MUSCP Faculty Connect
Spring 2013 v1

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  • Message from the MUSCP President
  • Trending Topics - Physician non-compete, new board elected
  • Spotlight - Midtown Family Medicine and Dr. Gregory Perron
  • Pride Points
       - PATH access win in Pediatric Neurology sets the standard
        - MUSC strong on Best Doctors list
  • Extra Extra - "What do you mean I can get fired for looking at a medical record?"
  • The Epic Story - important news regarding the Epic project
  • Featured Benefit of the Quarter
  • The Front Desk- A question & answer forum
  • Save the Date  
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Save the Date

April 12-     50% of Epic build complete

May 7-       SCresearch Expo

May 17-     COM Commencement

July 2014-  Epic Enterprise Go Live   
A Message from MUSC Physicians President,
Philip Costello, M.D.


        Welcome to the inaugural edition of the quarterly MUSC Physicians Staff Connect newsletter. Chances are you already receive more newsletters than you actually read. That's why the goal of MUSCP Faculty Connect is to provide relevant, applicable information that will prove to be a "go to" resource facilitating engagement among colleagues in issues related directly to your roles and personal interests within MUSCP. 
       MUSCP Faculty Connect is committed to creating usable content. To that end, a diverse editorial board has been established ensuring we will stay on track in this regard. Each month, you will see several recurring sections within the newsletter, so you will know just where to look for the information you want.
       As the President of MUSCP, one of my primary goals for the organization this fiscal year is improving communication. A big part of that means shifting our communication culture to one that talks with its membership and not just to it. To that end, we encourage you to join the conversation with me and the editorial board and let us know what concerns you, what interests you most and what questions you have regarding MUSCP. Answers and responses to your queries will be included anonymously in the recurring Front Desk section of MUSCP Faculty Connect.
       You can reach us at . We hope to hear from you soon and we hope you enjoy receiving MUSC Physicians Faculty Connect.
 - Philip Costello


Trending Topics

MUSCP Non-compete Town Hall Update

       On Tuesday, March 5, the MUSCP Non-compete Task Force held a town hall meeting and provided the membership an opportunity to voice concerns and ask questions regarding revisions to the MUSCP non-compete agreement.  The task force is comprised of current at-large member directors of the MUSCP board as elected by the membership.  Dr. Scott Reeves, task force chair, presented the group's findings of a review of 20 non-compete agreements from other academic medical institutions. The purpose of the review was to examine and share the 'industry standards' for non-competes in institutions similar to ours.  Additionally, Dr. Reeves described the impact and benefits of the non-compete to both MUSC and individual clinicians. 

       The task force has compiled and reviewed all comments and questions received via email, comment cards and live at the town hall meeting. The next step for the group is to propose revisions to the MUSCP non-compete agreement, taking into account recent feedback.  These proposed revisions will be communicated to the membership for further comment prior to presenting them to the MUSCP Executive Committee for approval. An FAQ related to the non-compete has been posted.  The task force appreciates all of the support and participation of the members during this process.  See helpful links.


New MUSCP Board of Directors Elected  

      New directors of the MUSCP Board were elected and will serve starting July 1, 2013.  After the approval of the Amended and Restated Bylaws last December, the nominating committee began working on calling for nominations for the chair seats and at-large member seats on the MUSCP Board of Directors.  The current MUSCP Board met on March 7 and elected the following chairs:


  • Dr. David Cole, Department of Surgery, 4 years
  • Dr. Lucien Del Priore, Dept. of Ophthalmology, 2 years
  • Dr. Donna Johnson, Dept. of OBGYN, 2 years
  • Dr. Thomas Keane, Department of Urology, 2 years
  • Dr. Sunil Patel, Department of Neurosciences, 2 years
  • Dr. Scott Reeves, Dept.  of Anesthesiology, 4 years
  • Dr. Don Rockey, Department of Medicine, 4 years
  • Dr. Rita Ryan, Department of Pediatrics, 4 years


The Membership elected the following at-large member seats:

  • Dr. T. Rogers Kyle, Department of Medicine, 4 years
  • Dr. David White, Department of Otolaryngology, 2 years 

Spotlight on...
Midtown Family Medicine

       Midtown Family Medicine and Dr. Gregory Perron at MUSC Health East Cooper is now offering comprehensive care for the entire family. Walk-ins and same day care are available at this location.

