Issue: 2014 #5                                                  November 12, 2014

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First frost
on November 3, 2014



How Are We Doing?

After the quiet months

in July and August, which caused us some inconvenience, the months of September and October have been

extremely busy.

Traditionally, Spring and Fall

are the best months for business in Sedona,

when the weather is at its best.


However, we have a feeling

that it is even more

the shift in energies that is bringing people in.


that people share with us

are more profound than ever!




Grading The Road

Yes, we did it!

After the most recent rain,

we had the entire road treated. Wow!

What a difference that makes!!!

It happened so fast,

that we even forgot

to take a picture!


AND, it is still 

a 2-mile gravel road,

with spectacular views,

and rough enough

to keep your speed down

and drive safely...


Groups & Events 

Painting Angels with
Janet Grace Nelson

the Goddesses We Are
with Malaika Darville

Malaika's group honoring
the Earth Goddess
by planting trees

Full Moon Celebration,
November 6, 2014

Mandala created
on 11/11/14
to celebrate and honor
Dr. Emoto,
who passed on
October 17. 2014

Harmonizing water
during the ceremony
for Dr. Emoto 


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NuLemuria in Angel Valley

Since our last newsletter, life at Angel Valley seems to have been on turbo-boost! Over the past year we have talked with many of you about the Lemurian energy that is increasingly presenting itself. What we have felt for many years has become alive, authentic and available to all who visit and or connect with Angel Valley. 


During the past three months, almost without exception everyone who visits Angel Valley is commenting about how much Love and Peace they experience when walking the grounds. Angels are presenting themselves in photos that are taken. One person even said that he and his friend saw in broad daylight a physical Angelic Star Being standing in the Labyrinth beaming them love.


We are being invited to embrace our Lemurian Connection along with our Multi-dimensionality on the journey to become a 5th dimensional community.


Michael is sharing about his recent travels through the states, his returning to Angel Valley, his remembrance of being shown in a dream the village of NuLEMURIA in Angel Valley by Archangel Michael, and his journey to Inner Earth, for his own healing, on his blog site  


All the preparations have guided us to a 
new way of describing ourselves:


'NuLEMURIA in Angel Valley'. 


We have been in awe about the confirmations and synchronicities that are occurring, since we have adopted this addition to our name. Those who are guided to visit or to stay with us are finding a recognition beyond words. Many people are expressing their connection, with the energy of NuLEMURIA, through tears and a feeling that they have just come HOME. 


The terms 'kindred spirits' and 'soul family' have taken on new meanings for us. During the past years, at times we wondered how to continue. Today, it feels like we are moving at light speed.


There will soon be more information on our website.


Follow us, join us and come to our precious valley!
The Angels are super-active, along with many others from the invisible world!



The Next Step


For some time, we have approached you via our newsletters with invitations to become part of Angel Valley in a more intimate and direct way. As our plans are evolving and becoming more organic and natural than ever, this is what eventually has come out of this process:


We are creating a community with a 5th Dimensional Consciousness, called NuLEMURIA in Angel Valley.

Spaces to live and stay here for a longer or shorter period of time are being created. 


NuLEMURIA in Angel Valley will be attracting people who are willing to first love themselves, above all else, which in reality is loving the GOD within. People who feel a resonance with NuLEMURIA in Angel Valley and are passionate about expressing their talents and abilities in:

- Growing, creating and serving high vibrational organic food;

- Organizing and working in the office;

- Working with day visitors and overnight guests;

- Beautifying the property and buildings, etc.

NuLEMURIA in Angel Valley must be 
debt-free. As long as there are debts, loans and mortgages, we will be rooted in the old ways, where money plays a controlling role that limits our creativity. Debt, more time than not, creates a form of 'slavery'.


Everyone must experience and be in a state of equality! 


To reach this goal, we welcome support in the way of ideas, concepts, talents, abilities, time, and funds. We are working on details for people to donate funds to Angel Valley Ministries and participate in new ways. We are still open to temporary have loans on terms that are friendlier than our existing loans. Therefore, new loans should per definition be short term.


We trust that we are being guided and supported by God, All That Is. Therefore, the people and circumstances will show up to materialize the new condition. Donations coming in, whether small or large, will insure that NuLEMURIA in Angel Valley be free and clear from all loans. The community will 'own' the valley, rather than the mortgage holders. 


We are excited about this direction, and are more than ever motivated to do whatever we can to get NuLEMURIA in Angel Valley on a solid footing. We will continue stewarding the land with others who feel the call from within to be part of NuLEMURIA in Angel Valley.

Does it Excite You and Bring You Joy to join with us?



New Reservation Policy
New Cancellation Policy 



For over a year, we have been working with systems, where people make their reservations online, without personal contact with us. Some people make a conscious choice to want to be here. Others are mostly looking for a bed. They find us and book their reservation without knowing anything about us. This has resulted in having to deal with cancellations more than we used to. We have never wanted to be a hotel or a place for people seeking just a bed for the night. Time spent with people only wanting a bed and then dealing with cancellations is quite unfulfilling and not exciting. 


We are attempting to create ways to increase our connections with people who know or feel that NuLEMURIA in Angel Valley is where they want to be.

Our current approach is to encourage people to listen to their heart, to take their time, then make their reservation when they hear, YES!

We also invite people to trust in spontaneity, synchronicity, and know if they are meant to be here, there will be space available when they want to come.

We discourage people from making a reservation based upon the fear of not having a room, or if they are not quite sure yet whether this is what they want or whether they will be able to make it.


This is in contrast with the modern business approach to hook people as quickly and as solidly as possible.

We feel much more satisfaction with last-minute situations, when decisions are taken in the NOW-moment, than with reservations made long in advance, then changed, rescheduled or canceled when the date comes near.

Per November 15, 2014,

we have a 2-night minimum stay, at any time,

and for 3-day holiday weekends a 3-night minimum.


For details, visit our website 

New Pricing - Meals All Organic


Per November 15, 2014, guests are invited to choose the meals they want before they arrive, at check-in, or a least 24 hours in advance.  


All of our meals are now 'Organic', which means '95-99% organic'.



Breakfast is no longer included 

in the lodging rates.



For details, visit our website



Every first Saturday of the month there is a Vipassana Meditation Sit with Meditation Instructor Jan Tijmes.

The meditation is for both experienced meditators and for beginners.


For information, visit 

Love and Gratitude

from ALL beings, visible and unvisible!




  Michael & Amayra Hamilton,

Renae, Oliver, Mary, Melanie, Mirta, Karine, Roby, Dain 
Cara Marie, and Cynthia
Angel Valley Sedona | (928) 634-1320 and
13513 Angel Valley Road
Sedona, AZ 86336
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