Issue: 2014 #3                                                 August 13, 2014

at Angel Valley

Peace and quiet can be found at Angel Valley year round.

Have you considered taking advantage of the times
when the climate may be
somewhat limiting midday,
because it is warm, 

* when Angel Valley is super-quiet
* when there are the monsoon storms with thunder and lightning
* when the sunrises and sunsets are spectacular
* when early mornings are the absolute best times to celebrate life!

Time to rest,
and to go within!
Hop in your car
or on a plane
and come to Sedona



from a
Day Visitor 


I was there only for a few hours, and somehow things will never be the same.


I have thought about 

Angel Valley every single day since my visit.


I have been in a fabulous creative rabbit-hole ever since my trip and I don't doubt that Angel Valley has something to do with it! 



I've thought a lot about what you said, Michael.
I can't thank you enough - you were right on point! 


And Amayra, I really appreciated how thorough you were in answering

all my questions.

I just got back from

a trip with my Mom.

After I shared my experience visiting 

Angel Valley, she opened up and told me about
huge portions of her life
that I had no idea existed.

It was really great
for both of us! 

Thank you for helping us
to get there.


Alaska W., N Hollywood, CA



from an
Artist Retreatant 


The time at Angel Valley is truly out of time.
I am not fully able to find words for the magical beauty of this valley.
The beauty and sacredness of Angel Valley,
the way I see it,
is a blessing for the world. The people are as the land - open and heartful,
with a pure intention to be one with nature,
in complete harmony.
This is my greatest inner joy, my sincere intention, too, and this has been
my path of exploring
for a long time.
Beyond all the knowledge, spectrums of understandings, civilizations and our future with extraterrestrials in our small but so important planet in this cosmos, Angel Valley is
a Portal of the Heart...
a place that anyone,
no matter what their background and knowledge is, can connect with
to express and find themselves and others beyond the veils.

Angelic Star Being
by Iris Onica

That is the child in us - 

that is our purity.
Purity is the Hope of this world and the most important asset
anyone can have.
For me Angel Valley is Purity in all ways.
This land is Sacred and
a Portal of the Heart.
Living life as sacred,
is the most important evolution in one's life. Come with open hearts
to feel life in its sacredness at Angel Valley...
I will always love this place and I hope I can make
more contributions
in the future to the needed enhancements in the valley.

Iris O., Rumania

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We asked you for support, and we received, not only on an energetic level. Angel Valley is so magical and so sacred! Visitors and guests increasingly share extraordinary experiences with us. Absolutely amazing, what people see, hear or feel!

Angels, Extraterrestrial Brothers and Sisters, and Elemental Beings are making themselves visible to those ready to see them. Seeds are being planted, people go home and let their light shine around the world.


The Spirit of the Chartres Labyrinth

In order to keep Angel Valley available for those experiences, we need your support!

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You can take action through the contribution page on our website. If you are interested in financial participation via a loan, please, contact us


Michael and Amayra Hamilton,

Founders and Co-Stewards of Angel Valley


Michael On A Journey


Michael left Sedona on July 31st on a journey around the country, first heading to California. He is committed to let Spirit guide him to those who want to be part of Angel Valley, through 

Following His Heart.

A lot of processing is taking place and insights are coming up.

First few days in Idyllwild, CA, camping on a familiar spot 

Michael keeps us posted on his adventures through his blogsite,

The first 6 blogs have been posted. Follow him, and give your comments!


You can also follow him on Facebook, where all the blogs are posted. If you have not already become his Friend, we invite you to send him a Friend Request.

Michael's car is his home for a while

If you are interested in meeting Michael when he is in your area, or host him as a guest, or have the ability to host an event for and with him, please, contact him directly by email.


Today he is in San Francisco. The next stop will be Mount Shasta. And after that? Who knows? It could be he'll meet YOU!


On August 29th, 30th and 31st, Angel Valley will have a booth at the 'Angel Festival' at Disney World's Buena Vista Palace Resort in Orlando, Florida.

From Michael, 
Bridge-Builder & ReInventor
'Ask and ye shall receive,
Seek and ye shall find,
Knock and it shall be opened!'


Find Michael's blog for August 13 here


Michael Hamilton - The Reinventor
by Christina Wooten

Choosing to 'Follow My Heart', to Act on what excites me and brings me joy, is requiring me to make a Conscious Choice of Being Vulnerable.

I want to share this video clip with you on the theme of Vulnerability

Read my blog site posting on Vulnerability.

We embrace the concept of 'Conscious Energy Exchange'. You can read what that means for us on our webpage.

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