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Donna & David on the TED Controversy

Jean Houston, Ph.D. to Address IGEEM Again

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Energy Tip: Escape the Grip of Fear!

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October 2013 Edition
The Family - Halloween 2010
David, Donna, and family at the EEM Certification Program, Halloween 2010.
The excitement is still buzzing from our IGEEM Convention last month, and we are already announcing our first keynote speaker for IGEEM 2014. We are totally excited to have her! And speaking of IGEEM keynote speakers, Rupert Sheldrake, who was just with us in Orlando, has been the center of an international TED Controversy, an eruption of the scientist's version of the Tea Party. Read our take on it below and watch his keynote address. We are also announcing in this issue the name of the FREE TUITION winner for IGEEM 2014.

Lisa Garr, one of the best interviewers we know, will be doing a video program with Donna in November. Learn how to view it free. And in the spirit of the upcoming holiday trilogy of Halloween, All Souls' Day, and the Day of the Dead, this issue tells of one of Donna's most haunting experiences, provides an energy tip on how to escape the grip of fear, and tells you of our Rituals for Living & Dying All Souls' Transition Sale.

Happy Halloween!

Donna and David

Case History
Encountering Dark Forces
By Donna Eden 

tea-candles.jpg When entering deeply into another's being, you sometimes open to forces you never invited, wanted, or expected. Jim was deeply distressed when he scheduled an appointment with me. He inexplicably kept losing control of his car. His experience was that someone invisible was in the car struggling with him for control of the steering wheel and trying to make the car go off the road. He feared for his life, so much so that he had left the area, gone to Alaska, and had lived peacefully for a year on a fishing boat. When he returned to Oregon, however, the "spirit" was in his life again, and he wanted me to help him get rid of it.


We agreed to work together. I felt I ­could help him, although I didn't really believe he was dealing with an "evil spirit." Psychological explanations for his account seemed far more prob­able, and besides, I am a person who had and has a very hard time recognizing evil. I can be in denial even when I am faced with direct experiences of its presence.

At the time, my office was in my home. After Jim lay down on my table, the session quickly became very strange. When I went to touch him, it seemed that my hands ­couldn't get any closer than about four inches from his body. There was some kind of barrier around him.
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Donna and David on the TED Controversy

As has been widely publicized, a provocative presentation by Rupert Sheldrake was censored by TED. The conservative forces within TED managed to get the talk withdrawn from viewers. All hell broke loose at that point. In mobilizing a group of scientists for an international protest about such censorship, Deepak Chopra pointed to "the animosity of militant atheists against consciousness studies and their stubborn defense of conservative mainstream science."

Since then, TED has leaned further toward the materialistic side with its public letter affirming its ban on what it calls "bad science, pseudoscience, and health hoaxes." Sounds like a reasonable ban, except those now running TED believe that a great deal of legitimate innovation falls into these categories. The winners are Big Pharm, GMOs, conventional medicine, and narrow scientific materialism. The losers are the rest of us. (Don't expect to see Donna invited onto TED any time soon.) But this doesn't mean we need to give up pushing the boundaries at every opportunity. We are extremely proud to have hosted Rupert recently to present his views to our audience.

Rupert Sheldrake ~ Morphic Resonance
Rupert Sheldrake ~ Morphic Resonance


Rupert Sheldrake's talk at our International Gathering of Eden Energy Medicine (IGEEM) Convention last month was an inspired glimpse into the deeper nature of reality. Going beyond the tools of conventional science, he has for the past 35 years been developing a compelling though unconventional theory of how natural processes -- from the subatomic level to human societies -- are organized by invisible fields. These "morphic fields" carry information and form. While a radical theory, when you examine it you find that it explains many of the unanswered questions in science. In the spirit of open dialogue and discussion, with Rupert's permission, we invite you to watch the video of his thought-provoking IGEEM keynote and decide for yourself.

Jean Houston, Ph.D. to Address IGEEM Again
Jean Houston
Jean Houston returns for IGEEM 2014 in San Diego!
By David Feinstein, Ph.D.

One of the highlights of the first IGEEM was Jean Houston's spellbinding keynote address that closed the Convention. Upon hearing it, a stunning 50 more people signed up on-the-spot for her post conference class. This is unheard of. Most people by that point in the conference have their return plane reservations or other plans firmly in place.

Before Donna and I joined our careers as well as our lives, there was little overlap amongst our intellectual heros, with one exception: Jean Houston. Jean is high up among the most articulate, visionary, heartful, and effective people on the planet. We have sought ways of collaborating with her over the years and, in the process, have become dear friends with her. We were overjoyed this week to learn that she has agreed to return to provide another keynote and post conference class at the September 2014 IGEEM in San Diego.

In figuring out how to give you a taste of what to expect, we decided to link you to a 12-minute segment of a 1998 Jean Houston interview by Jeffrey Mishlove. Jean's IGEEM 2014 talk will occur 16 years after that interview. These two points in time are compelling because in 1998, Jean predicted what would unfold in the culture: "All systems are in transition. Everything is breaking down: government, politics, religion, relationships." While speaking of the inevitable rise of fundamentalism, she also pointed to possibilities that are still in our reach today: "We have access to all of the knowledge that has accumulated in all of the cultures throughout the history of humanity and sufficient crisis and complexity and radical need to make use of this knowledge!"

In these 16 years, Jean has been actively working with the United Nations and dozens of world leaders to move through the upheaval in a way that grabs the opportunity for planetary evolution. At IGEEM, she will tell us what she has learned and what she thinks now. The modest title of her 2014 keynote talk is "The Cosmos, the Nature of Reality, and Energy Medicine."

We Have A Winner!!
Orange Spiral Logo Congratulations to Peggy Apgar' Schmidt, who was randomly selected from the IGEEM 2013 submitted evaluations to win FREE TUITION to IGEEM 2014 in San Diego, September 17-21. Thank you to everyone who took the time to fill out an evaluation. Your comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated!
Energy Tip
Escape the Grip of Fear!  
If you're feeling afraid, anxious, or need to steady your mind, the Fear Tap is for you!

When you are caught in fear, anxiety, or a phobia, try tapping a point on the Triple Warmer (TW) meridian. TW governs the fight-flight-or-freeze response, and can help alleviate the fear. Use this simple technique the next time you feel fearful or anxious. 
Watch Dondi Dahlin demonstrate the Fear Tap
Watch Dondi Dahlin present the Fear Tap.
  1. Sink into the fear. 
  2. Place your hand over your heart and start tapping the back side of your hand halfway between your wrist and fingers, aligned with the point where your fourth and fifth fingers converge. Tap there for about one minute.
  3. If you still feel the fear, repeat the same process on the other hand.     
Even for a long-standing phobia, repeated use of this technique will begin to alter the underlying energetic pattern.   
The Gamut Point
The Gamut Point on
Triple Warmer Meridian

Triple Warmer meridian not only governs the flight-fight-or-freeze response, it also governs habits. So you may need to tap this TW spot on the hand (also called the "gamut point" in Energy Psychology) for an extended period of time before TW lets go of the pattern. 
Adapted from Donna Eden's book Energy Medicine2008 Tarcher/Penguin.
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