Issue: 2014 #4                                                 August 27, 2014

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 We are now live with our updated site



Soul Family


Sessions with Michael 

While he is on the road, Michael is available for sessions.

Having Support and Guidance in:


Dreaming Your Dream!

Listening to Your Heart!

Acting on

Your Highest Excitement!

Doing what you love doing!


Experiential Coaching
with Michael


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Soul Family



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Intense Times

Were the last few weeks as intense for you as it was for us here at Angel Valley? A friend said there was another planetary alignment. That explains our personal experiences, and what I observed and heard from others.

AND, it is all our creation, to learn and grow, and to always return to our Heart, in unconditional love.

Oak Creek, when the water is wild

The weather complements the emotional waves: cloudbursts, thunder, lightning, and the creek bright red and roaring.


Angel Valley at
The Festival Of Angels Expo 

in Orlando, Florida

This weekend we will be representing Angel Valley at The Festival Of Angels Expo.


It is the first time we have done an event like this for Angel Valley.
Stepping out to make connections, which is the main reason for Michael's being on the road, is part of the next phase for Angel Valley.


Come and see us at the Expo!


For more information, visit

The Journey Continues

Michael was home for two days, after his California adventure. He is now in Florida preparing for the event and the Unveiling of The 'Angelic Star Being'. 

See the announcement of The Festival Of Angels Expo.


His experiences, his process, and his insights have been profound. Experiencing Mount Shasta and tapping in the ancient, yet very alive Lemurian energy. Sleeping among the Redwoods and connecting on a deeper level with the concept of 'Soul Family'. Deeper understandings of concepts that have been part of his / our life. Contemplating on how to move forward with Angel Valley, and finding clarity on his / our personal involvement. 

Sleeping among the redwoods

One thing has become clearer than ever: Angel Valley is a sacred and special place. We are doing everything we can to increase our awareness of what it requires to manifest the Vision and Dream of a New Paradigm that Archangel Michael revealed to Michael in July 2008. 

We are actively inviting Co-Stewards that desire to assist in creating this New Paradigm to reveal themselves.


Angel Valley is magical, and has the power to bring out the Light within each person and at the same time it can also bring out the Darkness. That is what a power-place does. The Universe has no judgment as to what is being amplified.


Michael is continuing to write his daily blogs about his journey and what is being brought to the surface. Many of his old beliefs are being revisited and Michael is RE-Inventing himself with New Beliefs that serve him today. The themes of making Choices that create life to be Easy, Effortless and Exciting are prominent right now.

Michaels' Vision - blogsite
You can follow his Journey on his blog site at:
He loves connecting with, hearing from, and interacting with others who also can use encouragement on their Journey.
So, if you feel so inclined, share what comes up for you as you are reading his blogs.
The Vision

As Michael is in his contemplative 'on-wheels' space, he is fine-tuning the definition of what it is that we want to create at Angel Valley.
Here is the latest update.


5th Dimensional Community,


Where Everyone Realizes they Create Their Own Reality!
Where Everyone Listens to Their Heart!
Where Everyone Loves Themselves and All Others!
Where Everyone is Acting on their Excitement and their Joy!
Where Everyone is Doing What They Love Doing!
Where Everyone is Being Their True Natural Self!
Where Everyone is Working Together!
Where Money is Experienced as a Tool in Sharing, in Exchanging Goods and Services with a Conscious Stewardship!
Where Angels, ET Beings, Earth Elementals, Animals, and Humans Dance, Sing, and Play Together!
Where Soul Families, Friends Explore and Discover their True Essence and their True Divinity!

Because everything is Here and Now, this Community exists NOW, and it is called ANGEL VALLEY!

We invite YOU to visit Angel Valley, to Feel the Energy, to Connect with the Angels and ET Beings, to Explore and to Discover more of your True Essence.

In the meantime, we are continuing our efforts to connect with those who feel in their Heart that they want to be an integral part of Angel Valley!

Special Children


We are running into more and more of the NEW children, the Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow Children. They are phenomenal! There is so much that can be learned from them!
AND, they also need support, because the adult world, including parents and school systems, does not always understand them, or know how to deal with them.


Two of these special children will be presenting a day workshop at Angel Valley for children.
Parents are welcome, or rather encouraged, to sit in.



We are very excited about this event!


For more information about the workshop, please, visit

For registration, contact Connie Zafra


We send you our love!


  Michael & Amayra Hamilton,

Diane, Brian, Zeph, Luna, Elijah, 
Cara Marie, Cynthia and Roby
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