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Energy Minute: The Diaphragm Breath

Case History: A Child's Intuition

The Energies of Love Wrap-Up

IGEEM 2014 Wrap-Up

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Awaken Your Feminine Joy Through Belly Dance
October 10-12
Omega Institute
Rhinebeck, NY

Introduction to
Energy Psychology
October 12-17
Omega Institute
Rhinebeck, NY

Energy Medicine: A Workshop for Hands-On Practice
October 17-19
Omega Institute
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Energies of Love
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October 20
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Launching Your Practice with Joy and Grace
November 3-4
Phoenix, AZ

Darius Barazandeh Interview with
Donna Eden
November 10

Shock & Irregular Energies: The Initiate of all Disease
November 18
United Kingdom

Aging Joyfully with Donna Eden through Energy Medicine
January 2-4, 2015
Palm Springs, CA

Energy Medicine with Donna Eden
March 24, 2015
Tallahassee, FL 
Case Histories

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Donna Eden Interviewed by
the Wonderful
Darius Barazandeh

Monday, Nov 10
4:00 p.m. EST/
1:00 p.m. PST

This season their mission is to awaken one million hearts to love through the Million Hearts Project™.

Join Donna and a collection of fabulous speakers including Carol Tuttle, Jonathan Goldman, and Camille Pipolo!

Series runs September 15 thru mid-January 2015

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September 2014 Edition



We are writing this on September 30. It is a time of celebration for us. First of all, today is Titanya's and Dondi's birthday (3 years apart to the day!) Second, we are winding down from our third consecutive and enormously successful IGEEM Conference.
Once again, every keynote speaker received a standing ovation, the 42 concurrent sessions were incredibly well received and appreciated, and the mood of the group was euphoric!

Third, we have not only completed The Energies of Love, we are past the book launch where our publisher encouraged a lot more "hard sell" than we are comfortable with. But it got the book into more hands than we otherwise might have. That pleases us immensely because we know we have something that can be of enormous help to couples on the challenging journey of maintaining a deep and vital partnership in the 21st century.

Also on this day, we were surprised and wonderfully tickled by the video collage put together by our wonderful videographers Jill Stevens and Elizabeth Watts. What a kick (see below).

Thank you for joining us on this amazing ride! Happy autumn: Donna's favorite season, so another cause for celebration!

Donna and David
Energy Minute                                        
This is your Energy Minute from the
2014 International Gathering of Eden Energy Medicine!

Bring Oxygen to Your Organs, Cells, and Entire Body with Dondi and Titanya Dahlin!
Bring Oxygen to Your Organs, Cells, and Entire Body with
Dondi Dahlin and Titanya Dahlin!

The diaphragm is a shelf of muscle between the chest and the abdomen. The Diaphragm Breath technique brings oxygen to every cell and organ within your body. This exercise also aids digestion, weight management, and leaky gut syndrome. Do this three times every day.

 For more information, see Energy Medicine,

(Tarcher/Penguin, 2008)

Case History 



wooden-car-boy.jpg by Gail Van Kanegan, NP 

Children have the ability to view the world with incredible creativity and a genuine sense of knowing.  However, it became most evident to me just how much children are intuitive about Energy Medicine (EM) when I was witness to the ability of my 3-year-old grandson, Gavin, to help heal another person. Ever since Gavin was conceived, he has received energy work from me in a variety of forms. When he was able to talk, he started to tell me "feels good, Grandma" every time I massaged his aura or hooked him up.

I live 400 miles from Gavin and was at his home for a week in December 2010. A close friend of mine stopped by to visit one evening. She could barely walk or lift her legs to get up the steps into the house. In our discussions, she told me how over the past six months she had been having increased pain of her legs and low back to the point that she could not lift her foot enough to get dressed or put on her shoes. She had been working with her doctor, who has not been able to provide any relief of the pain, and she has become increasingly fatigued, de-conditioned, and weakened.

Immediately I began to assess her energies and found her to be ungrounded, disconnected, and no energy was moving below the waist. She rated the pain at a 9/10 of her thigh muscles where they connect to the pelvis and low back. I grounded her, traced her meridians, and did the belt flow a few times. Her pain disappeared immediately, and she was able to raise her feet as high as her knees and march in place! 

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Thank you for your help!

 We are so very grateful to all of you who helped us launch The Energies of Love!


We extend a tremendous THANK YOU to our entire community and beyond, for helping to support The Energies of Love book launch these last two months! The launch has been an incredible success
that has exponentially increased awareness of Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology as the general public has discovered the book and wants to learn more about what makes it so special!  

It is never too late to purchase your copy of the book or one for your friends who would enjoy it as well (click here).

We are now delighted to know how this book is impacting you. Send a note to or share on our Eden Energy Medicine Programs Facebook page (click here).

The Video Collage Surprise that So Tickled
Donna and David This Morning!!!

ith gratitude and love in mind and heart, we would like to share one more celebratory video with you of Donna and David teaching together.
D&D MashUp V2
Donna & David - Bringing a little sunshine to your day.
A Fun Production by Hip Chicks Create
IGEEM 2014 Wrap-Up

David and Donna with Innersource staff at the close of IGEEM 2014 

Thank you 2014 IGEEM Presenters and Attendees!

A heartfelt thank you is extended to our Third Annual International Gathering of Eden Energy Medicine (
IGEEM) 2014 presenters and attendees -- we couldn't do it without you! What a wonderful, inspiring gathering we had in San Diego. It is easy to remember how impactful this work is when we gather together in such a loving, cohesive group!

A special extension of gratitude goes to our special pre-/post-event presenters Sara Allen, Richard Duree and Shanti Duree, as well as our extraordinary lineup of keynote speakers who we are thrilled to share all received standing ovations: Jack Canfield, Seane Corn, Larry Dossey, Kulreet Chaudhary, and Jean Houston!

If you weren't there or would like to revisit happy memories, photos from the event can be viewed at the Eden Energy Medicine Programs Facebook page (click here).

We were also thrilled to announce in San Diego that IGEEM will be taking a year off in 2015 so Donna can present an exciting new Advanced Class instead. The final details and topic are being worked out (and will be announced when available), but for now pencil in early September 2015 for a likely return to San Diego to savor this latest addition to the canon of EEM. IGEEM will be back in 2016 returning to the Eastern United States, also likely in early September. We'll have lots of details to share with you in the coming months regarding these and other exciting classes, so keep reading the newsletter each month so you don't miss out! 
Innersource: Donna Eden and David Feinstein, PhD