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Sharing the responsibility 
What is ARTreach all About?
What is ARTreach all About?


Sharing the Responsibility  


ARTreach Programs in Texas are made possible through our partnerships with social service agencies, school districts and government entities serving children at-risk, senior/elderly and low-income populations. 

Did you know? Schools and agencies serving our State's most vulnerable populations are receiving State funding for art programs that work!  It's true, the State of Texas is providing the initial funding for critical art programs benefitting criminal justice, the elderly and disabled, and health and human services. 

Thank you to our legislators and thank you Texas Commission on the Arts, because with your hand that reaches out to help others -  you have engaged
our neediest communities. People will support State-funded programs that work! Our local community is matching state dollars and investing in art programs because art works. Budgets are growing. Change is happening!

Through ARTreach we can see that the vulnerable and weak are being enabled, and that neglected populations are being served. 
Through ARTreach, we meet the children in the streets who are at the highest risk of dropping out of school, turning to drugs, and becoming homeless or incarcerated. We can see children are being enabled through the arts. Children are not becoming dependent on the system, they are being inspired by our interest in them, they are growing stronger and their capabilities are expanding. 

ARTreach is working and serving our most vulnerable and at risk populations to positively impact communities and make change. The State is engaged, the community is engaged, private foundations, churches, families, individual donors, artists, social workers, and valuable volunteers are engaged and helping.
Mainstream Community Engagement

ARTreach Programs are accessible to our social service and school district partners and free to benefit at-risk and neglected populations.  Thank you to our community partners for supporting ARTreach and thank you to our state legislators and government leaders who recognize the impact the arts have on Texas, and for supporting the Texas Commission on the Arts. 



If I could change the world
If I could change the world

You can change the world!  The world of a child. 


Foundations are helping, churches are helping, now we would like to engage our local corporations in aiding in the development of community-based programs in Houston to serve juvenile justice, foster care, low-income families and children at risk this summer.  


Our successful corporations should play a bigger role in facilitating a child's brighter future. Be with us here in Houston's most poverty-stricken and volatile neighborhoods, and lend a hand!


Help us inspire creativity and build a better future for Houston and our children.

Read more about the need for these programs on our website, and consider making a donation today to change someone's world.



(Technology Engineering Art & Mind) 

Houston Indie Gamers select ARTreach as their Charity of Choice - Thank you Orca Bear  

Let's fund The Game!

Community Partner of the Month

Isla Carroll Turner Friendship Trust


Thank you to the Isla Carroll Turner Friendship Trust Board for pledging $5,000 to ARTreach in support of health and wellness programs for seniors. These funds will be used exclusively to administer to the needy and elderly residents in the State of Texas. 


Celebrating Seniors AT Mamie George Community Center
Celebrating Seniors at Mamie George Community Center - Photography by Tom Nowlin

Click on news and read this month's articles about ARTreach programs serving seniors




A STORY FROM MAMIE- Blindness leads to an appreciation of art and abilities by Kelly Richards


with St.Laurence students and seniors at the Mamie George Community Center in Richmond

Dan Egger-Belandria at the Stafford Senior Center, Fort Bend Seniors Meals on Wheels and Much, Much More! Photography by Janet Buller

Art Partner of the Month

 CORE Performance Company


Thank you CORE Performance Company (in town to perform at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston (MFAH) on April 18th) for making a special trip with ARTreach to Fort Bend Seniors Meals on Wheels Center in Rosenberg, Texas. Your performance reminded us that "food may feed our bodies, but art feeds our soul!" 


CORE Performance Company presented by ARTreach
CORE Performance Company presented by ARTreach
Photography by Kelly Richards


BEST Elementary's Claim to F.A.M.E
BEST Elementary's Claim to F.A.M.E

It's true!  The more involved a parent is in their child's education, the better their child will do. Parents need to be actively engaged and involved in their child's education and Best Elementary and ARTreach is making it easy! Read More


Christ Clinic ARTreach
Christ Clinic ARTreach
It's true!  If we can learn how to eat right and control diabetes in our own family, we will grow up to have a healthier future.  Christ Clinic in Katy and ARTreach is making it easy to inform families about the risks related to diabetes! Read More

It is always easier to do this work, when we do this work together.


Visit the ARTreach website to find more examples of successful state and community partnerships that support education, health, wellness, and human services through the arts.


Because Art Works



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