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1.) Article: The Hidden War Against Gay Teens - Private Christian schools are exploiting local laws to raise money while expelling kids for the crime of being not straight
2.) Article: 238 Trans People Murdered Worldwide In The Past Year
3.) Article and Report: LGBT People Of Color Are Among The Most Disadvantaged In The U.S. Workforce / Report: A Broken Bargain for LGBT Workers of Color
4.) Article: There Are No Bullies
5.) Ask for Help PSA -- Version 1 (60 seconds)
6.) I AM: Trans People Speak video series by MTPC and GLAAD
7.) Training: Safe Schools Coalition, PFLAG, and Welcoming Schools Speaker's Bureau Training! December 7th - Seattle, WA
8.) IMPORTANT: Safe Schools Coalition's next meeting is Tuesday, November 19th in Seattle!
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1.) Article: The Hidden War Against Gay Teens - Private Christian schools are exploiting local laws to raise money while expelling kids for the crime of being not straight  
by Alex Morris, Rolling Stone Magazine, October 10, 2013 

"A strange thing happened to Tristan at the end of eighth grade: He received a Facebook message from someone he didn't know who seemed, somehow, to understand him better than anyone. "The message was like, 'Hey, I'm pretty sure you're gay. I just wanted to let you know there's some of us at this school. If you ever want to talk, let me know.'" Tristan was shocked that the message referred to his homosexuality, which he thought he'd thus far been keeping under wraps. In fact, he didn't think he had a choice. As a student at a private Christian day school in eastern Georgia, he knew coming out would spell trouble; as a Christian who'd been taught that being gay was an abomination, he had spent a long time not admitting his sexuality to himself. He tried dating a girl as a cover-up, though that didn't end well. "We went to a friend's house, and she tried to kiss me, and I pushed her away." He then started proclaiming himself asexual. "I was like, 'If I can keep telling people this, then they'll believe it, and then I'll believe it.'" Finally, he gave in and began dating a boy from another school whom he'd met at the supermarket; he thought his boyfriend was the only person in the world who knew his secret. And yet, here was this mysterious message from a stranger."

Read the whole article here:

2.) Article & Report: 238 Trans People Murdered Worldwide In The Past Year
November 13, 2013 - BuzzFeed - J. Lester Feder

"The Transgender Murder Monitoring Project reveals the greatest number of killings took place in countries with some of the most progressive LGBTI rights laws."

"Brazil and Mexico lead the list for the most reported killings of trans people in the past year, according to a report released Wednesday by Transgender Europe's Trans Murder Monitoring project.

"The report was released in anticipation of the 15th International Transgender Day of Remembrance, which will be observed on Nov. 20, 2013.

"The report only includes murders of trans people that can be documented through publicly available information or are reported by local advocacy organizations, and so may not be a complete picture of the scope of crimes committed worldwide. But the map suggests even countries where rights for gays and lesbians have made huge gains remain dangerous places for trans people."

Read the whole article here:

Press release here (pdf format):

Report and map here:

Transrespect versus Transphobia Worldwide (TvT) is a comparative, ongoing qualitative-quantitative research project conducted by Transgender Europe. The project provides an overview of the human rights situation of trans persons in different parts of the world and develops useful data and advocacy tools for international institutions, human rights organizations, the trans movement and the general public.

3.) LGBT People Of Color Are Among The Most Disadvantaged In The U.S. Workforce / Report: A Broken Bargain for LGBT Workers of Color

LGBT People Of Color Are Among The Most Disadvantaged In The U.S. Workforce

November 14, 2013 - BuzzFeed - by Sarah Karlan

"Here are five take-aways from the Movement Advancement Project's new report.

"LGBT individuals of color are the most disadvantaged employees in the U.S. - facing both social stigma and discrimination.

"'Systemic barriers and inequities in the educational system make it harder for LGBT people of color to meet workforce qualifications,' said Ineke Mushovic, Executive Director of the Movement Advancement Project. 'LGBT workers of color are also unfairly denied or lack access to job-related benefits that other workers take for granted, making it harder for these workers to earn a living and provide for their families.'

"The report, A Broken Bargain for LGBT Workers of Color, cites major barriers to individuals of color in the workplace including educational obstacles, hiring bias, and unequal pay, benefits, and taxation. The study provides the latest information concerning LGBT workers of color."

