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Issue: 2013 #10                                            December 21, 2013
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Michael & Michael
On the 1st day of the
13-Day Contact Event, Michael and the Archangel presented together.
Labyrinth before Sunrise
Today, December 21st, the Winter Solstice,
was a foggy, damp, wintery morning.
Bridge of Magic
leading to
a world of magic.
More Winter
And More Winter
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Winter Solstice 2013
On this very special day we want to connect with you all, our Angel Valley circle of friends. Contact is the theme of the 13-day event that we started yesterday. Contact with other humans, from our hearts, and contact with non-humans, like the angels and our galactic family. Yet, ultimately, it is all about contact with our truest self, and knowing our divinity.
13-Day Contact Event

We have set up a program with a variety of activities to attend. More than ever we feel this is the time to expand, to open up, and to raise our vibration. We find inside ourselves and with those who visit us an increased longing for contact with the inter-dimensional world. During our event we allow synchronicity to guide us to the action we take. 'Structure with no agenda, Attachments or expectations.'
Please, visit the calendar page on our website for the program and schedule. You may find exactly what you are looking for... 
Rainbow Teachings &
Rainbow Bridge
We were inspired to start working with the rainbow vibration to support the current shifts in energy. The Rainbow Teachings find their origin in the ancient mystery schools.

The basic principle is that WE are the gold at the end of the rainbow. We are the infinite value to existence itself. 
We decided to paint our bridge in the colors of the rainbow. More than ever before, the bridge is leading every person that crosses it into a world where their full potential can come out.
Harp Retreat,
April 24-27, 2014
Playing the harp has become one of my passions. We will be having a 3-day harp retreat in April of next year. Laurie Riley will be teaching, together with Lorna Govier. Laurie is my harp teacher and a phenomenal harp player herself.
The retreat is followed by a concert in the sedona Creative Life Center.
Details for the retreat are on the calendar page of our website.
We wish you a most inspiring Christmas!
May 2014 be a blissful adventure!
Michael & Amayra Hamilton,
Brian, Diane, Melanie, Leia, Tish, Luna, Renae,
Cara Marie, Cynthia, and Baltazar
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