November 2014
Laurie Kelley
Founder and President


Ever since I was a child, I have loved field trips. I remember school trips to museums and historical sites, and my own family crisscrossed the US twice--by van and then school bus! 

At Save One Life, field visits are not only exciting and fun, they are vital to our mission. Getting out to see the families, meet our program partners and experience the culture of their country gives us insights into our patients' needs and greater appreciation for how they struggle.

Martha and I recently visited Cambodia, a first trip together and for each of us, our first trip there. We really enjoyed each other's company and meeting our newest program partner. 

We also met so many children in need! As we approach the holidays, where we give thanks for our good fortune to live in this great country, please also think of it as a time to give back. Giving Tuesday (December 2)  is just a week away. We have ten boys who need a sponsors before that date. Their photos are to the right. Can you help? Do you know someone who would gladly sponsor a child in need? Let's pay it forward and bring hope to these children's lives!

We wish you a happy Thanksgiving,  
Laurie Kelley and the team at Save One Life  
Saum sva km na (welcome), Cambodia!

In October the Kingdom of Cambodia became our 12th program country as we welcomed the Cambodia Hemophilia Association (CHA) as our 40th program partner. This is our second country located in southeast Asia. 

Laurie and Martha are met by CHA president Sithan Kong in Phnom Penh


Cambodia has just over 15 million inhabitants, with an estimated 1500 with hemophilia. CHA was

founded in 2006 by Dr. Chean Sophal--one of only two pediatric hematologists in the country. Currently 103 patients are registered, representing only 7% of the hemophilia population!

From October 1 - 9 President Laurie Kelley and Executive Director Martha Hopewell traveled to Cambodia to meet Dr. Sophal and the CHA. 

Martha orients Sithan to Save One Life 
Martha first provided an in-depth orientation to Save One Life's programs to Sithan Kong, president of the CHA. Sithan, 33, is one of the oldest known people with hemophilia in the country.  

Later Laurie, Martha and Sithan went to the National Pediatric Hospital to meet Dr. Sophal. Touring the wards, Dr. Sophal remarked that most of the children were suffering from respiratory or 
or gastro-intestinal illnesses--common ailments for children living in poverty. 

Though clean and airy, the resources available in this government facility were noticeably limited. Nursing staff was present, but most of the patient care is provided by family members who stay at the hospital. Laurie distributed toys to a number of the young patients--an unexpected and welcome entertainment to help with the sometimes long hours of recovery. Two bleeding disorder patients were at the hospital to see Dr. Sophal--a young boy with thalassemia and a teen with an active bleed in his knee. 
Laurie and Martha visit Dr. Chean Sophal at the
National Pediatric Hospital in Phnom Penh 
On the third day Laurie and Martha visited families to be enrolled in Save One Life 's sponsorship program. The first was the Mien family, who live outside Phnom Penh in a hamlet surrounded by rice paddies.  
Our first sponsored family in Cambodia

As the van entered a grassy compound, a bevy of small children ran out in greeting, including our first two beneficiaries, six-year old Sony and his little brother, four-year-old Ly Heang. The boys' mother and father and maternal and paternal grandparents were present. The extended family is supported by the boys' mother, Sophat, who earns about $100 a month as a garment worker. Their father, Sukmien, supplements the family's income as a contract truck driver. As Martha and Sithan described the sponsorship program to the family and filled out enrollment forms, Laurie distributed toys, played with the children and took many great photos.            
The children enjoy the presents they received from Laurie
Laurie sharing her talent with Ly Heang
Sothearak's knees

Laurie and Martha later met 14-year-old Sothearak Ngin and his mother, Sreyoun, who owns a convenience shop in the city. Though Sothearak enjoys reading, he isn't in school. His disabled knees prohibit him from easily climbing the school building's stairs. 

During the second half of the trip Laurie and Martha traveled to the provincial city of Siem Reap with Sithan to visit the Angkor Hospital for Children (AHC) and meet the hemophilic families it serves. Martha gave a presentation on Save One Life's programs; many of the families expressed an interest in being sponsored. CHA is currently enrolling these families and they will be available for sponsorship soon.

The first priority of CHA is outreach to educate health providers and the general public about hemophilia. Another top priority is lobbying the Ministry of Health to purchase factor. Cambodia depends on donations from the World Federation of Hemophilia, Project SHARE and others. Fresh frozen plasma is still the most common form of treatment. 

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Martha with the leadership of CHA: (l to r) Sem Sokpanha,Vice President; Sithan Kong, President; Run Chanthearithy, Treasurer;
and Sovanara, an active CHA member.
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Giving Tuesday
December 2
Our goal:
Ten boys  sponsored 
Here they are!

These boys face the tough challenge of poverty with a bleeding disorder.  

An annual sponsorship is $264. Save One Life sends 90%, or $240, overseas to assist the beneficiary and his patient organization.

More important is the hope you give by showing someone you care! 

Please sponsor today!
Mahesh, 8, India
Sajith, 11, India
Sothearak, 14, Cambodia
Jerin, 6, India
Girish, 8, India
Sherif, 13, Ghana
Dilip, 22, India
Ashish, 8, India
Ousophea, 17, Cambodia
Sudharshan, 10, India
Thank you for helping us find sponsors for these deserving boys! 

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