       The Midtown practice offers wellness and preventive care, sports and school physicals, as well as chronic disease management, women's health, cancer screening and treatment of respiratory and diabetes related issues.

       Appointments may be scheduled by calling 876-8282 or by visiting





Pride Points
PATH access win in Pediatric Neurology
sets the standard

       Over the past year, our clinical enterprise has made improving patient access a top priority.  Clinical leadership, physician champions, and the Access Task Force have been diligently working on solutions, with the initial focus on improving capacity management.

       Congratulations go to Dr. Bruce Ovbiagele, Dr. David Walsh, and the entire Pediatric Neurology team on almost completely eliminating patient backlog and for achieving clinic patient satisfaction scores of nearly 98%.  This significant achievement is the result of novel and collaborative problem solving and the implementation of strategies such as mid-level providers seeing all follow up patients, creating Physician and Nurse Practitioner teams, and a commitment to reviewing access numbers weekly moving forward. 

       Pediatric Neurology is demonstrating that access challenges are possible to overcome and worth the effort to our entire organization and the patients who depend on us.



"What do you mean I can be terminated

       for viewing a medical record?"


       Nationally, an alarming number of health care employees have been terminated for snooping.  These privacy violations could be as blatant as going into the medical record of someone you heard about on the news or as simple as accessing a record of an old friend out of concern.  In either situation, it's considered a HIPAA violation. 
       These types of violations are getting the attention of federal authorities.  In a recent article the U.S. Office of Civil Rights Director, Georgina Verdugo, said, "Employees must clearly understand that casual review for personal interest of patients' protected health information for personal interest is unacceptable and against the law. Covered entities need to realize that HIPAA privacy protections are real and OCR vigorously enforces those protections.  Entities will be held accountable for employees who access protected health information to satisfy their own personal curiosity."  The University of California was fined $865,500 for just such a problem.

       HIPAA regulations state you should access only the minimum amount of information necessary to accomplish your job whether you are treating the patient, or involved in payment or health care operations should be accessed.  For care providers that means accessing the health information of a patient you are not actively treating is a HIPAA violation. For billing and operations staff,  accessing the health information of a patient whose account you are not working in for payment or health care operations is a HIPAA violation.

       You must have a signed authorization on file BEFORE accessing anyone's medical information  if that access is not related to your personal delivery of care or performance of your work.  This applies to spouses, children 16 years or older, parents, friends, neighbors and coworkers.  Because we work in a healthcare facility, often family and friends want us to access their information.  Do not do it without having an authorization signed by them first. 


       There are two information release forms, one to request copies of records and one to view records.  These must be updated annually.  The MUSC Physician Compliance website has a webpage that explains the two forms. Please visit


       Audits of system activity are ongoing. If you would like to have a HIPAA and/or Release of Information refresher for your department faculty or staff, please contact Suzanne Collins in the MUSCP Compliance Department at 876-1323 or


The Epic Story  - optimization in process
       The Epic team is underway with an aggressive optimization initiative enabling physicians to increase their efficiency in the new EMR. Optimization will last for approximately six months, ensuring all physicians have an opportunity for one-on-one instruction. These "at the elbow" support sessions will be especially valuable because they are being brought into the clinics and other care settings versus being held in a classroom. Analysts and certified trainers will help with personalization, solve ongoing issues and submit remedy tickets and optimization requests for users
Featured Benefit of the Quarter
       We are pleased to announce a new partnership between MUSCP and East Shore Athletic Club. MUSC Physician employees are eligible for discounted total access memberships. More information will be coming soon.
Front Desk
       The Front Desk feature of MUSCP Faculty Connect is designed to be a forum where your questions and concerns can be answered or addressed or where you can make suggestions for content in upcoming issues of the newsletter. Please submit all communication to .