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OLLI @Berkeley Staff
Susan Hoffman


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Aileen Kim


Communications Coordinator
Satya Levine


Classroom Coordinator 
Gerard Alcantara 


Research Assistant
Sandra von Doetinchem


Student Staff
Nika Allahverdi, Sabrina Liu, BriAnne Lynn, Tina Savong, Wei Zhuo 


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Fall Open House ~ Next Tuesday!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

10:00 am-12:00 noon (Doors open at 9:30 am)

RSVP online at http://goo.gl/qybH7  

Bring your friends!

Upcoming Events


Sunday, September 9, 2012

Come visit the OLLI booth at the Solano Stroll. We'll be there with brochures sharing OLLI with the strollers. 



Are you an OLLI member 80 years of age or older? The Fourth Age Salon is an opportunity for OLLI to better understand the learning needs and interests of members over 80.


The next Fourth Age Salon will take place on Monday, September 10, 2012, from 3:00-4:30 pm in Room 41C University Hall. RSVP (required) by calling Sandra von Doetinchem at 510.642.9407 or by sending an email to sandra.doetinchem@berkeley.edu.  



Last year's potluck picnic was delicious and fun! Come out to the 2nd Annual Back-to-School Picnic on Friday, September 21, from 11:30-2:00 pm, at Live Oak Park Picnic Area #2 in Berkeley. Details to follow. (Volunteers needed, see below.)


Volunteer Recruitment
Are you interested in being more active as a member of OLLI @Berkeley? Opportunities to interact with other members and to learn more about the OLLI community are yours when you say "yes!"

Volunteers are needed at our open houses, Brown Bag Lunches, and other member events. You can also volunteer to be a class assistant and help with check in or do a faculty interview for the OLLI newsletter. Let us know what you're interested. More information about volunteer opportunities are available by clicking here. Questions? Call the OLLI office at 510.642.9934 to inquire.


Interest Circles (Sept 2012 and Nov 2012-Jan 2013)

As many of you know, interest circles meet between the OLLI terms and are facilitated by the members themselves. To participate in a circle, you must be an annual OLLI member.


A few interest circles are getting a head start and setting a high bar for the intellectual work they would like to do. The Mahfouz group, as they have called themselves, emerged from Clare Fischer's summer course and is continuing to read and study literature from the Middle East and North Africa. Contact Cheryl Brewster (cbrewster2010@gmail.com) if you would like to know more.


The second group identifies themselves as the PLATO group with the idea that members will be engaged in both the study and presentation on themes selected by the group. The first theme selected is "change." Marian Whitehead (nedra@alum.calberkeley.org) and Kay Lawson (lawson.kay@gmail.com) are taking the lead. The next meeting will be on September 14 from 2:00-4:00 pm in Room 41B University Hall.


Director's Report 

OLLI operates on the academic calendar, so the summer months were packed with looking backward and forward, assessing our accomplishments and planning for the coming year.


The summer began with our first strategic planning process and a team of 25 people. The composition of the team was 50% members and 50% faculty and staff. The report on these planning sessions will be given to the University at the end of September and will be published in the October newsletter.


Our research team and staff also wrapped up nine months of study and evaluation which was focused on better understanding the OLLI @Berkeley membership and our learning needs. This research has informed our planning efforts and will be shared with you in upcoming newsletters and on the website.


Thanks to a member donation and the desire for everyone to be able to attend OLLI and hear, OLLI has installed a new Loop assistive listening system in Room 41B University Hall that works with hearing aids that have a T-coil. This technology is used more widely in other parts of the country, commonly in public transportation areas, but also in people's homes. Come check it out.


And finally, look in the October newsletter for OLLI's annual report for 2011-12 that includes our financial statement as well as an overview of our year's accomplishments.

Thank you for another amazing year of growth where, together, we strengthened the programs and our learning community.

Thanks as always to the members and faculty who continue to care deeply about building OLLI @Berkeley.




Susan Hoffman, Director

Faculty Interview: Kayleen Asbo

By Craig Hammack


Women throughout history have long been overlooked, but if you take Kayleen Asbo's class you will learn about four amazing women you will never forget.


"Great Muses in Their Own Right" is Asbo's first course with OLLI @Berkeley. She has a master's degrees in psychology, music, and mythology, and travels to Europe every summer to research for her classes. Focusing on the areas of art, music, and philosophy, Asbo has chosen four accomplished women to present: Theano, Héloïse, Clara Wieck and Lou Andreas-Salomé.


