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November 2015
Lighting a candle in Republique Square, Paris 
How do we keep our sense of balance and hope when human-caused disasters can undo in a moment of unmitigated evil the amount of good we can see from our efforts over years? Beyond the obvious tolls of terrorism is what happens to our psyches, individually and collectively. Often, the result is that we become more fearful, more narrow in our vision, our hope, our hearts.
A way you can do your part to not let the terrorists win is in the care and nurturing of your own spirit. The human spirit has throughout time overcome adversity against insurmountable odds. We have risen from a relatively weak mammal unsuited to face any number of predators and emerged to create great civilizations, great literature, and now a world-wide web that galvanizes human consciousness and is being used for so much more good than evil. How can we cultivate the best in each of us so the best of the human spirit can continue to shine forth into the world?  
For us, an answer we've been patiently pursuing year after year is in cultivating the energy-spirit connection. And we do that by empowering people to work skillfully with the subtle energies of body and mind. The opening piece in this issue provides an example from Energy Psychology. It is a modest attempt to take a constructive step in keeping our psyches strong and resilient even in the face of the large and almost unthinkable issues that the spread of terrorism is forcing us to confront. 
Donna and David
Tapping Script for Incomprehensible Tragedy

Dawson Church, Ph.D.
Catastrophe following catastrophe -- all over the world -- is made even more horrible by our knowledge that their causes have so often been intentional, planned human actions. Our sense of safety, our sense of humanity, our understanding of the world order are all being challenged. Last week our good friend, Dawson Church, one of the leaders in Energy Psychology, was in France to address a professional conference when the terrorism hit.

In addition to doing what he could locally, he wrote a note to his large tapping community sharing a "script" that, in his words, "can help ease your mind and bring peace to your heart. It will reassure you that love is stronger than fear, compassion is stronger than violence, and that kindness is stronger than hatred." We are moved to share it with you (click here). Tap on the acupuncture points that are listed as you read the words out loud. This energetically embeds the statements into your nervous system.
U.S.A. BOOK NEWS Best Relationship Book, 2015 

We just learned that David and Donna's most recent book, The Energies of Love (New York: Tarcher/Penguin), received awards in TWO categories in the 2015 U.S.A. Book News Competition:  "Self-Help: Relationships" (their only relationship category) and "New Age: Non-Fiction." Each category has one winner and about six finalists.

The Energies of Love was the winner in both categories. For a single book to take first place in two categories is a rarity. Since we believe this book could help millions of couples who are struggling with or wanting to enhance their relationship, the award comes as particularly good news! The book also reached best-seller status on the NY Times Relationships list the month after its publication and #1 in Amazon's Love and Romance (non-fiction) category.

Stay tuned! 
The Energies of Love
will be released in paper on January 19.
The Feinstein/Eden/Dahlin Family Publisher 

Jeremy Tarcher, photo credit: Ken Hively / Los Angeles Times

The evening after doing a presentation in 1985 on personal mythology at UCLA, David received a phone call from Jeremy Tarcher, the leading publisher of books about human consciousness and innovative health approaches. The next day he and his co-presenter, Stanley Krippner, were in Jeremy's L.A. offices being courted to let Tarcher publish a book on the topic of their presentation. One of Jeremy's editors had met David at a conference and had suggested that Jeremy take a look, which he did by attending the UCLA presentation with his wife, Shari Lewis (of Lamb Chop fame). Afterward, Jeremy reflected that the brief workshop was life-changing for both himself and for Shari.
It was dazzling to have the publisher of the era's best-sellers -- such as The Acquarian Conspiracy, The Artist's Way, and Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain -- pursuing us. Some of the people who would later become some of Donna's and David's most prized colleagues -- from Jean Houston to Rupert Sheldrake -- had also published their first books with Jeremy. The meeting was the beginning of a long, fruitful, and wonderful relationship that led to the publication of Energy Medicine, Energy Medicine for Women, The Little Book of Energy Medicine, The Promise of Energy Psychology, and most recently, The Energies of Love. In addition, Donna's daughters Dondi Dahlin and Titanya Dahlin are both working on books that will likely be published by Tarcher (now an imprint of Penguin Random House), and four additional projects are underway with them.
During their recent trip to New York, Donna and David shared with the current top staff of Tarcher/Penguin Random House a poignant toast to Jeremy, who recently died at age 83, along with fond and often humorous reminiscences about their 30-year relationship with him.
David Feinstein Receives Leadership Award

David Feinstein, Ph.D.

The Canadian Association for Integrative
and Energy Therapies (CAIET) gave their 2015 Leadership Award to David "in acknowledgement and appreciation of your outstanding contribution to Energy Psychology." The award was presented by the organization's director, Dr. Sharon Toole, at CAIET's 17th annual International Conference in Victoria, B.C., last month.

Energy Minute                                        

This is your Energy Minute with Titanya Dahlin from the Biltmore Estate in the Blue Ridge Mountains
of North Carolina.

Heal Heartache and Grief

During times of great stress, it is critical for us to find peace and calm from anxiety. This is also a wonderful technique to release heartache.

Locate the point in the center of your chest, just below the thymus bone. Place and hold your fingers at this point -- called the Sea of Tranquility -- and breathe deeply into the release. This is also the location in the heart region that many traditions around the world connect with during prayer, specifically when holding the hands in a prayerful position. Namaste!
For more information, see Energy Medicine,
(Tarcher/Penguin, 2008)
Innersource: Donna Eden and David Feinstein, PhD