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November 2009

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Winter 2010 Class Schedule
Winter 2010 Open House
Second Chance to be an All-inclusive Member
Course Evaluations
Learning through Art: Call for Participants
Interest Circles
Faculty Profile: Richard Monson
Give to OLLI @Berkeley
Field Trip: CA RR Museum
Berkeley Arts and Letters: Discounts for OLLI members
Give the Gift of Learning
Transition Network
The Lunch Bunch
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Winter 2010 Class Schedule
Click here for a preview of the  Schedule of Courses

Nov 23  All-inclusive members
 (Mon)  registration begins

Nov 30  Registration open to all
Winter 2010 Open House

Tuesday, January 12, 2010
10:00 am to 12:00 noon
Doors open at 9:30 am

Freight and Salvage Coffee House
2020 Addison Street

Click here to RSVP

Second Chance to be an All-inclusive Member

The Membership Committee would like to encourage more people to take multiple courses, to build the base of our ongoing lifelong learning community, and to be sensitive to the obstacles that might have kept people from choosing to be an All-inclusive member in August/September (when the economy was at its worst).

We are offering a one-time offer to become an All-inclusive member for the remainder of 2009-10 for $500.

It includes membership for the remainder of this year and 3 courses per term for the Winter and Spring.

As usual, All-inclusive members will be able to register one week before everyone else!
Course Evaluations

Please complete your course evaluations, which you will be receiving before your last class.

Contact the OLLI office if you need the link.

Learning through Art Research Study: Call for Participants

Would you like to participate in OLLI's first research study on learning?

Sprung from the Learning to Learn Interest Circle, we asked the Berkeley Art Museum (BAM/PFA) to partner with us in a study we are calling Learning through Art.

The project is simple. Complete a survey before and after visiting BAM/PFA's fall exhibitions:
The surveys will take 10-15 minutes each.
Interest Circles for November 2009-January 2010

Interest Circles will be held from November 12, 2009, to January 11, 2010. Contact the OLLI office if you would like to know more about forming an interest circle.

We have two Interest Circles confirmed:
  • Shakespeare Out Loud and Ruminated (Wednesdays, 10:00am-12:00noon starting November 18)
Read Shakespeare as it was meant to be read--out loud!
The first play is Macbeth, so bring your copy.
Location: Room 41C University Hall (2199 Addison Street)
  • International Fiction Book Interest Circle (Selected Fridays, 10:00 am-12:00 noon
Contact Suzan Kaufmann at 510.508.3244 if you are interested.
Location: Room 41B University Hall (2199 Addison Street)
  • California Budget Interest Circle
A meeting will be scheduled for some time in December. Look for an update in November.

Faculty Profile:  Richard Monson
by Bonnie Mager

Define these terms and the connection they have with each other:
  • Phylloxera
  • Tannin 
  • Head pruning
  • Vintage
  • Cork taint
  • Maderization
  • Malolactic fermentation
  • Appellation of origin
Got it? These are all terms used in the wine industry. These and many others will be defined and discussed by Richard Monson in his next course on the history, art, and science of winemaking.
Dick, a native of LA, left the southland behind when he came to UC Berkeley for his Ph.D. in Chemistry. The majority of his teaching experience was in organic chemistry and he was department head at CSU Hayward (now CSU East Bay). But for 15 years, he also taught winemaking and wine analysis there. He started teaching about wine when the opportunity came up for him to accompany a group of CSU students to France. Various subjects were to be pursued, and he suggested that he could teach winemaking. He learned as much as his students did, and from that experience he developed a course in which the students made and analyzed wine.
In 1996 he used part of a sabbatical year to work in the lab at Kendall Jackson Winery in Napa during the crush. He learned how a large winery works. Later that year he headed off to UC Davis to work in the laboratory of Professor Andrew Waterhouse in the department of enology. They studied the procedures for wine analysis and wine acids using capillary electrophoresis, and the results were published in a scientific journal, Analytical Letters.
After retiring in 2000 from the CSU system, he continued as professor emeritus, teaching courses at CSU East Bay in winemaking. In 2007, he was invited to teach at the Fromm Institute in San Francisco, and soon got involved in OLLI. His enthusiasm for the subject of wine and winemaking is enormous, as is his body of knowledge. His courses include viticulture, the effects of variations in soils and climate on the grapes, the various methods of wine production, the distinctions between American wine and wines from other parts of the world. His stories of the history of the California winemaking industry are fascinating, as are the tales of the characters in the wine business and their sometimes criminal shenanigans. He knows many of these colorful people who add spice to the history.
He looks forward to the next OLLI series. He loves these mature students and the knowledge they bring to his classes, especially the give and take that occurs. The class will not include wine tasting, but he hopes to arrange a wine tasting event after his lecture series is completed. He will attend the next open house to give a preview of his course. All wine lovers should be there.

Meet the Challenge! Give to the OLLI Annual Fund
When you receive your Annual Fund Campaign letter, please give what you can.

We hope you understand from the pitches made this week in class that OLLI's expenses grew this year to cover the cost of the David Brower Center ($20,000+), additional courses and faculty honorarium ($200,000+), and additional University fees.

To serve you better (and to not raise fees), we want to keep offering a wide range courses and keep Tuesday and Wednesday lecture courses at the Brower Center.

This is also the year that The Osher Foundation will decide (we hope) to give us the first $1 million endowment--and they pay keen attention to contributions from members.

Field Trip to the California State Railroad Museum, Sacramento
  • DATE: Saturday, December 5
  • TIME: 9:05 am to 5:17 pm, roundtrip from Emeryville
 For more information or to RSVP, click here

Berkeley Arts and Letters: Discounts for OLLI members

Berkeley Arts and Letters offers a 50% discount most of their events to OLLI members.

Hear from writers and thinkers who interact with you--the readers--for inspiration, provocation, education, and sharing conversations. OLLI members receive 50% off admission at the door with ID.

Lectures are held at First Congregational Church or The Hillside Club, both located in Berkeley.

For more information go to: http://www.berkeleyarts.org/

Purchase tickets on their website or at Brown Paper Tickets.

Give the Gift of Learning

Share the joy of learning--give someone a gift certificate for an OLLI @Berkeley membership and course.

Contact the OLLI office at 510.642.9934.

Transition Network - East Bay Caring Community

The Transition Network is a community of women over 50, who join forces as they navigate the transition from one career to another--or whatever is next.

The Transition Network's East Bay Caring Community is up and running, with its primary focus being to provide services to members in need or crisis. 
Please take a moment to read about the Transition Network and the Caring Community and the free services it will offer. This is a free service, but members must join The Transition Network to be a part of it.

The Lunch Bunch
by Lucille Poskanzer

Bongo Burger

2154 Center Street
The ridiculous name is a holdover from the 60's, but inside this storefront close to OLLI classes you will find some well-priced food in heartier portions than last month's recommended restaurant, Amanda's.
The thing to order here is the Persian burger sandwich, on a toasted French bread bun. You can even get a half-sandwich for $4, which is a steal, but the larger portion is scrumptious. Also recommended are the Mediterranean dishes: falafel, hummus, dolma, etc. They have lots of regular burger choices, too, but I have not tried them.