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March 5, 2014 
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Mark Matteson gives over 75 presentations each year. Book him now to secure the inspiring message that will spark your group's success! To watch Mark's demo video, go to: www.sparkingsuccess.net. Call 206.697.0454 or e-mail him at mark.enjoythejourney.matteson@gmail.com.


Cowboy Mark  


by Mark Matteson

Roy Rogers was my first mentor. I was six years old. Studies have been done that tell us ages five through seven years are the most impressionable and go a long way in determining who we become. My family lived in Japan on an American air base during those formative years. The air base theater showed all the old Roy Rogers black-and-white flicks, and I saw every one of them. They were corny, one-hour films with titles like Song in Arizona, Sunset in El Dorado, and Sheriff of Tombstone. Watching those old movies on YouTube now, itʼs easy to understand why he was so popular. He had the duds, the hat, the smartest horse in the West, he could play the guitar and sing (there is something about a singing cowboy), he was the good guy, and of course, he always got the girl and saved the day or town by the end of the hour. I wanted to be just like him. So did most of the kids I knew. Where have all the cowboys gone?

Great mentors usually have a philosophy or set of principles they live by. Have you ever read the Cowboy Code of Ethics? It is simply profound and profoundly simple:
  1. Live each day with courage.
  2. Take pride in your work.
  3. Always finish what you start.
  4. Do what has to be done, no matter what.
  5. Ride for the brand.
  6. Talk less; say more.
  7. Be tough, but fair.
  8. When you make a promise, keep it.
  9. Remember some things are not for sale.
  10. Know where to draw the line.

We all need mentors. One of my most meaningful mentors, the late, great Charlie Jones, told me, "Youʼll be the same person in five years, but for two things: people and books, books and people." If we ask and listen, our mentors can save us years of trial and error, give us a start, offer solid advice, or point us in the direction we should go. I can track my mentors throughout my life, the men and women who did what I wanted to do and had been where I wanted to go. Never having been shy, I simply called them up, wrote a letter or note, or attended a gathering, clinic, workshop, seminar or keynote, waited around to talk with them, and ultimately invested in the products they offered. My strategy was to develop a long- term, win-win relationship. To find and keep mentors, follow these simple guidelines: 
  1. Give to Get - How can you send business to them? What can you do to assist them in a value-based relationship? Chances are they are successful at what they do; they are very busy people with many people tugging on their shirtsleeve. Be different. Give first.
  2. Be Aware of Their Time - Do not waste a minute of their time. Never call and say, "Can I pick your brain?" Invest in their books, CDs, DVDs, their coaching sessions, and study the articles and special reports they have written BEFORE you ever reach out. Demonstrate you are serious.
  3. Plan Your Questions and Objectives - Know what you want to accomplish and why. Consider asking key open-ended questions like: 
    1. If you were just starting out now, what would you do differently?
    2. What books should I read? 
    3. What seminars should I attend? 
    4. What are the three key things to master in this industry? 
    5. Who were your mentors? What did they teach you?
  4. Keep Them Posted on Your Progress - Let them know they are making a difference in your life and business. They want to know they are helping you grow.
  5. Thank Them in Unique WaysHandwritten notes, gifts, and heartfelt thanks go a long way. Gratitude fosters abundance.
My wife recently dragged me to the Spirit of the West Cowboy Gathering in Ellensburg, Washington. I still donʼt know whatʼs good for me. I had a ball. I met some wonderful people; they were sincere, genuine, and kind. I have dozens of writing and speaking mentors, but my newest are both Cowboy Poets: Baxter Black and Doris Daley. Hearing Doris inspired me to get in touch with my inner cowboy.
Cowboy Mark 
Howdy folks, Iʼm Cowboy Mark, Iʼm kindaʼ new at this, 
Not to speaking publicly, 
the stage is the ocean, 
Iʼve always been the fish.

Been writing most my life, 
Iʼm at home with paper and pen, 
Itʼs the Cowboy Poet Iʼm searching for, 
Like Iʼm starting all over again.

Real Cowboys and Ranch Hands would say, 
I know a phony when I see me one, 
They are right, Iʼm all hat and no cattle, 
But Folks, Iʼm a just doing it for fun.

Iʼm an accidental cowboy, 
My wife is the Cowboy Girl, 
So I go along with some reluctance, 
Line dancing, a jig and a swirl.

Cowboy Mark is a real apprentice, 
A novice, a green horn at best, 
With my black cowboy boots and five-gallon hat, 
and my Trader Grizz Western leather vest.

My sincere and heartfelt apologies, 
To real Cowboys, Punchers and Pokes, 
Just trying to keep my Cowgirl happy, 
Ainʼt that what itʼs all about, Folks?

Happy Trails, Cowboy Mark

Thanks, Roy and Doris; you left an imprint on my life. Giddy-up!
Mark Matteson gives over 75 presentations each year. Book him now to secure the inspiring message that will spark your group's success! To watch Mark's demo video, go to: www.sparkingsuccess.net. Call 206.697.0454 or e-mail him at mark.enjoythejourney.matteson@gmail.com. 
Book of the Month  


West Word Ho! 

by Doris Daley 


Doris Daley is an authentic Cowgirl. She is all cattle and some hat, as well as one of the most gracious people you will ever meet. She is also an award-winning Cowboy Poet. I Found My Tribe, a documentary featuring Doris, made its debut recently. The film explores the world of poets and
their impulse to write in rhymed verse. It tells the whole story.

To book Doris call 403.933.2242 ddaley@telus.net
PO Box 224, Turner Valley, AB, Canada TOL 2AO  


Mark Matteson gives over 75 presentations each year. Book him now to secure the inspiring message that will spark your group's success! To watch Mark's demo video, go to: www.sparkingsuccess.net. Call 206.697.0454 or e-mail him at mark.enjoythejourney.matteson@gmail.com.