Read the whole article here:

A Broken Bargain for LGBT Workers of Color
November 2013
Report authored by: Movement Advancement Project - Center for American Progress - Freedom to Work - Human Rights Campaign - National Black Justice Coalition

"The basic American bargain is that people who work hard and meet their responsibilities should be able to get ahead. It is an agreement that workers will be judged and rewarded based on their contributions and capabilities-no matter who they are, what they look like, or where they are from. This basic bargain is not just an idea-it is embedded in laws that promote equal access to jobs and that protect workers from unfair practices.

"For LGBT workers of color in America, this bargain is in tatters. Instead of having a fair chance to get ahead, LGBT workers of color often are held back by a combination of barriers that adversely affect their ability to get a quality education and find good, family-supporting jobs in workplaces that are free of discrimination. While it can be hard to identify exactly how the forces of bias and prejudice based on race, sexual orientation and gender identity intersect, the fact is that they do so to the detriment of LGBT workers of color, making them some of the most disadvantaged workers in the U.S. workforce."

Download the 74 page report (pdf file) here:

This report is available in English and Spanish linked from here:

4.) Article: There Are No Bullies

Teaching Tolerance Magazine - Number 45: Fall 2013

"Bullying is a hot-button issue. High-profile lawsuits and suicides have thrust bullying into the national spotlight. More schools are implementing policies designed to protect victims and crack down on perpetrators. In some schools, however, these efforts are outpacing education about bullying and the conditions that compel youth to engage in it. For the sake of all students, the time has come to look closely at two questions: Why do kids bully? How can we help them stop?"

Read the whole article here:  

5.) Ask for Help PSA -- Version 1 (60 seconds) by The Trevor Project
Whatever it is, Ask for Help. That's the message of The Trevor Project's new PSA campaign. Too often, we're afraid to ask for help when we really need it. After all, asking for help isn't always easy. Figuring out where to start or who to turn to can be overwhelming and we may not want to bother anyone with our worries or fears. But the truth about asking for help is that no problem is too big or too small. There are helpers everywhere -- parents, teachers, adults, counselors, neighbors, religious leaders and Trevor counselors -- who are there to listen when you need support. Asking for help may be scary, but it's also one of the bravest things you can do. Ask for Help -- It's the first step to getting the support you need.

Are you ready to ask for help? Contact The Trevor Project to talk with a nonjudgmental counselor:


Watch the video on YouTube:

6.) I AM: Trans People Speak video series by MTPC and GLAAD
"I AM: Trans People Speak is a campaign created by the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition (MTPC)  and sponsored by GLAAD to raise awareness about the diversity of transgender communities. It will lift the voices of transgender individuals, as well as their families, friends, and allies.

"Transgender people have a wide range of interests, experiences and backgrounds that are too often ignored because of their trans identity. Together we can make a positive change in the visibility and representation of transgender people by focusing on the full individual."

View video stories and find out more here:

GLAAD has four new videos that are part of the "I AM: Trans People Speak" video series. Watch them now:


7.) Training: Safe Schools Coalition, PFLAG, and Welcoming Schools Speaker's Bureau Training! December 7th - Seattle, WA
You're Invited to a Speaker's Bureau Training!

PFLAG, Welcoming Schools and Safe Schools Coalition are partnering to provide free training for community members interested in sharing their
personal stories as part of a speaker's bureau.  Purpose is to educate othersin order to end bullying, reduce discrimination, and create a more
welcoming & just society.

Saturday, December 7th, 8:30am - Noon
Rainier Beach United Methodist Church
5500 S. Roxbury Street, Seattle, WA 98118

Training participants will learn how to:    
  • Effectively and succinctly share your personal experiences   
  • Establish the right tone and convey information that will be heard
  • Focus on your audience and manage difficult situations
  • Adopt best practices and avoid common pitfalls
  • Find resources and data to strengthen your presentation
  • Work as part of a panel
  • Develop a follow-up plan for implementing what you just learned!
Interested?  RSVP to:

See a flyer (pdf format) and more information here:

8.) IMPORTANT: Safe Schools Coalition's next meeting is Tuesday, November 19th in Seattle!
The next Safe Schools Coalition meeting is next Tuesday, October 19th from 3-5pm at Planned Parenthood on Capitol Hill in Seattle, WA.

Contact Matthew Wilson, the lead chair if you have agenda items to suggest or if you need instructions about attending in person or calling in by conference call.
Use this contact form on our website or call: 253-671-2838.

All are welcome! You do NOT need to be a Coalition member to attend.

For more information, see this page.

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  • Lead Chair -- Matthew Wilson (Oasis Youth Center): send a message or call 253-671-2838   
  • Back-up Lead Chair -- Seth Kirby (Oasis Youth Center): send a message or call 253-671-2838  


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