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  October, 2014  

Recent newsletter articles that are still very relevant NOW have just been posted on the Resiliency In Action Website. You can access any of this important information by clicking on the titles below:

"How Building Resiliency is Bully Prevention"

"Race and Resiliency: What does the research say?"

"The Cutting Edge of Resiliency Research: Resiliency and the Brain"

"The Resiliency-Based Military Program that is Reducing Military Suicides"

"Practices That Develop Authentic Self-Esteem in Children and Youth"

In addition, we've just posted a video on YouTube explaining what fostering resiliency REALLY means and how understanding the definition of resiliency immediately changes how we relate to those we teach, those we help, and even those in our own family!

CLICK HERE TO SEE THE YOUTUBE VIDEO: What does the term Resiliency really mean?

And I recently found THE BEST parenting book I have ever read that integrates the resiliency research...actually, it is the best parenting book of any kind I have read in a long time. Details are included below!

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"The Dolphin Way: A Parent's Guide to Raising Healthy, Happy, and Motivated Kids" integrates the resiliency model
Shimi Kang, M.D., a Harvard-educated psychiatrist has written one of the best parenting books I have ever read, and one in alignment with resiliency research. In the book Dr. Kang challenges the myth that "tiger parenting" will lead our children to the outcomes we all desire. Instead, she quotes relevant, recent social science research that shows "the push for early overachievement (which seems to be earlier and earlier) has placed children at greater risk for burnout, family stress, insomnia, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and substance abuse" (pp. 34 - 35).

She details "what happens to children raised by tigers": These children experience a lack of "the basics of life" -- sleep, sunlight, exercise, and nutrition. In addition, "tiger parenting of children" results in "social skills and social bonding deficits"; physical injuries; "deficits in character" such as cheating and other unethical behaviors; substance use and addiction; and mental-health problems, self-harm, and even suicide. She notes, for example, "Compared with college students in the 1930s and 1940s, recent college students score significantly higher on the clinical scales for depression, hypomania, paranoia, and psychopathic deviation. A shocking five times as many young people now score above common cutoffs for psychopathology" (p. 61).

One of the most fascinating parts of this book is Dr. Kang's comparison of the impact of high-pressure Asian cultures, where "the suicide rate is skyrocketing for college students" and very laid-back, balanced, nurturing Finland. Young people from both cultures do equally well on international student testing. She notes that "Asian parents are right: if you drill your kids hard enough, they can rise to the top. The sleepless nights, the drudgery, the countless sacrifices [of a balanced life]...can be expected to pay off in the end." But students in Finland do just as well on international tests and "it has an educational system that's the complete opposite of the authoritarian systems" (p.82). She adds that the Finish educational system spends 30 percent less on each student than is spent in the U.S. "The Finnish system works because it's in sync with how humans truly learn and yearn to live: through a balanced life that values play, exploration, social connection, and collaboration" (p. 83).

Furthermore, tiger parenting doesn't provide kids with the "essential twenty-first-century skills identified by more than 250 researchers from sixty different institutions worldwide." These skills, the most critical for success in the workplace everywhere are:

  1. Creativity - identified by "today's business leaders" as the "most important competency for the future."
  2. Critical thinking - asking the right questions vs. knowing the right answers.
  3. Communication - being able to express "thoughts effectively and in different media."
  4. Collaboration - "being able to learn from and inspire other while working as a team" ( p. 85).

Why then the dolphin? "At the top of the ocean's food chain is actually a dolphin. The orca is the world's most powerful top-level predator. But unlike solitary hunters such as tigers, sharks, and polar bears, orcas are highly social and collaborative, making them all the more powerful" (p. 97). She calls the dolphin "a model of health, happiness, and success" (p. 95).

Parenting skills Dr. Kang recommends human parents take from dolphins include:

  • Create a "balanced life" that includes "playing freely, exploring bravely, bonding socially, and contributing wholeheartedly" (p. 113).
  • "Give your child some free time" (p. 123).
  • Emphasize and model good nutrition, sleep, breathing, and excercise.
  • Encourage and model play, "it's in our nature" (p.145).
  • Encourage "community" and "contribution" which "makes us experience well-being and joy" (p. 187).
  • "Teach values and positive character" (p. 199).
  • Foster "internal" motivation and control.
  • Motivate your child by focusing on "importance and confidence" (p. 216).

Throughout the book, Dr. Kang's recommendations about the crucial value of human connectedness, prioritizing relationships, valuing play, and offering ways for children to contribute to others is in total alignment with findings from the research on resiliency: All of this also builds resilient, able-to-weather-life's-adversity kids.

Click here to read Dr. Kang's article in TIME magazine.

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Rave reviews for this book include:

"A fabulous resource! Henderson's work has definitely motivated me to change my frame of mind, and remind me why I love working with children in the field of education. She reminds us all that children, no matter how traumatized or troubled, are not helpless, but have the opportunity to become as successful as they wish to be!"
Mona Jasemian, California School Psychologist

"What a wealth of information for school teachers and counselors. Although it is focused on children, the information is transferable to other age groups. There are interviews, activities and articles written by a variety of experts. I am impressed."
Paula P. Smith, Ph.D., Director of Victim-Witness Advocacy Prosecuting Attorneys' Council of Georgia

"Where you now see youth and adults with problems, [this book] will show you people with strengths and promise. Where you now feel helpless and hopeless, it will show you your power to help others change and to make changes in your own life. As a clinical psychologist and social worker for over 20 years, I have used the resiliency-based principles and suggestions in this book to create a more successful strengths-based practice."
Craig Noonan M.S.W., Ph.D., Book Contributor

"This is the bible for our work!"
Barbara Keller, (RET), Director, Suffolk Coalition to Prevent Alcohol and Drug Dependencies, Long Island, NY

"A resource for changing hearts and minds."
Brenda Holben (RET), SDRSC Coordinator, Cherry Creek, CO

"Bursting with new ideas, best practices, portraits of innovative programs and relevant policies. Ahead of the curve."
Dennis Saleeby, Ph.D., Editor of The Strengths Perspective in Social Work Practice

"Unique and important, drawing on the work of major thinkers, writers, practitioners."
Peter Benson, Ph.D., (past) President of Search Institute


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