August 2013



  News from the Suffolk County Village Officials Association



Executive Board



Mayor Ralph A. Scordino
Village of Babylon

1st Vice President

Mayor Allan M. Dorman
Village of Islandia

2nd Vice President

Mayor Richard B. Smith
Village of Nissequogue


  Mayor Thomas A. Brennan 
Village of Lindenhurst 

Past President

Mayor Paul V. Pontieri, Jr.
Village of Patchogue


Past President
Mayor Paul F. Rickenbach, Jr.
Village of East Hampton


President Emeritus 
Hon. Peter T. Imbert
Former Mayor,
Village of Amityville

Executive Director

Hon. Paul J. Tonna
Former Suffolk County Presiding Officer 



Hon. Peter A. Bee, Esq.
Former Mayor,
Village of Garden City

Project Manager
Deborah Young 




Suffolk County Village Officials Association
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Huntington, NY 11743

How is the Suffolk County TVB 
Affecting Your Village's Revenue?

To All Village Mayors:

The establishment of the new Suffolk County Traffic Violations Bureau (TVB) could be affecting your village's revenue significantly.  

Islandia, for example, has experienced a tremendous drop in traffic tickets this year. In 2012, the Sheriff's department wrote 6,190 tickets, mostly on the highway. In sharp contrast, for the first 8 months of 2013, Islandia has received 421 tickets.  This is a clear departure from what has occurred in the past and is greatly impacting the village's revenue.  Every village has probably been losing revenue as a result of this new TVB---it's just a matter of how much. 
We're interested in finding out how this new TVB is affecting your village. Take a look at the volume of tickets received in your village from the Suffolk County Police Department for 2013 compared to 2012.  You might want to review this weekly or monthly by asking the village administrators who process the tickets to create an "add-a-line" that monitors the numbers.  
Please let us know if/how the new TVB is affecting your village. This information gathering could bring to light an issue that all the villages of Suffolk County should be addressing. 

Suffolk County Village Officials Association