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Community support around the work of Ready. Set. READ!'s is integral to its success. We each have a stake in the success of our youth, as they represent the future workforce and tomorrow's community leaders.


Volunteers like April Allen help make a difference.  April works for Carpenter Technology Corporation, volunteering as a tutor in the Star Readers program.  She tutors at Riverside Elementary School.

How did you become involved with the Star Readers tutoring program? April Allen RSR Volunteer

My company, Carpenter Technology, sent a company-wide email with an overview of the Ready. Set. READ! initiative and asked for volunteers.


What do you personally gain through your involvement? 

Any time I volunteer or help someone it makes me feel good.  I think what makes the tutoring different is working with the younger children.  I not only feel like I can make a difference, but I am establishing a bond with the students I read with. 


Share a highlight/memorable experience about your tutoring experience.  

My most memorable experience so far was the second week I tutored.  I tutor two girls separately from the same classroom. As each session ended, I told them to practice their reading and words during the week and I would see them next Tuesday. Each looked at me and said, "Can't you come more than just one day?"  I was choked up with emotion.  They were so excited to read and have the special one-on-one time. 


Fill in the blank: "This work is important to the community because __________." 

We need to give all children the best possible chance of becoming the best person they can be, no matter what life circumstances they may be facing. These children are our future and the future of our children and grandchildren.  Their success spreads to community success.



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