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JUNE 2010

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Fall 2010 Course Offerings
Email Policy Changes
Interest Circles for the Summer
Online Energy Course
From the Director: Tahéima Program Update
OLLI Annual Fund
The Lunch Bunch
Other Announcements
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Fall 2010 Course Offerings

The Fall faculty will include some OLLI favorites: Michael Fox, Philippa Kelly, David Presti, Kathryn Roszak, Linda Rugg, Amelia Barili, and Darren Zook. They will be joined by Berkeley faculty, Don McQuade and Mia Fuller, who will be teaching with us for the first time. We will be launching a new series of performing arts courses that will coincide with the rich and ground-breaking work of Cal Performances, Berkeley Symphony, Cal Shakes, and Shotgun Players. There will also be unique offerings in literature, politics, and science. 

Look for the brochure and schedule of classes to be posted on our website in the coming weeks.

Fall 2010 registration opens for All-inclusive members in early July, and for all others one week later. The exact date will be announced in an update email. Learn more about membership and its benefits.

Changes to OLLI Email Policy

Out of consideration for your in-boxes, we are revising our email policy effective immediately to reflect the following changes:
  • OLLI OUTLOOK, our monthly newsletter, will be sent to our entire distribution list
  • UPDATE EMAILS, which go out approximately weekly while programming is in session, will be sent to all members and faculty from the current academic year
  • SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENTS and other emails will be sent to those we determine may be interested on a case-by-case basis

Interest Circles for the Summer

Interest Circles are under way, and it's not too late to join! Visit our website for a complete listing of Summer 2010 Interest Circles and how to sign-up.

Interest Circles are a benefit of OLLI membership. All-inclusive and annual memberships cover the summer term. Others can become a Summer 2010 member for $25. You will receive an OLLI student ID with your membership, and you can join as many Interest Circles as your schedule allows!

For registration information, go to the OLLI Interest Circles webpage or contact the OLLI office at 510.642.9934.

New members are welcome!

Online Energy Course: Summer 2010

People from all over the world are registering for "The Energy Challenge," an online collaboration with The New York Times. The course is offered as a self-paced course over the summer months at a reduced fee of $195. You can join the course at anytime.  Click here to get details.

From the Director: Tahéima Wellness Resort and Spa

Some members have been asking about the Tahéima partnership and wondering how it fits into the overall scheme of OLLI @Berkeley. The Tahéima project is an international program that engages some of our best faculty, reaches new audiences across the United States and Mexico, and provides a travel/learning opportunity for our Berkeley membership. The program was also conceived as a new revenue source, a partnership that would generate the additional income that will allow us to maintain our professional staff throughout the year. It has always seemed a wonderful win-win, where we could offer five weeks of programming in Mexico during times when our main program is not operating, and support the further development of all of our programs.

About the finances of our partnership: first, lest there be worries, no monies from the Annual Fund or from course fees and membership dues were used for the development of Tahéima. Instead, the contractual arrangement with Tahéima is that Tahéima covers the start-up costs (funding faculty and staff travel to Mexico) as well as providing $25,000 for services to cover staff time for 2010.  When the program is under way, staff and faculty travel costs will come out of the gross earnings from the Berkeley weeks at Tahéima. Faculty will not be paid for participating in Tahéima but will instead have their meals, accommodations and travel expenses paid in exchange for their week's participation. Therefore, OLLI is not "paying" for the expenses of the Tahéima project--neither for the start-up or for the ongoing operations. OLLI will earn income from the new project when it is launched in November and continues in December, January, and March, as part of the 2010-11 fiscal year.

To understand the broader implications of a Tahéima-like project, members must appreciate OLLI's fiscal and organizational challenges. The University expects OLLI to be self-sufficient--and we have operated with a balanced budget every year for the past three years, thanks largely to a growing membership, the University's one-time allocation, the Osher grants, and our wonderful Annual Fund.

