An international public-private partnership in support of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender youth, that is working to help schools - at home and all over the world - become safe places where every family can belong, where every educator can teach, and where every child can learn, regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation.
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1.) Webinar for download
3.) Scenarios USA webinar
4.) Self-injury study
5.) LGBT Calendar
6.) Seattle Transgender Resource
6.) Study on children with LGTBQ parents
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1.) Webinar available for download 

A webinar about 2013 state+federal legislation concerning LGBT youth and schools can be downloaded from the National Safe Schools Roundtable at The webinar contains information about states that are moving relevant legislation, successful policy advocacy techniques, and updates on federal safe schools legislation. The webinar was presented by policy experts from Equality Federation, GLSEN, and Family Equality Council.

2.) New hot gear from HRC for Valentine's Day 

Buy yourself or someone just as cute a tee shirt that puts your heart on your sleeve. All proceeds go to the fight for LGBTQ rights. Check out the gear here: .

3.) New Scenarios USA Webinar: "Gender, Power and the Common Core: Using Stories to Promote Safe and Healthy Teen Relationships"

Join 3 national organizations, Healthy Teen Network, Futures Without Violence and Scenarios USA, to learn about teen dating violence (and sexual assault) awareness and prevention. Explore a wide range of resources that will engage your youth in discussing, researching, thinking critically and writing about these issues. Date: February 4, 2013  Time: 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm EST.

Click here to register:

4.) Recruiting Participants for Study on Self-Injury

CARES (Collaborative Adolescent Research on Emotions and Suicide) in partnership with Seattle Children's Hospital and the University of Washington is conducting a study on self-injury. Both parents and teens are being asked to participate.

As part of the study, Seattle Children's Hospital and the University of Washington will provide specialized treatment for adolescents engaging in suicidal behaviors and studying how to help reduce those behaviors. This randomized controlled trial will examine the efficacy of two treatments through a 6-month therapy protocol and 5 assessments over a 1 year period. Teens and parents will also be asked to complete questionnaires and interviews.

Interested families can get more information by calling CARES at 206.221.CARE.

5.) LGBT Child Care Task Force 2013 Calendar

"Our Families, Our Children" 2013 Calendar!  The Lesbian Gay Childcare Task Force calendar includes photos of diverse lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender families appropriate for children of all ages. You'll want to laminate and post these photos in your program (or home!) to welcome and support all kinds of families for years to come. For this tenth anniversary calendar, the Task Force revisited families from the "early years" and invited twelve (plus two more!) families to come back for another picture shoot. Each family picture has a small inset picture from the first time the family was in the calendar. Many families have grown; others have changed their make-up; and the tragic loss of one dad illustrates that our families and our children experience life, death and change just like other families. Suggested donation: $15 each (includes shipping and handling). Download, print and mail an order form (pdf format).


People interested in purchasing can also contact Bill Sanders directly at 206 226-3352, or Proceeds from the calendar help The Lesbian Gay Childcare Task Forceto produce the calendar for another year, onward to the twentieth year and beyond. For more information on Our Families Our Children, the on-going work of the Lesbian and Gay Child Care Task Force or to get involved, call (425) 644-2468 or

6.) Seattle Public Schools offers new guidance for staff regarding issues relating to transgender and gender non-conforming students

ts purpose is to create a safe and inclusive learning environment for all students, and to ensure that every student has equal access to all components of their educational program. The procedure addresses bathroom and locker room use, name changes, athletics and dress codes. Go to: 


More information:  Lisa Love, SPS Health Intervention Office, 252-0982 or

7.) Seeking participants for research on the reflections of children of lesbian mother or gay father headed families on social stigma

I am a doctoral student at the Illinois School of Professional Psychology at Argosy University, Chicago.  I am seeking participants for my Clinical Research Project (CRP), an academic requirement similar to a dissertation, which has received approval from the Institutional Review Board (Protocol #769).


My study is designed to investigate the perspectives of children of gay and lesbian parents on socially stigmatizing experiences.  In effect, I am interested in hearing if the children of sexual minority parents feel they are at increased risk of being socially stigmatized and if that has been their experience.  Furthering our understanding of the dynamics of social stigma, particularly those salient to sexual minority families, should enable practitioners and educators to properly identify how homophobic stigma manifests itself in various settings and make them better equipped to systematically address it.   


I am passionate about concerns affecting youth, particularly those of marginalized groups, and am glad to see issues such as stigma, bullying and harassment receiving greater attention. I hope to make a valuable contribution to the growing research in this area.


You may qualify for this research if:


        You are the parent of a child enrolled in the third through tenth grades.

        You and your same-sex partner have raised your child from birth or an early age.

        Your child knows and understands about his/her parents' sexual orientation.

        You and your partner are generally open or out about your sexual orientation.

        You are willing to complete a parent questionnaire.

        Your child is willing to participate in a 60-90 minute interview.


Participation in this study will require about two hours of your time.  No personal benefits from this study are promised or anticipated.  No compensation will be provided.


If you are interested in participating in this project, please contact me at (773) 294 - 2407 or via email at


Please forward this information to anyone you feel may have in interest in this project.  You may also direct them for a view of my advertisement flier.

Your help is greatly appreciated.  Thank you for your time and consideration.


Warm regards,


Nicole Pitsavas, M.A.
(773) 294 - 2407

* NOTE FROM SAFE SCHOOLS COALITION: We only forward this sort of research request to the listserv when we have researchers' assurances that their projects have been approved by their own university's Institutional Review Board process (to assure subjects' rights are protected). The researchers gave us this assurance.

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