Issue: 2014 #6                                                            December 24, 2014

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The story of
Sophia's Crystal

Mario had wondered why
we did not have a spot
for Sophia,
the Archangel of Love.
One morning he woke up with the idea that THE spot for her could be the Heart,
by the Angel Wheel.
We all agreed.
AND, a crystal
should be placed there.

What better crystal than the one that used to be a part
of the heart in the
Garden of Transformation?

However, two of the three large crystals had been placed in the creek last January
to cleanse,
and I had not been able
to find them when I was looking for them
during the summer. 

Mary Lou and I made another attempt and scouted the area where they could possibly have been placed,
while asking Sophia
to guide us to 'her' stones.

Right when we were
ready to give up,
I spotted a sharply angled shape, about 6 inches
under the water surface, looking brown
like everything around it.
I went elbow deep
into the cold water,
almost slid off my rock,
and sure enough:
it was her!

Thank you, Sophia!
You spoke!

We came home with
a mud-covered crystal.
Now that we found one,
we were hoping
to find the other crystal,
which was even bigger.

Mary Lou and I went back,
this time fully equipped: boots, gloves, garden fork, crow bar, and a camera.
That crystal did not
manifest itself.
We will return in the summer,
when we can enter the creek more comfortably.

In the meantime Roby cleaned our recovered treasure with his special harmonized water.

We went to the Heart,
that has always served
as a token of welcome
for each visitor
to Angel Valley.

We placed the crystal.

So NOW....

We have
a new Angel Site:

Archangel Sophia's


Who is
Archangel Sophia?

Sophia has been
the Angel of Love
since the beginning of time.
Sophia is the most maternal of all the angels.

 Of all the archangels,
she is the most involved
in the day to day works
of humans. 

'Sophia' is the Greek word for Wisdom.  



2015 Upcoming
Group Events

January 24-29
Sunshine Retreat
with Kate Kill


February 19-22
Activate your Intuition
with Courtney Long

April 16-19
Journey to the Soul
with Ellaine Peck 
and Camille Smith

April 23-26
A Healer's Retreat
with Angelica Lemke
and Tami Duncan


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Holiday Greetings from

NuLemuria in Angel Valley

Christmas this year feels

more expansive, yet intimate

more promising, yet serene

more full of adventure, yet peaceful


Shifts and changes are occurring

We feel them inside ourselves

We hear and see them with those

who share their experiences with us


Beautiful new people on our path

Sharing insights and wisdom

Heart opening wider and wider

Life becoming ever more precious


We wish all who are connected with us

a most wonderful Christmas

full of love, inside you and around you

with inner peace and endless gratitude


Michael and Amayra Hamilton

Our new road sign.

No, sorry, not on the highway yet!  

Ever expanding 


In our interactions with guests and visitors we regularly share one of the unique aspects of Angel Valley: It is easier to connect with the invisible world than is most other places, whether it be the angelic realm, our extraterrestrial relatives or our departed loved ones.

We often describe it as this: 

At Angel Valley the veil is thinner.

People acknowledge this, when they see, hear, sense or experience that what happened today

is something they have never experienced before. 

We are preparing ourselves to physically perceive more, to be ready for the unknown, and that we do not freak out, when all of a sudden a phenomenon occurs that blows our mind. 

We are in a constant process of increasing our awareness. Whenever we track a belief that is not in alignment with who we choose to be, we take time to get clarity and transform it.

Now and then we go out with our camera. It is interesting, that cameras, even simple ones, are able to 'see' things that our human eye cannot see (yet).

Here are some images 
with the full moon of this month:



Was that a cloud? I did not see any cloud. More importantly, why did this only show up in one of the 4 pictures that I took, just a few seconds from each other?



 What are those spheres on the left? I call them orbs.

Speaking of orbs, look at these photos that a guest took!
(Thank you, Fenula!)

She also photographed the skylight above her bed...

We would like to introduce you to



 Mary Lou & Mario Christianson.

They live and work here, and bring in a wonderful new energy.

Come and experience that they are not only great people,

they also come with a treasure chest full of healing modalities.

Sound and music is one of the things they have a passion for.



Angelic Sound Celebration



Every Friday night, at 7:00 PM in the Crystal Hall


Vipassana Meditation



Every first Saturday of the month,

with Meditation Instructor Jan Tijmes.

The meditation is for experienced meditators

and for beginners.


For information, visit 

Love and Gratitude


Rainbow photographed by Mario on December 18, 2014


Michael & Amayra Hamilton,

Mary Lou & Mario, Roby, Renae, Oliver, Mirta, Karine, Dain, 
Cara Marie, and Cynthia
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