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January 2015



Donna at 71

We launched the year in Palm Springs with a January 2-4 weekend teaching to a large group on the topic of Aging Joyfully. This photo and caption were on the cover of the 42-page handout packet created specifically for this event. It was a challenging class to teach because it included Palm Springs retirees who had never heard of Energy Medicine but were drawn in by the workshop's title. Also in attendance were many of our Certification Program faculty and graduates.


Feedback from both the newbies and the old-timers was stellar. The class was videotaped, and while it will take a few months for our team to get it in the queue for editing, we will announce in this e-Letter when the program and handouts are available.


Two recent books and a recent article in a prestigious publication give testament to the power and importance of energy healing. All three are described below. In counterpoint to the word getting out in these more academic ways is an exposé, summarized below, of the pharmaceutical industry's ability to suppress information about energy healing and other approaches that threaten its lucrative dominance in health care. So far, we're sad to say, the pharmaceutical folks are winning that contest hands-down, but the publications described in this issue are pulling steadily in the other direction.


Another January has come up on the wheel of all our lives, and we wish you a blessed and beautiful 2015.


Donna and David 

Energy Psychology Helping Survivors of Genocide

Caroline Sakai, Ph.D.
Two books written by individuals we are proud to call our colleagues poignantly demonstrate the healing power of Energy Psychology in the aftermath of some of the most terrible events that can befall a human being. David was honored to write the foreword to one of them, Overcoming Adversity: How Energy Tapping Transforms Your Life's Worst Experiences by psychologist Caroline Sakai. Her profound work in Rwanda has been researched and led to three articles in peer-reviewed journals. The publisher has graciously granted permission for us to post David's foreword.
Gunilla Hamne

The second book, Resolving Yesterday: First Aid for Stress and Trauma with TTT (the Trauma Tapping Technique), is co-authored by our cyberfriend Gunilla Hamne (along with Ulf Sandström). Gunilla helped found the Peaceful Heart Network to, in her words, "empower survivors of war and genocide by teaching and spreading this powerful yet simple treatment to heal the memories of the past."


She has been doing incredible work in Central Africa in particular, teaching trauma tapping in refuge camps, prisons, and other settings where the suffering is profound. David wrote the following (5-star) Amazon review for Gunilla's book, but it addresses both books.


"Where the need is greatest, the human spirit becomes inventive. Hamne and Sandström's Resolving Yesterday and Caroline Sakai's Overcoming Adversity were independently published within two weeks of one another, at the tail end of 2014. Each book demonstrates how tapping on acupuncture points has been combined with other psychological methods to provide profound benefits to genocide survivors in Rwanda, as well as traumatized individuals in other parts of the world. Each is a testament to the power of the same basic approach for healing some of the most severe damage that can be inflicted on the human psyche. These are works that the general public, political leaders, and the psychiatric community in particular should be reading and introducing into the public dialogue about how to assist the growing number of traumatized individuals the world is producing."

New Understanding about How Stimulating Acupuncture

Points Changes Brain Pathways

A core question raised by the books Resolving Yesterday and Overcoming Anxiety is: "How can such a simple method possibly bring about such powerful healing?" A special issue of the prestigious if heady publication The Neuropsychotherapist focuses on the way that psychotherapy changes the neural pathways that underlie a range of psychological difficulties. The editors asked proponents of several therapeutic modalities to explain how their approach operates in terms of the way the brain can "reconsolidate" old memories with new experiences. We are honored that Energy Psychology is one of the approaches being featured. The article, written by David, was published on January 1, bringing in the New Year quite nicely for Energy Psychology. You can read the editor's introduction to the issue and David's entire article here.

Wikipedia: The Plot Thickens

We have in recent months devoted a great deal of valuable column space to the Wikipedia controversy because when someone new to Energy Medicine or Energy Psychology wants to learn more, Wikipedia is often the first place they look. There they are fed biased and misleading information that represents both disciplines as pseudoscience, lacking in substance or merit.


A new book by Sharyl Attkisson, an award-winning former CBS investigative reporter, points to Wikipedia as a prime example of a growing problem where the internet and other media are used by special interests in disguise "with the intent of fooling you into believing an independent or grassroots movement is speaking . . . They give the impression there's widespread support for an agenda when there's not."


In her book Stonewalled, published by Harper last November, Attkisson explains that while Wikipedia is billed as "the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit . . . the reality can't be more different. Anonymous Wikipedia editors acting on behalf of corporate interests co-opt and control pages to forbid or reverse edits that threaten their agenda. . . . They skew and delete information, blatantly violating Wikipedia's own established policies with impunity . . . blocking [other would-be contributors] from correcting even the simplest factual inaccuracies."


Most relevant to Energy Medicine, she points to "the powerful pharmaceutical interests that deftly use Wikipedia to distribute their propaganda and control the message."


Some of Wikipedia's conflicts of interest are being exposed now by a group called, which states that it exists to "inoculate the unsuspecting public against the torrent of misinformation, defamation, and general nonsense that issues forth from one of the world's most frequently visited websites."


John Freedom 

Commenting on these revelations, John Freedom, director of research for the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP), recently wrote to ACEP members: "So there you have it, dear colleagues, we've no doubt been shadowboxing with psychiatry and big pharma all along, regardless of what our studies prove. This is also why most of the reporters we've talked to, even those who have initiated the contact, drop the story of Energy Psychology for combat PTSD and other populations. Their editors kill their stories because of big pharma advertising dollars. Who else would stonewall our research and so vehemently attack us as 'lunatic charlatans?' However, we have the outcomes -- people heal."

Energy Minute                                        
This is your Energy Minute with Donna Eden, Titanya Dahlin, and Dondi Dahlin from Palm Springs, California!

Connect Heaven and Earth for More Energy!

The next time you are feeling like a couch potato and you are looking for more energy, Connecting Heaven and Earth is a GREAT way to open your energetic channels! This technique invites energy to flow into the body, and it also releases toxic, stale energies. Stretch up on opposite sides two times, and then bend down. Remember to breathe!

For more information, see Energy Medicine,

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Innersource: Donna Eden and David Feinstein, PhD