Issue: 2014 #2                                                  July 8, 2014

at Angel Valley

Each early summer we are enthralled by the desert in bloom. These flowers just have to be photographed! Here you see some of this year's camera harvest.

Cholla Cactus


Hedge Hog Cactus

Prickly Pear Cactus

Prickly Pear Cactus


Ocotillo Cactus


Prickly Pear Cactus

Prickly Pear Cactus

Hedge Hog Cactus


Cholla Cactus

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Summer 2014



It is with pure gratitude that we, Michael and Amayra Hamilton, give thanks to all of you who have been part of our journey! We give thanks for all of our experiences and for all that we have learned.


In April of 2002, we responded to the invitation of Our Higher Selves, Archangel Michael and Source, to become stewards of this sacred land. To the best of our ability, we have listened to 'Follow Thy Will' and allowed Angel Valley to evolve into what it is today.


On April 13, 2004, Angel Valley received the Internal Revenue status of a 501(c)(3) Not-for- Profit Spiritual Organization. This means that bequests, donations, gifts or contributions to Angel Valley are tax deductible.


After 6 years of opportunities, disguised in a plethora of challenges with lawsuits and legal issues, which are now finally all behind us, we are ready to move into the next phase.

Angel Valley can no longer be a project that is financially carried by two people, Michael & Amayra Hamilton. We are putting out the call to the Creator and our family of Angelic Star Beings, to guide those of you on our path who are ready, willing and able to participate with us.

All of you are invited to share your abilities and talents, your knowledge and your abundance with Angel Valley. We request that this sharing be done from a place of centeredness within the heart, with Divine guidance, and with excitement and joy. By your participation you become an active co-steward and contributor to Angel Valley.


Our immediate objective is to complete current projects as presented below.


The refinancing is in preparation for Angel Valley's ultimate goal of becoming a debt free living community based on a 5th dimensional consciousness.


With gratitude in our hearts we envision
Angel Valley continuing to attract all who are called to experience their own beauty
through Angel Valley's magic. 
We invite you to contact us.
Let us explore our connection together! 


Michael and Amayra Hamilton,

Founders and Co-Stewards of Angel Valley


Contribute Now To:
Improve Angel Valley's Access Road


Every visitor to Angel Valley has had their own unique experience with Angel Valley Road.


We are asking for your financial support to improve the access road that is owned by the Forest Service.


For more information, please, click here.
Expand Live Streaming to include Oak Creek 
Complete our equipment purchase & setup for Live Streaming of events, channeling sessions on Skype, and meditations by the creek. 

For more information, please, click here. 
Complete Chartres Labyrinth's Renewal  


Much work was recently done, visible and underground. There is more to be done.

For more information, please, click here.
General Support 
Sharing  of your Abilities, your Talents, your Knowledge and your Abundance.

For more information, please, click here.  
Six Degrees of Separation
This concept is about:
anyone on the planet can be connected to any other person on the planet,
through a chain of acquaintances that has no more than five intermediaries.

Therefore, we ask you:

Do you know...
people who know people,
who know people,
who know people
who feel a resonance and connection
with Angel Valley? 
Do You Know...
a person interested in making an investment
at Angel Valley? 
Oak Creek frontage parcels -
Angel Lodge and Masters Lodge
4% return on investment:
2% interest in cash payments,
2% in lodging gift certificates
for yourself, friends & family.
Minimum investment increment is $5,000.
Do You Know...
a carpenter who would be excited
to live and work at Angel Valley?

Do You Know...
a detail oriented office/property manager
who would be excited
to live and work at Angel Valley?

Please, contact us
to discuss options and opportunities.
Michael on a Road Trip

In August Michael will be driving cross-country on a mission to meet with people who feel a connection with Angel Valley, its vision, its mission, and who have a desire to be an active participant and supporter in its future.


On August 29th to 31st Angel Valley will have a booth at the 'Angel Festival' at Disney World's Buena Vista Palace Resort in Orlando, Florida.


If you are interested in meeting with Michael or you would like for him to do a presentation in your area with you or your circle of friends, please, contact us. We will explore how your location can be included in the Now Moment, Spontaneous, Synchronistic Planning.

Please, email Michael

to discuss the infinite possibilities of making contact.

Slide Fire
It was a scary 2 weeks in our beautiful Sedona area, when we lost over 21,000 acres of forest land to a raging fire.

The fire was 100% contained in two weeks. No structures were lost and no injuries to humans. The area around the road and Oak Creek was fully preserved. Even West Fork, that was in the middle of the blaze, was 'saved'. The fire went right over the top, and barely touched the canyon with the creek. Yet, West Fork will remain closed for now.

We thank the fire fighters (1236 involved!) for their hard work, and for the excellent information that was given out to keep the public informed.
Also, we praise all the agencies involved for their preparedness for possible flooding, mud and land slides that might occur now that the monsoon season has started.

Most of all we are thankful that, even though the smoke was intense at times, we had no flames close to us. Let's pray that we will be safe from fires, now and forever.

We send you our love!

  Michael & Amayra Hamilton,

Diane, Brian, Zeph, Luna, Elijah, 
Cara Marie and Cynthia
Angel Valley Sedona | (928) 634-1320
13513 Angel Valley Road
Sedona, AZ 86336
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