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David Feinstein, PhD,
John Holland, and
Joe Dispenza, DC

Omega Institute
September 25-27

Join four of the nation's leaders in the fields of energy, mind, and spirit for an informative and revitalizing experience that will help you answer these questions. As you learn to cultivate and align energy, mind, and spirit in your life, you can begin to tap into your fullest potential.

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 September 2015
Donna and David teaching at the Advanced Chakra Class in San Diego earlier
this month
Connecting with 250 of our most advanced practitioners in San Diego earlier this month, and knowing that another 200 were watching on their computer screens, was one of this year's many highs for us! You can see a brief recap of the class below.
This issue also tells about the impact energy work had on a woman with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), Donna's upcoming talk with Jennifer McLean, and what Donna sees when she watches someone tapping on the Energy Psychology points.
Autumn is Donna's favorite season. We hope yours is unfolding beautifully!  
Donna and David
Case History 

Energy Medicine Brings Relief for Respiratory Illness  

Valerie McCarney used Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) techniques on a friend suffering from acute symptoms of a severe respiratory illness. Her friend, Joann, had been hospitalized in a crisis situation because of breathing difficulties and was receiving intravenous medication. As this scenario of hospitalization has become more common for Joann in recent years, Valerie was hoping that Energy Medicine might provide some relief.

Valerie had never participated in Donna's advanced training, though she had taken several shorter workshops, studies the taped classes, and used the Energy Medicine book extensively. She applies Energy Medicine to herself, friends, and family.

Joann has been asthmatic since birth, and now at 58, has Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). COPD is a disease in which the lungs are damaged, making it hard to breathe. In COPD, the airways-the tubes that carry air in and out of your lungs-become narrowed. This limits the flow of air to and from the lungs, causing shortness of breath. The natural progression of COPD involves acute exacerbations, or occasional sudden worsening of symptoms, that are typically caused by infections or air pollution.

There's More to Chakras Than You Knew
Donna's first extended Advanced Class in four years was incredibly well-received in San Diego earlier this month. Some 250 of her top practitioners from as far away as Australia were joined by 200 more who watched it via online streaming in 23 countries. The class focused on advanced chakra work and made these "pools of energy" come alive as dynamic forces in our health, psychological balance, and spiritual evolution.

The class teemed with concepts and protocols Donna has never before taught. In fact, an entirely new approach to chakras, which Donna calls the "Celtic Chakra Spiral," was shown to complement the Chakra Circling techniques Donna is known for teaching. Both work with the seven primary chakras well-known in yogic traditions, but in very different ways.

The Chakra Circling technique focuses on clearing residue from the past. The Celtic Chakra Spiral is more oriented toward getting the chakras into alignment and communication with one another for meeting the future. The entire class will be available on DVD and as an online course which will, with mentoring and testing, qualify for EEM Certification renewal as well as for CEs for various professions.
What Donna Eden Sees When Someone Taps

On one of the e-discussion groups for psychotherapists who use tapping, the nature of acupuncture points was recently a topic of rich discussion. While scientific investigation has shown that the traditional acupuncture points have different physiological and electromagnetic properties than other points on the skin, some studies show that tapping anywhere on the body can yield clinical benefits. So is it the tapping itself (paired with the psychological procedures) that leads to the well-documented clinical improvements or is it essential to tap on specific points?

While the scientific jury is still out on that question, David weighed into the discussion with a verdict based on Donna's ability to "see" energy and how it shifts and flows depending on the person, the condition, and the intervention. Here is what he wrote:

In the world according to Donna's eyes, tapping anywhere on the body while mentally activating a troubling memory or situation has a calming effect. She sees a "flare" of energy come out from the skin when you tap on any point. She also sees that energy "sink" into the body. The size and color of the flare varies, however, depending on where you tap. The conventional points tend to produce a larger flare and different colors than points that are not on the ancient acupuncture maps. This varies from point to point and person to person. So, in Donna's mind, the maps are at best averages or approximations. The skill of the acupuncturist is to sense where on the skin the most active spots are for a particular intended outcome. In general, the points used in the tapping therapies produce a larger "flare" than random points, and she associates this with a larger effect.

Donna Featured on Healing with the Masters!
Donna will be featured in Season 16 of
Healing with the Masters with Jennifer McLean

Experience the most powerful leading-edge technologies and insights for personal healing, transformation, and self-mastery. Join Jennifer McLean as she hosts season 16 of Healing with the Masters. You are invited to join her, along with 20+ professionals who are ready to share their gifts with you!

From September 15 through November 19, you can actually dial-in, raise your hand, and ask your specific questions of Donna and the extraordinary lineup of 20+ healers, teachers, intuitives, and coaches including John Assaraf, Lynne Twist, Raymond Moody, Jo Dunning, and Anita Moorjani.

Replays available for 48 hours after each call!
Energy Minute                                        
This is your Energy Minute with Dondi Dahlin from an alligator swamp in Central Florida!


The Fear Tap can help with fear, anxiety, and steady your mind when you are worried. It can also help with long-standing phobias.

On the back of your hand, between your pinky and ring finger, tap for 30 to 60 seconds. Switch sides and offer the same technique on the opposite hand. This will instantly change the electro-chemistry. You can do this at any time and any place when you are feeling fear.

For more information, see Energy Medicine,
(Tarcher/Penguin, 2008)
Innersource: Donna Eden and David Feinstein, PhD