This coming fiscal year, OLLI will need to earn all of its money AND raise $75,000 in the Annual Fund campaign. There are no new Osher grant dollars. The payout for the Osher Endowment will be $11,000 for 2010-11 (that is accrued interest for 3 months paid out once a year in August). Later this summer, you will receive an informational bulletin that will provide the nuts and bolts of OLLI's finances, the importance of the Annual Fund, and other income generation we will have to undertake. Our first priority is to maintain the quality and strength of our local programs and keep the fees affordable--Taheima is part of a long-term strategy to insure self-sufficiency.

Beyond the finances, of course, is the elegance and power of the five week-long programs we are planning at Tahéima. Our lead faculty member for the project, Alex Saragoza, has been joined by several colleagues in designing the program.  We are also planning for the participation of leading Mexican public intellectuals who are excited about participating in an English language program that integrates lifelong learning, wellness, and hemispheric issues. I urge everyone to look forward to the program announcements, start planning your participation, and spread the word to friends who might have always wanted an opportunity to visit Mexico in an entirely new way.

Rejuvenate Body and Mind:
Experience OLLI @Berkeley in Mexico

November 13-20, 2010
Cultural Legacies and Connections

December 4-11, 2010
Environmental and Energy

January 22-29, 2011
The Media and the New Global Information Age

March 12-19, 2011
Democratization in Latin America

For more information about the programs,
contact OLLI at 510.642.9934 or berkeley_olli@berkeley.edu
or sign up for more information here

For information about Tahéima Wellness Resort and Spa, click here

OLLI Annual Fund

Thanks to the 208 households that donated to the 2009-10 Annual Fund, we have raised almost $49,000--that's over 25% of OLLI membership participating--well done! As the University's fiscal doors begin to close (June 15), we can still take your contribution by phone or online: 510.642.9934, or visit our website. All donors will be recognized on the OLLI website in August.

The Lunch Bunch
by Lucille Poskanzer

Cu Sushi and Roll
Japanese Fusion Cuisine
2152 Center Street Berkeley, CA  94704

Now that the hordes of students are gone and the weather has warmed up, take yourself to this nearby place, usually mobbed with students sitting at the outdoor tables. Now's your chance to try the delicious, generously-portioned sushi in its many variations. The specialty rolls are terrific. The simpler nigiri and maki are very good and relatively inexpensive, too. The noodle dishes and salads are less successful, but that's just my opinion!
Other Announcements
SiliconValley Boomer Venture Summit
University of Santa Clara

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

"At Susan Hoffman's suggestion, I attended last year. The Summit was productive and enjoyable, and allowed me to realize that my skill sets can be applied to  a whole new market niche. " ---Skip Bradish

I recommend the June 16 Summit for people who are curious about the products and services being developed for older adults and/or who are considering a new career in this new job market. With your OLLI membership card, you can register at the $99 rate on the day of the Summit. I hope to see some of you there.  ---Director Susan Hoffman

Age March
Sunday, August 8, 2010
9:00 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
Crissy Field (by Sports Basement)
610 Old Mason Street (in The Presidio)
San Francisco
The Age March will be the first time in history when people of all ages, races, genders, sexualities, and economic walks of life join together to celebrate aging as a positive experience. Go to: www.agemarch.org for more information and to register.

OLLI Participation Sought California Migration interviews
A few hundred English language learners come to UC Berkeley every summer to improve their English. Some will take a class this July-August focused on the people of California. This class includes field work, which means students have to interact with a native speaker. Students have to interview someone who has lived in California for at least 10 years to prepare an oral presentation for class.
This person could be you!

If you can spare a few hours to talk to an enthusiastic young person between July 6 and August 4, please contact Joyce Podevyn. Meetings will take place at a mutually convenient location time. Of course, there is no homework, no preparation, and no cost involved for you, except perhaps sharing a cup of coffee. If interested, please contact: Joyce Podevyn (jpodevyn@yahoo.com), Summer English Language Institute (SELI) instructor at UC Berkeley.

New Music Bay Area and Lifemark Group Arts present "Garden of Memory 2010: a walk-through concert to celebrate the summer solstice"
Monday, June 21, 2010
5:00-9:00 p.m.

Hear OLLI faculty member Jason Victor Serinus and other Bay Area artists perform in the Chapel of the Chimes in Oakland. For more information, go to: