November 2015
The Moving Well
Continuum Movement Classes
with Beth Pettengill Riley
Final class of 2015
Preliminary schedule for 2016
Classes in Santa Cruz and Los Gatos, California 

Folding in and unfolding....Moving from our deepest selves we encounter a moment of true connection with life that sustains us even in the darkest times.

"Experience opens us, creates a chasm in our heart, an expansion in our lungs, allowing us to pull fresh air to all that was stagnant...
Our strength lies in our imagination, and paying attention to what sustains life, rather than what destroys it.
If we listen to the land we will know what to do." 
-Terry Tempest Williams

Come listen and move with the land of your own bodies as we close out one year and begin another....
Even now 
I remember something

the way a flower
in a jar of water

remembers its life
in the perfect garden

the way a flower
in a jar of water

remembers its life
as a closed seed

the way a flower
in a jar of water

steadies itself
remembering itself

long ago
the plunging roots

the gravel the rain
the glossy stem

the wings of the leaves

the swords of the leaves

rising and clashing
for the rose of the sun

the salt of the stars
the crown of the wind

the bed of the clouds
the blue dream

the unbreakable circle.

-Mary Oliver 

life on land
Continuum Movement :
Fluid Body Fluid Life:  
Sunday afternoon workshops
in the Santa Cruz Area

Dates:    Dec 6, 2015 
Time:     1 - 4 pm
Place:     Subud Center of Santa Cruz
Fee:       $50

*Registration for Dec 6th closes Nov 22nd 
To Register online click here:
Save the dates for this 2016 Sunday Series:
March 6th, May 1st, August 7th, October 2nd, and Decemeber 4th , 2016.
*Pre-registration is required  
2 weeks prior to each event
Your presence is a blessing in community.
New Sunday Continuum Movement Series at  
Breathe Yoga Studio in Los Gatos!  
The Body is a River:  
Exploring Continuum Movement:
Sunday Series:
Feb 7th, July 3, Sept 4, Nov 20
1:30 - 4:30 pm 

Continuum Movement is a movement inquiry through which we directly experience the interconnection of our own body with the wholeness of life. The health and vitality of any organism (be it the single cell or the supernova) is in its ability to redefine its own structure.  Continuum explorations delve into the play of emerging and dissolving of form.  The human body is primarily fluid. Through the movement of water we can expand the physical experience of ourselves and infuse our lives with a sense of openness, curiosity, and wonder. Continuum has pioneered and revolutionized the role of somatics in health, education, relationship, physical fitness, creativity and spirituality. The elegant practices we explore make an art form of dissolving constraint, welcoming the liberation of the entire person at every level.

Practicing Continuum Movement: 
- increases vitality, health and healing 
- awakens creativity, innovation and play 
- facilitates trust in one's inherent body wisdom 
- deepens spiritual connection 
- provides a safe environment for growth and renewal.

This series will introduce the basics of Continuum Movement, interweaving fluid movement, yoga poses and principles in a spirit of innovation and exploration. No previous experience with either Continuum or yoga is required.

All Four - $225 (members); $265 (non - members) 
Individual classes: $65 (members); $75 (non- members)

For information and registrations go to: 

Beth Pettengill Riley
MA Dance Education, Stanford University, has been leading Continuum, Yoga and Meditation classes for over 30 years. During her 10 years of living and teaching at Mt. Madonna Center, she trained teachers under the guidance of Baba Hari Dass in classical Ashtanga Yoga. She apprenticed with Emilie Conrad, Continuum's founder for over 8 years. She served on the dance faculty of Cabrillo College for 19 years and has led workshops in Continuum Movement around the globe including the Esalen Institute, Mt. Madonna Center, the Open Center in NYC and the Skyros Institute in Greece. In 2001 she pioneered a Somatic Psychology graduate course in Continuum Movement for the Santa Barbara Graduate Institute. Ms. Riley won The Good Times award for Best Yoga Teacher in Santa Cruz, in 2001.  She has spent the last 8 years developing a middle and high school curriculum centered on movement, mindfulness and social emotional learning. She is also currently designing a teacher-training program for future Continuum Movement teachers following the death of Emilie Conrad in April, 2014. A Board Member of ISMETA: international Movement Education and Therapy Association, based in New York, Beth is an authorized Continuum Movement and Jungle Gym teacher living in Santa Cruz where she teaches teens at Kirby School and maintains a private practice assisting those who wish to experience greater freedom of movement.