April 2013

Community support around the work of Ready.Set.READ!'s is integral to its success. We each have a stake in the success of our youth, as they represent the future workforce and tomorrow's community leaders.


Volunteers like Bryan Otruba help make a difference. Currently, he is a Graduate Assistance with Alvernia University's Campus Ministry and earning his Master of Urban Education/Special Education.


 How did you become involved with the tutoring program?

I started tutoring to fulfill a class requirement and then decided to continue volunteering.


What do you personally gain through your involvement?

Teaching is my passion, and I love to read. Tutoring at Lauer's Park Elementary School allows me to teach and share my love of reading while I am earning my Master's Degree and working.


Share a highlight/memorable experience about your tutoring experience.

After a few weeks of tutoring, my student's teacher told me that my student had improved more than anyone else in her reading group. This was one of the main reasons that I continue to tutor even when my life gets really busy.


Why would you recommend others become involved with the Ready. Set. READ! initiative?

I just read and listen to my student read during breakfast and sometimes we write together. It doesn't get much simpler than that, but it is still very impactful. If it is cliche to say that this could change a child's life, then I think that it is cliche for the very reason that it really can.


Fill in the blank: "This work is important to the community because ______________________.

Education is one of the best ways to improve a community and anything that we do to give students a better education can have a lasting and positive impact on the community.


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