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March 2015
Eden Energy Medicine's First European
Graduation Ceremony




Just after seeing our 1,000th EEM Certified Practitioner graduate in the U.S. in early February, we had the honor of officiating in the graduation of 70 eager and sophisticated practitioners from our first European graduating class in Dorking, just south of London. The entire experience was an extraordinarily gratifying close to a most successful Ireland and U.K. teaching tour.


Can Energy Medicine cure Fibromyalgia? Energy Medicine does not "treat" or "cure" illnesses. It assesses where the body's energies are blocked or out of harmony and gets them flowing again. Physical benefits are not the target, but they certainly occur. In this month's Case History, you get a sense of the interplay of severe physical symptoms of fibromyalgia and other conditions with the benefits of Energy Medicine.


We also let you know in this issue about three free but highly valuable resources: a teleseminar on Energy Medicine for children, an article in Energy Magazine about what Donna has learned from 38 years of teaching Energy Medicine, and a last chance to listen to 10 true experts sharing effective tips in our "Valentine's Month" Relationship series. Even better are live courses. Learn where a Foundations Class is being offered not far from you. And of course, scroll to the bottom for this month's "Energy Minute" and spring sale.

May the renewed energies of springtime refresh your spirit!

Donna and David

Case History 

Energy Medicine for Fibromyalgia

Adi Saavedra contacted Donna to offer his gratitude for Energy Medicine. Adi is ill with a chronic disease and suffers from a number of syndromes, including an extreme form of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS). He has had only marginal exposure to Eden Energy Medicine (EEM), but has used it to help manage the pain and discomfort from the MCS and related issues.


When Adi was 21-years-old, he became very ill. Over the years he has had a litany of tests, diagnoses and prescriptions, but the illness has continued, and his condition has deteriorated over the years. He is now 34-years-old. The exact diagnosis of his disease has been difficult to establish. He has tested positive for the Lyme spirochete (Borrelia Burgdorferi), but his doctor believes his main issue is Babesiosis, which is a malaria-like parasitic disease. There are other disease indications as well, but none of the medical tests have been conclusive, and therefore the solutions offered by the medical community have not been very helpful.


Correlated with these disease factors are a number of syndromes that he must live with, including MCS, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), Sick Building Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, and Mold Illness.


For most of his time he must stay at home, keeping plastic over the doors and windows and using a medical grade air purifier. But of course, he cannot stay in his house all of the time. When he goes into an environment that he cannot control, he will almost always have a reaction. If the reaction is not acute, he can try to control it with medicines, herbs, or minerals. If his reaction is acute, there is nothing he can do and must endure extreme pain. This has been his life until recently, when someone gave him Donna's book, Energy Medicine.

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Energy Medicine for Children

Join Titanya Dahlin for this FREE summit dedicated to helping children around the world! 


Energy Medicine will be featured in the 2015 online World Summit on HEALING OUR CHILDREN. Titanya Dahlin, Donna's daughter, will be presenting along with the likes of Daniel Siegel, Bessel van der Kolk, Panache Desai, and Dawson Church. 

The Summit begins March 17, and is oriented toward parents and caregivers of children who have a range of challenges. It also addresses issues that matter to all parents, such as how not to get triggered by your child's behavior. 

The series will also introduce you to the latest scientific findings in brain plasticity and the mind's ability to create health. The series is FREE. Titanya's talk
-- "Energy Medicine for Kids: Simple Ways to Help our Children (and Us!) Feel Better" -- will be on March 22. Click here to learn more and to register.
Register NOW for Year 1 Foundations Classes! 

Registration for the 2015/2016 Foundations Classes program has begun. We are offering more than 50 classes worldwide, in four countries!
The EEM Foundations Classes are a one-year program of extensive study in the fundamentals of Eden Energy Medicine. This year of classes is the groundwork for those students who wish to complete the EEM Two-Year Certification Program and become Eden Energy Medicine Certified, Clinical or Advanced Practitioners.



Energy Medicine may be used by professionals who want to integrate EEM into their existing practices including: doctors of medicine, osteopath, naturopathy, and chiropractic, as well as nurses, psychotherapists, life coaches, acupuncturists, massage therapists, yoga instructors, and occupational and physical therapists, to name just a few.


Caregivers are an important part of the health care experience and can benefit greatly from using the methods they learn in Year 1 for themselves and for those they support.


Integrating Eden Energy Medicine into one's self-care routine is Donna's dream and passion. Many people around the world have reported amazing results by just doing the Daily Energy Routine! The Foundations training allows individuals to learn Energy Medicine methods that are beneficial in bringing a deep and lasting resiliency to their energies. Click here for complete details.

Lessons from 38 Years of Teaching Energy Medicine

Energy Magazine Article Available Now! 


Anyone reading this is familiar with our books, e-Letters, and Energy Medicine Minutes. But did you know that we occasionally write for Energy Magazine? Donna's latest article offers lessons from the front lines of teaching energy medicine. Here is an excerpt from an article in their most recent issue:


Skeptics Will Become Your Strongest Advocates. But not if you try to engage them at an intellectual level. Instead, give them an experience that their senses can't deny. . . . They may resolve it by intellectualizing the experience away, but they may return for more demonstrations until the weight of their experience is so strong that they have to re-examine their beliefs. My husband, David Feinstein, is my Poster Child for "Skeptics Will Become Your Strongest Advocates." He sat in on [my] first class in 1977 and came away shaking his head and wondering what I had gotten into. He thought $5 [the tuition] was a bit high. He now writes books and teaches with me on the topic.


Read the entire article by signing up for a free Energy Magazine subscription by clicking here.

Last Chance for The Energies of Love Relationship Series! 

FREE Replays End April 1
More than 12,000 people registered for "Our Love, Romance, and Relationships" series, and the feedback has been stellar. For instance, "I want to thank all of you for the Energies of Love series. They were fabulous! The insights and stories were enlightening and funny! The gifts that Eden Energy Medicine provides are beyond words. Thank you again."

You can still tune in for a VERY short time! The replays expire April 1, so please click here to sign up and listen if you have not done so already!

The program is made up of 6 one-hour Donna and David interviews with luminaries including John Gray, Norm Shealy, Arielle Ford, James Van Praagh, Gregg Braden, and Dawson Church, plus additional programs by Bruce Lipton, Nick Ortner, Carol Tuttle, and SARK. Replays are FREE until April 1.
Energy Minute                                        
This is your Energy Minute with Donna Eden, Titanya Dahlin, and Dondi Dahlin from Bunratty Castle in Bunratty, Ireland

Clear Toxins from Your Body with Donna Eden, Dondi Dahlin, and Titanya Dahlin!

There are magical points you can massage on your body if you would like to clear emotional and physical toxins. Take your thumbs and massage upward, right at the crease of the arms and the body.

These are the Central Neurolymphatic Reflex Points, and massaging these will clear out these toxins. Do this every day, and you will feel great!

For more information, see Energy Medicine,

(Tarcher/Penguin, 2008)

Innersource: Donna Eden and David Feinstein, PhD