casters, 2 Locking & 2 Non- Locking 

Medium Weight Wire Shelves

Heavy Weight Wire Shelves

Extra Heavy Weight
Wire Shelves

Available in Chrome Plated, Black Epoxy, and White Epoxy. Available Sizes: (inches) 14 x 24 / 14 x 30 / 14 x 36 /
14 x 48 / 14 x 60 / 14 x 72 / 18 x 24 / 18 x 30 / 18 x 36 / 18 x 48 / 18 x 60 / 18 x 72 / 24 x 24 / 24 x 30 / 24 x 36 / 24 x 48 / 24 x 60 / 24 x 72 / 
Post For Shelves
One Section Construction
Two Section Construction

Tool Holder
Hanger Rails


Modern Kitchen Unit 
Black Ledge
Available In Several Sizes
Nest Basket
Pull-Out Shelving
Retains Frame

Plastic Label Holder
Wall Mount Clamp

4" Side & Back Ledges
Under Shelf Basket


To see the entire wire shelving system, please click here
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Gondola & Divider
These Gondolas are Compatible with the largest popular gondola manufacturer. Gondola units are sold as kits and are designed to meet all your fixture needs. This system features a 1" on center slotting designed to exceed the load capacity of most retailer's needs. Easy install and virtually nut and bolt free. 

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