"It's my mission, my job, to bring these women out of the shadows so people can appreciate their accomplishments," Asbo said in a recent interview. "I have a passion to teach about exciting, compelling people who aren't as well known as they should be. It's a joy to teach this class. I hope I can teach it the rest of my life."


A closer look at the four women Asbo has chosen to highlight as muses in her class reveals them to be intriguing figures from as far back as the sixth century BC. Theano was married to Pythagoras and was among an elite group of women and men in the circle of philosophers known as the "Pythagoreans."


"It gives people a whole new appreciation of Pythagoras, instead of just remembering him for the name of a confusing math formula," Asbo said. "It's inspiring to know about his egalitarian attitude. His wife was very important to his life's work."


With all four women, Asbo was excited about the inspirational relationships among them and the men with whom they were involved. Héloïse, for example, lived in the 12th century and secretly married well-known philosopher Peter Abélard. They became separated for many years, but eventually exchanged a series of intense letter until his death in 1142. "Her letters were so full of passion and ideas, you could easily imagine her a woman from the 1960's," Asbo asserted.


The full story of Héloïse's relationships is indeed full of passion. Her marriage to Abélard was effectively ended when he was castrated by Héloïse's uncle when it was learned she was pregnant before the clandestine marriage. Abélard disappeared and Héloïse only learned of his whereabouts when she read his book The History of My Calamity. Héloïse had by now entered a nunnery, but the letters she and Abélard exchanged through the years brought their relationship to a new light and became the stuff of legends.


Clara Wieck (1819-1896) married a famous composer (Robert Schumann) but she was an accomplished pianist and composer in her own right. When Asbo plays samples of their music, you can hear for yourself.


Perhaps Asbo's favorite is Lou Andreas-Salomé, who lived from 1861-1937. She was a prolific writer and the first woman invited to study with Sigmund Freud. She later became a psychoanalyst of note and also worked with Friedrich Nietzsche and Paul Rée. Salome was considered to be an intellectual on par with all three and was highly influential in their work.


Asbo brings great insight and research based knowledge to the class, but she will also weave slides, map, pictures, music, and poetry into her weekly classes. You may even want to bring your own handkerchief. "People have left my class with tears because they've been so moved by the stories and accomplishments of the women I've chosen to teach about," Asbo recalled.


Kayleen Asbo will teach "Great Muses in Their Own Right" on Tuesdays from 1:00-3:00 pm starting October 2.


 Coming Soon! OLLI Email Forum--Join the project team

If you are a member of a neighborhood or community email list, you know how helpful it can be when you're looking for a plumber or someone who can walk your dog while you're away. Imagine an OLLI community list where you could find people who want to continue the conversation from class, organize an event, or share tips about how to make the most of OLLI.

OLLI member Deborah Goodman and Communications Coordinator Satya Levine are looking for 1-2 people to join the project team and help make this a reality by the opening of the Fall 2012 term. If you are excited by this project and are comfortable with technology (expertise not required), send an email to goodman@comcast.net.


Volunteers Opporunities

Volunteering is a great way to meet people and have a good time while helping to promote OLLI. There are a number of volunteer opportunities coming up; check them out below. Have questions or ready to volunteer? Contact Aileen Kim, Program Coordinator, at akkim@berkeley.edu.  



Piedmont Avenue in Oakland hosts Art Walk every third Thursday from 6:00 to 9:00 pm. This would be a fabulous place to give out OLLI brochures.



Can you help with set-up or clean-up? The picnic will run from 11:30-2:00 pm and volunteers are still needed.


OLLI Faculty Updates

Kathryn Roszak has been nominated to be honored by the City of Berkeley for her contributions to dance. The Ceremony will be on Tuesday, September 11 from 7:00-7:30 pm at Berkeley City Hall. You are invited to join Kathryn at this ceremony and show the City of Berkeley how much you value the arts.

On Campus and Around Town


Michael Pollan will teach "Edible Education 103: Telling Stories About Food and Agriculture" at UC Berkeley again this fall. 300 free seats for each lecture are available to the public. Public registration starts at 10:00 am on the Wednesday preceding the next Tuesday's lecture. For information, go to http://edibleschoolyard.org/news-events/events. 



On, Wednesday, September 19, at 4:10 pm in the Alumni House, the Jefferson Memorial Lecture series will present "Obama, The Tea Party, and the Future of American Politics" with Professor Theda Skocpol, the Victor S. Thomas Professor of Government and Sociology at Harvard University. Professor Skocpol has made significant contributions to the fields of comparative and American politics. This lecture will survey the current political landscape and explore its most consequential questions. Free and open to the public. More information at http://www.grad.berkeley.edu/lectures/index.php


Open House 2012: October 13, 10:00 am-3:00 pm
From the icy South Pole, the tundra of Alaska, and sub-zero Siberia, to the Amazon rain forest, tropical Samoa, and the coral reefs of Puerto Rico, Berkeley Lab scientists explore the world around us seeking solutions to humankind's most pressing challenges. And the exploration continues in the lab, as researchers investigate ways to create new materials and biofuels, make our buildings more energy efficient, model climate change, or stem human diseases. Families, community members, and science enthusiasts are invited to join our team of explorers at Berkeley Lab's Open House and make discoveries of their own. More info at http://www.lbl.gov/openhouse.



Known as Bay Area's most adventurous orchestra, Berkeley Symphony and Music Director Joana Carneiro bring you their most Defiantly Original season yet in 2012-13 as the orchestra explores the innovators, rebels, illuminators, and idealists of the symphonic world. Each Zellerbach Hall concert will feature a new work by one of the most compelling composers of our time, uniquely paired with great masterpieces.


We invite you to join us and experience these one-of-a-kind symphonic concerts right here in Berkeley. OLLI members receive $5 off single tickets for the 2012-13 Season. Students of OLLI's "Dance, Theater, and Music" course receive a special discount for the Season Opening Concert on October 4. For more information, please visit http://berkeleysymphony.org/about/community/#olli


The Lunch Bunch

by Lucille Poskanzer


The Hippy Gypsy

1797A Shattuck Ave, between Delaware St and Francisco St 



This place is a bit of a walk from the OLLI classrooms, but it's a nostalgic trip back to the 60s and something fun to try. There are posters on the walls covered with pithy sayings and poetry, there's soft rock music in the background, and the sandwiches are named after the classic songs of singers and rock groups. How about a Back to the Bone by George Thorogood? (Hot Roast Beef!). You can also choose from "The Free Thinker" menu for something custom made. Prices are very reasonable, portions large, and the service really friendly and warm. There are salads, too, and the small size is plenty for one.


Seeking Referrals
Are you a member of a retiree association, whether teachers, health professionals, state workers, or another constituency? We would like to speak to you about reaching out to your colleagues. Please contact Satya Levine at satyalevine@berkeley.edu.


Social Activities


Compare notes about classes, meet new OLLI members, catch up with each other, catch a bite. Getting together over a beer or a glass of wine is such a nice way to spend a summer afternoon.


Wednesday, September 12, 4:30-6:30 pm

Sportivo Restaurant & Bar

2132 Center St, downtown Berkeley


RSVPs optional. Email Jane Ellison at elljane93@comcast.net.


Member Benefits and Partner News

Berkeley City Commons Friday Lunch Talks

City Commons Club of Berkeley meets every Friday from 11:45 am to 1:30 pm at the Berkeley City Club (2315 Durant Ave, Berkeley) to promote the lively discussion of topics of interest to San Francisco Bay Area residents. Come for lunch or just for the talk.   


NEW! Berkeley Symphony offers $5 discount to OLLI members

OLLI members for the 2012-2013 year can receive a $5 discount on single tickets at the Berkeley Symphony. Use the discount code olli2013. More info


Berkeley Arts and Letters: 50% Discount

Berkeley Arts and Letters offers a 50% student discount to OLLI members. Visit http://berkeleyarts.org for more information.  


Jazz Cafe: 10% Discount
Ongoing through the Spring term, show your OLLI student card and get 10% off on food and non-alcoholic beverages. The Jazz Cafe is located at 2087 Addison Street, just across the street from Freight and Salvage Coffeehouse.


2012-13 Academic Calendar
FALL 2012
Open House: September 11
Term: October 1-November 9

Open House: January 8
Term: January 28-March 11
Holiday: February 18

Open House: March 12
Term: April 1-May 10

Courses: June 3-28

Term dates through the 2012-13 academic year are available at: http://olli.berkeley.edu/calendar/academicCalendar.html.

Gift Certificates
Share the sweetness of lifelong learning with a friend or loved one. Take a course together, or explore different interests and discuss what you've learned over lunch after class. Gift certificates are available for OLLI memberships, courses, and workshops. Download an order form or contact the OLLI office (510.642.9934) to purchase a gift certificate.